Monday, November 19, 2012

Soyeon Fanboy Deludes Himself To Think That He's A Good Troll

SFB thinks he trolled me.

Man, this nigga is delusional, isn't he Obama?

ok so this guy who hates kpop fangirls for some reason…watches my tumblr like a hawk (a fat hawk obviously) and so I decided to troll his entire site. Since he feels the giant butthurt, and like the novice average potato-chip eating fat chinese slob behind a monitor, he was saying “umppfff..ughhh” and scanning my tumblr to find something to say about sumthing to troll me. However, his trolling abilities are very weak and like I said 1990-ish, and UNKNOWINGLY…this fat idiot lands in MY GIANT TROLL NET.

Man, I just have to say this: SFB is so dumb an inner city African American that dropped out of school would say "God damn this nigger is retarded." Let us take a look at the definition of trolling:

The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn't count as trolling; it's just flaming, and isn't funny. Spam isn't trolling either; it pisses people off, but it's lame.

The most essential part of trolling is convincing your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are saying, no matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious instructions, under the guise of help.

Trolling requires decieving; any trolling that doesn't involve decieving someone isn't trolling at all; it's just stupid. As such, your victim must not know that you are trolling; if he does, you are an unsuccesful troll.

He isn't pissing me off. I'm feeling sorry for how dumb this kid really is. He isn't "laying any traps" to try and deceive anyone, as he is easy to read. All he has done is name calling, which is simply flaming (not in the homosexual way, the internet way.)

It is very obvious that his mental capacity for reasoning and logic are nearly nonexistent. He believes that I scour his page to follow him and to learn from him. Yet, last night was the first time since the T-ara scandal that I have checked his tumblr. Unlike most people who use tumblr, I rarely use it. I just go there to post pictures, edits and translations, mainly for my non-AKF tumblr in which I don't follow anyone. I had only followed his tumblr because a lot of people on Twitter were mentioning a delusional fanboy that was making everyone laugh, so I checked it out. Until I got linked last night from someone in the chat linked me to his posts about AKF.

It is also obvious this kid doesn't have the ability to comprehend anything he reads. With each post, you can clearly see who wrote the article. He thinks I wrote Scatter's original and he thinks I wrote sulli_fag's article about Girl's Day. I doubt sulli_fag gives a shit whether or not SFB likes Girl's Day.

He has also failed to realize that this blog has never trolled him. Scatter never trolled him, he just wrote an article showcasing how delusional SFB is. I didn't troll him in last night's article, I was simply trying to tell him how delusional he is. He thinks an argumentative essay is trolling, but it's not, it's called proving a point. Just because he failed English Composition, he thinks anything that doesn't agree with his train of thought constitutes as trolling. I explained last night that I have never used this blog to troll.

SFB is delusional to the point where he thinks I stalk him. How can you stalk someone if you never visit their blog for four months? He thinks sulli_fag wrote his Girl's Day article because of him when sulli_fag clearly made a post on Craigslist to see who would fall for it, like he did with his Hyoyeon article.

He resorts to name calling again because that's how he covers his weaknesses. In his own delusional world, he thinks I'm falling for a trap when I'm just trying to show a kid how flawed his logic is. He keeps envisioning me as a fat Chinese transsexual. Keep what you masturbate to a secret SFB. No one wants to know your fetishes. You can also stop projecting your own personal failures onto me. That is a common tactic people like you use. I'm someone who actually exercises and is in good shape, attempting to enlist in the military. Just because you may be a fat slob who has never had a girlfriend in your life, there's no reason to divert your self hatred onto me. You can treat Bom and Soyeon as your girlfriends if you wish, but don't push your own image onto me.

Lastly SFB, you are the one who is obsessed with me. You have written so much about AKF in the past couple of weeks. I was oblivious to it until last night when someone in the chat linked me to your blog. The only Kpop blogs I read are Asian Junkie, Wez Asian Beznotches and Fany Pack's blog. I only followed you during the T-ara scandal because your delusions were hilarious. From the way you have been posting about AKF, you obviously checked this site frequently to see if anything is said about you because you're so sensitive about it. If you can shake your delusions for a few minutes and find someone around the house who can read this for you (since your reading comprehension is evidently very poor) to explain this stuff to you. You are not a troll. You're just a delusional keyboard warrior who has delusions of grandeur when you hop onto the internet. You have never trolled anyone on this site. I posted the commonly accepted definition of trolling above. Name calling isn't trolling, it's just name calling. I have repeatedly explained that I don't troll on this blog. The authors here post their opinion about a topic, song, MV, etc. and move on. There's no attempt to frustrate someone to the point of anger here. It's called an honest opinion. You seem to think that arguing a point is weak trolling. Arguing a point isn't trolling, it's giving evidence that your point of view is correct. if you had actually finished school, you would know this.

One of the missions of AKF is to try to show fans how delusional they are to take a look at themselves and realize their behavior is unacceptable. You, however, are beyond help. You need to see a psychologist. You're so delusional that you'll end up posting tomorrow on your blog that you "successively trolled AKF again" despite never trolling this site in the first place. With last night's article and tonight's article, I have tried helping you, but once you stop projecting your fetishes of 50 year old fat Chinese transsexuals onto me and the qualities that you hate about yourself onto me, go see a psychologist. You can keep trying to convince your readers that you trolled AKF, but anyone with a brain knows that you need help. I tried and I'm done. Have fun fapping tonight while you delude yourself that you trolled me.


  1. You wrote the must of got my password or something.

    He did it SOYEON! Don't believe him! Don't believe the lies!

    1. I don't use Craigslist and I don't love buttholes to the extent you do!

    2. he loves butholes, soyeon.

      he fucking loves them...he also writes everythign on this site.

      also, he logs in as everyone on this site.

      no one really comes here

    3. Yeah, I have 25 different personalities that allows me to write as 25 different people of 25 different educational knowledge!

    4. Look, this is another one of my logins

    5. "must of" - please learn to English.

      Also, tl;dr.

  2. Thing about narcissists is that they'll change the reality around them and the perception of that reality to fit their ideal, and will keep changing it after they have been "found out", to establish a safe zone.
    Two ways to deal with people like that:

    1. Push him. Push him, till he is cornered. Call him out on not only his mistakes, but his relevance in life altogether. A narcissist's biggest weakness is untainted truth. The truth that'll rip their world apart, leaving them to start over.

    2. Ignore him, flat out. No name drops, no articles, no acknowledgment, no soyeon-fanboy. Not the most effective of the two, but nevertheless recommended.

    1. I am going with number two. This was my last attempt at helping him and I doubt it will work, so I'm hoping he visits a psychologist one day.

  3. LOL soyeon-fagboy.

    Of all delusional T-ara fans, he has to the worst. Even more than the Jiyeon stanners.

    Now, once he starts writing fanfics depicting himself as KKS or some fat 50 year old Chinese transsexual dominating Soyeon, I think it's safe to say he can be considered THE most delusional fanboy of the group - officially.

  4. *plays Mortal Kombat theme*

    This is getting pretty sad.

  5. "Man, this nigga is delusional, isn't he Obama?"

    I believe this sentence is missing a comma, unless this means something else... I'm genuinely confused.

    1. Yes, it is missing a comma. I always just publish the first draft since this is just a Kpop blog for fun, not something serious, so I never revise my articles.

  6. This guy has some serious problems.

  7. He just posted :

    No haha I dont even know anything he is saying…I know he just created a tumblr about me, he’s messaging me as anon, and Im sure his butthurt is manifesting itself in other forms. Its just another feather in my cap, a medal on my chest. The guy got trolled so hard, he’s now freaking out. LOL


    1. Lmao, he's so delusional. I only went to his tumblr after this to unfollow him. I only unfollowed him because he thinks I follow him for ideas, insight, etc. lmao. I'm just ignoring this retard from now and I'll let his delusions and out-of-control ego console him.

  8. gotdamn soyeon-fagboy
    what do u do when u go outside into the real world
    when u realise that soyeon would never let u sniff her butthole
    what wuld u do

  9. Lol, why do you even care? You both sound butt hurt...Just download some Soyeon pics and fap over them together or something.

  10. It's up to all true FISHies to give Soyeon Fanboy the black ocean treatment

  11. I'd honestly love to see you put SFB in your place. AKF is all he posts about now, he's really obsessed with this blog now, and I feel like making a Mean Girls reference lol.

    Anyway, articles like this seriously make my day, and I think that's why I'd love to see more posts on SFB's stupidity.