Friday, May 13, 2011

Jay Park ft Dok2 Level 1000

Dok2, fuck you. You join Epik High's Map The Soul and release that piece of shit called Thunderground. Then you take The Quiett away from Soul Company to create a piece of shit company. And now you and Jay Park collaborate for the umpteenth time. Just go ahead and become an idol you gangster wannabe. Acting like you're fucking ghetto when you probably just spent your childhood in a PC room fapping to Starcraft. The sooner you gtfo of the rap scene the better.

Jay Park, you suck at rapping as usual, so please stop. Just sing or some shit.


  1. 'you suck at rapping as usual'
    Thank god I ain't the only one who feels the same way *phew*

  2. We are legion Suckmydee. We are legion.

  3. He crossed the line when he took The Quiett.
    Why would you ever deprive the world of such good music? Why?

  4. No. Jay shouldn't sing either. Just stick to dancing.

  5. i used to stan him :/

    but then i discovered sense and realized how fake his lyrics were.

    i still like his 'love songs' though and don't even get me started with jay park <.< guy's annoying as hell. just make him dance.

  6. when Dok2 raps, it literally ruins the whole song. and his fake ass gansta act... worst part!

  7. lol you guys are idiots go listen to fuckin snsd and go on about disrespecting the realest person out there you fuckin clueless cunts dont listen to fucking korean music if your going to diss the korean music scene you worthless motherfuckers and go suck a fat chode you cuntfaced bitches


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