Thursday, August 2, 2012

[MV Review] NS Yoonji - I Got You

As you may have already realized, I'm quite behind on my MV review schedule because of the recent clusterfuck that T-ara has become in the past few days. It's rather late, but here's the review for NS Yoonji's latest release "I Got You."

Hopefully this will make up for the apparent lack of fappibility that was Wooyoung's Sexy Lady review.

NS Yoonji's comeback mini album was, at the time, extremely randomly announced. No one had any idea that she was even in a studio recording anything when she dropped some teaser pictures to announce her impending return.

I just love leather pants, don't you?
And when you release teaser pics like that, you KNOW some good shit's about to go down.

Thankfully, NS Yoonji delivered the goods with I Got You's MV. No storyline, no bullshit, just straight dancing and posturing in a box for her. Mostly on the posturing and strutting and close-ups side to be precise. Normally I'd be blasting the shit out of how boring of an MV that makes, but when you're as hot as NS Yoonji is (and with the sex appeal to werk it too), some simple choreography and conveniently positioned closeups is all you need whether you're male OR female (cause we're not sexist at AKF ;D).

Click to enlarge, baby.
The rest of the MV is filled with lovely shots of NS Yoonji's jjangbak body, but my favorite shots are when she's in her pleather pants. GODDAMN. There's also quite a bit of hidden sexual metaphors designed to titillate and grab your attention.

Despite being a mainly close-ups video, there's isn't much of the choreo showcased. I mean it's awesome seeing NS Yoonji strut her stuff and flick her hair around like a sex beast, but it would have been nice to see some of the dancing ability she has in spades. What we DO get to see is largely lackluster. It's nothing terribly complex or technical, and thus pretty underwhelming to watch. Especially when you don't get the benefit of pleather-clad ass shots to make up for the choreo in live performances. Here's some highlights though.
Okay maybe this isn't a bit of choreo, but it's still dancing.
Okay, this may not be in the actual choreo either but you'll fap anyway.
Fap dance lives on.
As you can sort of tell by the gifs I've presented thus far, you can probably gather that NS Yoonji's MV is a pretty big mess of schizo light-flashing, scene-changing, and ass. Lots of ass. The shots themselves are great, but come on, enough with the I Go Crazy Because of You style shooting man. There's no point in giving us all these jjangbak shots if we can't focus our eyes on them long enough to... show some appreciation.

The song itself is pretty solid. It's a feel-good rock jam that suits NS Yoonji's vocal tone quite nicely, and it doesn't do much wrong.  The riffs are well placed, and there's not much else to complain about. Even the usual suspects are covered. NS Yoonji speaks quite fluent English, so all the random English bits are pronounced normally and never lapse into terrible Engrishing. However, the slow buildup to the climax is a bit off-settling given the rest of the song's pacing, but it's just a minor quibble on my end. 

A quibble quite easily forgiven.
NS Yoonji's I Got You MV is more like I Got Ass, and it shows in SPADES.

  • ASS
  • NS Yoonji looks great.
  • ASS
  • great song
  • ASS
  • schizo IGCBOY-style editing sucks
  • slow build-up to song climax is a bit out of place
I give this MV a 3.75 out of 5.


  1. where the fuck is batoost review? I love those faggots!

  2. i dont like the song so much :<

  3. Zaku, you're not in America?

    1. I'm studying abroad in the UK at the moment, so no. Why?

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  5. The song isn't that great



  6. Do asians actually have ass' tho? Looks like a bad myth to me.

    I've seen porn and seriously, no dice.

    1. they are some. but i guess majority no

      indoneSIA have ass tho. big round ass

    2. Are you not looking at the gifs?

  7. she looks like UEE , VICTORIA and LUNA lovechild

  8. Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass, shake it shake it for me~

  9. She's cute, I've seen her on one or two variety shows, but she still seems like she's kind of nugu-ish haha.


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