Thursday, August 9, 2012

[MV Review] PSY - Gangnam Style

Sorry this shit came out so late, we were swamped with the T-ara shit blowing up in everyone's faces added to general laziness and/or life. All excuses aside, we're probably going to use this weekend to push out reviews/commentary on all the groups that have made debuts/comebacks in the past few weeks. AKF oppa kicked it off with his reviews of D-Unit and m-flo's Square One, so without further ado I officially declare Review Dump Weekend in session.

Here's the review for PSY's wildly popular Gangnam Style.

PSY's Gangnam Style comeback was pretty well anticipated due to the number of high profile collabs and featurings he was making for his return to the music scene after 2 years of hiatus. When I found out that he was going to have Hyuna AND Yoo Jae Suk in his MV, I was extremely pumped.

Thankfully, PSY delivered on all accounts with Gangnam Style and its MV. The MV is, for lack of a better word, a simple clusterfuck of "WTF" and dance bits spread in for flavor. But even "simple" is misleading, it's anything but. Take a look for yourself the bits I found the most funny/bizarre.

Yes, that's PSY in a sauna with a bunch of gundals (Korean gangsters, aka Yakuza/Mafia).
He blows shit up just cause he can.
PSY can appreciate a fine piece of ass just like the rest of us here at AKF.
As you can see, this is the MV of a man who gives zero fucks. PSY doesn't take himself seriously at all, and this translates into a hilarious MV. Probably part of the reason why it exploded into viral popularity all over the world.

Like I said, zero shits. Literally.
A lot of the reason why I was so excited by a PSY comeback was because of the star power he was featuring in his MV. Say what you will about the girl, but Hyuna was an extremely random person (at least for me) to ask to be in his MV. Shit, I wasn't even aware he ever spoke to her in real life before. But if Hyuna doesn't appeal to you, Yoo Jae Suk surely has to.

Yoo Jae Suk's role boils down to a random dance battle challenger. He does all his
famous dance moves (including the Grasshopper dance!!), so that's something at least.

At first it looked like Hyuna was going to be a random love interest, but realized PSY ain't no
cradle-robber. She's just eye candy to be danced with in the MV.

Surprise cameo by Noh Hong Chul was hilarious, especially with his creeper face.
He even got Baby PSY-look-alike to join.
Personally, I felt like both Yoo Jae Suk and Hyuna were pretty underused, but especially the former. Quite a shame, but it's understandable considering the sheer amount of content in this MV. There's a ton of shit happening all at once in this MV, and while many people will enjoy the goldfish attention span level of scene changes, a lot of people will just be left bewildered at exactly what they've just finished watching.

The song itself is quite good. Ignore the typical YG KPop-bullshit in the MV's description saying that the song is "certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy." It's an awesome party-pumping summer jam, and it's stupidly addictive. Ridiculously so, only the actual verses won't get stuck in your head. The addictive quality of the song and the great instrumental really lend themselves well to making this perfect for summer.

I personally don't have much to complain about this song, only that it's rather basic structurally for someone of PSY's ability. He's still a jjangbak performer, so his lives make the song 100 times better. Just take a look at his performance at the Yeosu Expo, people went APESHIT even more so than his lives for Right Now!

I could say more about the song, but everyone's too busy wanking about how popular it is around the world. While I love PSY and think it's great that the man that gave no fucks about an American debut made more waves with this MV than SNSD did with their Letterman/Kelly performances (and he happened to do it with Hyuna, the other person who gathered a surprising amount of attention with her Bubble Pop solo), people really REALLY need to hop off his dick with the "Global Superstar" shit. Let's not even get started about the YG stans suddenly using Justin Bieber as part of their bragging rights.

"Seriously, get out of here with that shit."
Great song, random RANDOM WTF-worthy schizo MV about PSY galloping Gangnam Style up and down Korea generally giving 0 shits.

  • addictive summer jam
  • random MV
  • Yoo Jae Suk, Hyuna, Noh Hong Chul cameos
  • lives are JJANGBAK
  • basic song structure
  • underwhelming use of Yoo Jae Suk & Hyuna
I give this MV a 4 out of 5.

Excuse me if I don't make sense or if this is a shittier review than you're used to getting. I drank and I'm sleepy.


  1. I think the song was pretty basic too, for someone like Psy but it's really addictive. I can't stop saying "oppan gangnam style" to almost anyone irl (it annoys them) LOL

    Plus, the MV is really fun. Sometimes, I watch it just to relieve stress. Haha
    Oh, and I love that kid. I'm gonna teach my brother that dance.

  2. the song IS basic, but it strives on the success of it being weird and eccentric.

  3. You forgot to mention that Jessica Jung made a brief guest appearance at 00:26...

    1. Wow I actually went to the video and skipped to that part just to find it... Haha

    2. Prepare for the invasion of Jessica's army of horses!!!!

    3. lol I almost clicked to loook

  4. The two guys he blows up are apparently Seungri and Daesung and the ass belongs to Yoo In-na. Or so they say.

    4/5? REALLY?

    1. I have justification bullet points for my ratings now cause of you.

  5. Lol yg stand brag? All i see is how they bieber
    And prays its someelse in biebers agency

  6. oppar I thought you were more underground than this load of horseshit

  7. I thought the writers/readers of akf were too old too spazz over "LOOOOOL oh he so random!", "Lol what drugs they were taking? LOLOLOL"

    I still like the song and video, but the humor is too predictable for me to love it, rly.

    1. u think they would be. But we all fapped together while listening to it

  8. Oh YG stans *facepalm*

    I don't know who is worse - SM or YG stanners.

  9. I thought HyunAh was going to be the only good thing about Gangnam style,but it turned out it became one of my fave songs~ :D

  10. Honestly the song is bad, but kind of good at the same time.

    I think the video makes up for how shitty the song really is.

    Some parts of the song are bad while other parts I really like.

  11. As far as I know, majority of YG stans are BEGGING Psy doesn't collab w/ Biebs.
    So forget "bragging" about it.

  12. Heyyyy Sexy Laaaadddaaaaayyyyyy . . . that's the only part of the song I like.

    Fuck Pork So Yummy.

    Someone told me Gummy was in this video and I watched it four times and didn't see her. If anyone did please hook me up with the time. I'm not watching this shit again.

  13. I feel like Psy is just acting like a Korean LMFAO, doing weird shit for laughs.
    And that's why it's so popular.

  14. Snoop Dogg would be proud of the biscuits shown in this mv. Also Hyuna is very attractive for a pug.

  15. Aaaaaaaaand Hyuna has ruined it...


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