Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Davichi Bails On CCM

Davichi have recently announced that they're leaving Core Contents Media and I couldn't be happier. Maybe.

"Peace out, bitches."
So what prompted this seemingly random decision? The official statement tells us it's out of loyalty to their longtime managers.
The girls recently decided to leave Core Contents Media to join a new agency founded by their two longtime managers, Kwon Chang Hyun and Lee Eung Yong. Former Core Contents Media labelmate Hong Jin Young has also decided to join the company alongside Davichi.
Although Davichi has been long considered one of the best productions of CEO Kim Kwang Soo, the girls have worked with their two managers for just as long, who have stuck by them through thick and thin. Now that Davichi is leaving the arms of Kim Kwang Soo, the industry is looking curiously as to what direction they’ll take.
One official of Core Contents Media stated, “Although Davichi is leaving the company, we hope that they will maintain friendly competition with us and continue to grow as great artists.”
Let's be real, CCM ain't pleased. With the majority of their old artists either flopping into obscurity (see: Gang Kiz, Co-Ed School) or otherwise being shunted off to subsidiaries for management (see: Supernova), T-ara and Davichi had remained the only solid and reliable source of income for ol' Kim Kwang Soo. Since HwayoungGate blew up, you could only really say that Davichi were the only ones not affected by anything Kim Kwang Soo had done in the past couple of years.

And literally so, seeing as how they hardly get any promotion. Other than their fabulous mini album back in 2011, they've only really had very minor activities doing random endorsements, OST features, and side-role in dramas (Haeundae Lovers in Minkyung's case).

"All I get to do is poop for the camera these days..."
Now that Davichi are bouncing out, Kim Kwang Soo has shit himself trying to figure out how he's going to replace them. Going back to his favorite method of pumping out derivatives of shit that's been proven to work, KKS has decided to debut a Seeya 2.0 to try to keep his once mighty empire afloat.
Core Contents Media‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo is said to have created a “second SeeYa“, who will be debuting this November.
Kim Kwang Soo is well-known for discovering talents like Jo Sung MoSG Wannabe, and SeeYa, and he has once again lent a helping hand in the creation of a new group made up of 4 female members with strong vocal skills.
It has been said that Kim Kwang Soo has combined the charms of SG Wannabe and SeeYa to create the new group, which includes members both in their late teens as well as early 20s. All four members are reported to be great rappers and singers, and will be setting foot into the music industry with their debut single on November 11th.
Producing team Duble Sidekick also participated in the debut of the new team, as CCM commented, “We’ve worked with Duble Sidekick to showcase a new genre of music.”
Yeah, that's what he said about Gang Kiz and look how they turned out. Frankly, unless Seeya 2.0 is going to be 4 new Nam Gyuris, I hardly expect them to do much better.

In any case, Davichi's seemingly amicable departure is surrounded by interest and curious eyes. I for one don't really buy the "T-ara controversy had no impact on our decision" excuse. Davichi probably figured they weren't going to get any more opportunities to do shit seeing as how KKS had decided to amp up the T-ara schedules beyond what they were pulling before rather than pulling back and relying on Davichi to carry the whole team on their back. Not to mention KKS's new preference for young girls giraffes (instead of Minkyung's banging body) which means the good ol' blowjob technique won't even get them a cheap throwaway ballad single to work with.

New companies are always going to be iffy, so it remains to be seen if Davichi are going to be better off on their own instead of sticking with CCM or joining another preestablished company (LOEN or Nega spring to mind, fuck you YG bandwagoners).

Just in time?


  1. Huzzah!!! Huzzah!!!! Amen to Davichi's wisdom!!!

  2. Btw, it is said that he didn't discover SG Wannabe and SeeYa. They were transferred to his company, actually.

  3. All I know is that CCM has had yet another girl group in the making for at least a year. He must have known that Co-Ed was done and that Gang Kiz was gonna suck dirty dinosaur dick.

    CCM was really good when they focused on vocal groups instead of idol groups. They got lucky with T-ara and tried making two clones of the group since then.

    1. How are gang kiz clones of T-ara? T-ara were young and hot, and actually had real MVs.

      Gang kiz are stuck with either weird boring story MVs or dance MVs with only one fucking setting and no close-ups. They don't need to go full SM, but they could actually learn something from them.

      Plus, Gang Kiz are like 25+ (or at least they look like it), at their debut year. Qri is soon 26 but she still looks like a really really really hot 20-year-old so she doesn't count.

  4. i wanna see some GD unnir bashing pls. i mean whut.

  5. Hong Jin Young is a cutie. This company is off to a dece start.

  6. KKS is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  7. Shannon joining 5Dogs is more upsetting

    by the way "4 new Nam Gyuris" does that mean 4 more nipples?

  8. first time i even heard of these bishes


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