Monday, September 9, 2013

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 40

This week's photo comes from Therese:

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So are you a loyal, light, or troll?

This scientific and fact based comment was clearly found on AllKPop, the leader in accurate Korean entertainment news. 

If I were in a fandom, I would definitely be a BlowJob; so I thoroughly enjoyed these classifications. I am definitely a Loyal fan stan because I have nothing better to do in my life other than vote for 2NE1, buy their stuff, and chat with their managers. In fact, I have decided to drop out of university and quit all my volunteer work to dedicate more time to 2NE1. Even though they don't know who I am nor give a shit about my existence, I have decided to defend my unnies no matter what because they are perfect. Why would I make fun of them ever? I would rather insult my cousin's clothes than slander the perfection known as 2NE1. So to everyone on this site, you better STFU about my unnies! 

'Light BlackJacks' are shameless sluts. How DARE they even remotely pay attention to any another group - let alone be a fan of some other bitch-whore-cock-goblin idol? You aren't even allowed to listen to other YG artists, okay!? Unless you want to be a double-timing no good cheater. "YG Family"? Fuck that! 2NE1 is their own company, bitches.

How can you even laugh at articles insulting 2NE1? Ur probabli a stoopid face if u do. I bet you lights are just haters in disguise! Disgusting. 

So no more 2NE1 hate here on AKF, okay guys? This comment really opened my eyes to be true to my Loyal BJ self. Help me look for Lights and Trolls! We will eradicate them all because we aren't crazy - we are just Loyals to the baddest bitches in the game! They truly are the best! I dream of a world where the only artists alive are 2NE1.



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  1. I think number one and three are the same thing. Number two are the ONLY types of kpop fans who deserve to live.

  2. I've been putting off a 2NE1 related article for a while now, but something like this inspires me to get on with it. I think it's needed.

  3. Sooooo, panda19 is #3? By his/her own definition, he/she is a disloyal piece of shit for having panda in their handle, as it's just a short step away from pink panda.

  4. "If I were in a fandom, I would definitely be a BlowJob" - Aw yeah, baby.

  5. And they wondered why I left the fandom.

  6. I Believe in Human Rights so I am not the most true and loyal Blackjack (^:

  7. The second one is hilarious.
    Cause, you know, if you like 2ne1 it's a sin to actually listen to other group's songs cause unnir CL is so perfect and has so much swag that she alone represents the pure essence of kpop and you should listen to 2ne1' songs even when you're taking a dump.
    I never liked 2ne1 and I barely know 5 songs from them but this embarasses me, as a kpop listener. Blackjacks will soon earn their place right next to Exotics.

  8. I guess I would be considered a troll despite liking a few 2NE1 songs.

  9. I am a diet BlackJack who likes some of Twenny Won's music but never passes up an opportunity to make fun of Plastic Bom's heinous face, list all the reasons Dara is wasting good oxygen in this group and think that CL is a shitty rapper. I am waiting for Minzy to go solo so I don't have to deal with those irrelevant hoes.


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