Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Who did it better?

So being that the new year is just a few short hours away for some of us, I thought I would give you all some fap-worthy material to ring in 2014.

Which boy band did a girl group's dance / song better?

2AM & 2PM (lol ONEDAY) / Dirty Eyed Girls - "Abracadabra"

Boys Generation - "GEE"

Flustercluck of boy idols ruining (or making better!?) your favourite girl group songs:
 (The quality is pretty bad. But I am sure you can find the individual performances in better quality. I am sure all you male readers will get right on that)

Personally, I think Jo Kwon makes EVERYTHING better.

Which is gayer? Which is your favourite? Share your thoughts and feelings (like, if these stirred anything special within you) in the comment section below! And if you like, share some of your favourite gender-confused (please keep it Kpop influenced, thank you) videos in the comments - or by email (zomg.oppa.sareanghae@gmail.com), ask.fm (/akfshinbi), or twitter (@akf_shinbi)! Remember your rights on this site: anything you say or do here can and probably will be used against you.


BONUS: I found something you FISHies will like even more! Japan is a hell of a wonderful place.

You're welcome!


And finally...

Happy New Year, FISHies!

May the new year bring you much luck, joy, happiness, and plenty of fapping material =)
Have a safe and enjoyable new years celebration this evening, whether it be with friends, family, laptops, cats, or anime waifu pillows. 

See you all next year for a 2014 filled with lots of fangirl harassment.

Now, who wants to be my new years kiss? The clock strikes 12 in only 24 hours!


  1. In India its already New Year (01/01/2014- 00.51AM):) Just finished the last round of firecrackers :) Am sure our Korean unnies are already tucked in bed after a tiring New year bash :D

  2. I'll add another option: Infinity Challenge version.

    EnerGEE: http://youtu.be/lyrVJtagFnU

    Abracadabra: http://www.veoh.com/iphone/#_Watch/v19205405MtCGQAsD

  3. do people find this shit funny? it's super cringe-worthy

  4. you forgot this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeR2DYTOOEQ

  5. Nothing will ever ever ever top Dirty Eyed Boys

  6. sungjong and some other irrelevant members of well-known groups did a cover of magic girl once.

    i found sungjong terrifying then

  7. I already broke the safe and happy New Years by fucking drinking three soda vodka cocktails. 40% alcohol buzzes me the fuck up. I'm just like my pitiful low alcohol tolerance mother yikes.


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