Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Alright, now that we've got the shitty songs out of the way, we can get to the real task of choosing the best of the best KPop songs of 2013.

Again same rules apply.

DISCLAIMER: My opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of the other authors. If you don't agree with me, w/e. If you think I'm clickbaiting, L0L0L0L0L0L GET REKT KID

NOTE: I'm excluding all Japanese releases because those technically don't count as KPop.

Neither I nor Han Hyo Joo are going to listen to your comments about what should
or shouldn't be on my list.

Generally speaking, these songs are going to be some of the best damn pop songs to have come out of Korea. If they're not on your mp3 players yet, download them ASAP.

10. Block B - Very Good

I was so glad Block B got over their legal issues and whatnot intact, and they made a comeback with their sound largely intact. Personally, I find Block B to be one of the few groups who can do the electronic and rap swagger concepts justice. For me, they can sell the "swag" because their idea of it is more like "I'm a hardass but not really, pls don't hurt me I was just joking." They don't really take themselves all too seriously, and for a genre filled with wannabes and tryhards, they make for a good change of pace.

That being said, the song itself is pretty good. I enjoyed pretty much all of it except for the chorus. I would rate this song higher, but the "I'M VERY VERY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD" bits annoy me a bit. Thankfully, the rest of the song carries the dead weight of the chorus bits, so that's all good. The MV is pretty funny too. I dunno if the GD allusions were supposed to send a message, but I'll just assume it was for parody purposes and nothing particularly significant.

9. JeA - Stray Cat

The Brown Eyed Girls are famed for their excellent voices, and I think JeA's solo showing was an excellent showcase of her stuff. The composition was great (I'm pretty sure she wrote and composed this song herself). It's a nice and mellow midtempo jam. I'm horrible at telling people why songs are good, so I'll just leave it there. Especially since I have neither of Akisame or Kpoppalypse's talents in this regard.


The MV is cute too. l0l

8. Henry Lau - Trap

One of the "newer" additions to the much/well-deserved maligned Super Junior, Henry's probably one of the (if not the sole) saving graces of the damn group. Even though he has a ton of haters (for reasons that remain mysterious to me, but probably something about him being a dirty Chinese monkey who infiltrated the group and is probably more famous/wealthy than the original oppars), I think he's a really likable guy. See his appearances on Korea's Celebrity Master Chef, for instance. (FEI IS ALSO ON IT AND SHE SLAYS)

The song itself is really good. If you must do a ballad-esque song, I much prefer this kind of upbeat midtempo piece. The boy can sing decently, there's not much of an accent in his singing (not that I can tell anyway, l0l), his English is on point with no accent either, and I enjoyed the piano fused with more contemporary hiphop/electronic flair instrumental.

The MV is pretty nice too. Fuck that Kyuhyun and Taemin cameo shit though, let the poor guy stand up on his own 2 feet. He don't need you two mooching off his royalties!!

7. Jaejoong Chuck - Mine

What, you thought we could have a best of 2013 list and NOT acknowledge Jaejoong Chuck's magnificent solo offering??

All jokes aside, this particular Jaejoong song is rife with visual kei influence, and that's not a bad thing. Over the top and weird and eerie and creepy visuals aside, the JRock/VK vibes from the song are really great. The song works well as a Korean-style VK, not least of all due to the vocal ability of Jaejoong. He pretty much sounds like your typical VK star, but the song would have been even better if he went for the full treatment and did a heavier sound.

Like the bit near the end (during the One Two-Winged Angel transformation), Jaejoong can do the growls and the roars to hang with the other VK bros, so why not??

Like I mentioned earlier, the MV is definitely very VK. If you're not familiar with how weird/creepy/eerie/effeminate they can get, consider Jaejoong's MV a toe in the deep dark mystery of the Visual Kei ocean.

6. IU - Red Shoes

IU's comeback was the shit (the shit in a good way, not the shit in a shit way) for two reasons:

  • it spited all of the pressed idiots who fapped to the thought of IU getting the D (maybe)
  • it gave us a solid album of good songs
The song was a nice upbeat, swing-style song with big brass instrumentals and proved IU had the stones to match. I'm sure she got tired of getting shoehorned into the Nation's Little Sister role or "Can Only Sing Cute Songs or Ballads," so this song was released instead. I don't know what else to say other than this song is fun and nice.

IU does have a penchant for long, contrived storyline MVs that don't really make too much sense, so listen to the audio-only version if you can't be fucked watching the MV.

5. MFBTY - The Cure

I hesitated a bit to include this song in the KPop list since individually, Drunken Tiger, Tasha, and Bizzy aren't exactly KPop idols. More like KHip-hop icons, but since their project name is MFBTY aka My Faves Better Than Yours, I don't think they'll mind too much.

Anyways, the song is a nice midtempo offering that combines the softer RnB/reggae-ish raps of Drunken Tiger and Bizzy with the soulful tones of Tasha for a lovely song. Tasha's English is accent-free, so you don't need to worry there. The song is great, great great great. I dunno.

The MV is pretty cool too with the abstract line drawings interacting with MFBTY. I dunno. Just listen to it.

4. Girl's Day - Expectation

Girl's Day has a pretty sterling back catalog of songs, or at least singles, and this one is no exception. Expectation is a great song, and is really well-put together. 

Usually, people will complain that Minah overdoes it with her vocal runs, but I think they did a good job of minimizing it for this single. Yura's rap isn't too long, and that means less interruption of the goodness of the song. I also liked how they mostly kept to a lower register than usual, something that makes their voices all sultry and cool. IDK LOL

Plus, all of them are smoking hot in this MV. The dance, that styling, those outfits, unf. Jjangbak as fuck.

3. T-ara - Number Nine

After getting that shitty T-ara N4 song, I was terrified for this comeback. What if we got another equally shitty song?!

Thankfully, that was not to be the case. Number Nine brought back the legendary 6-ara people had been begging for since I Go Crazy Because of You, and this song is right up there with IGCBOY for greatness. Everyone's styled well, the song is catchy, and it's an awesome clubbanger.

I will voice my complaints at how shitty that rap breakdown is from Hyomin ("I'M ADDICT, I'M ADDICT" repeat ad nauseum). But even that cannot quell the amazingness that is Number Nine.

2. Rania - Just Go

Some of you may wonder, who the fuck are these nugus and why should I care? LISTEN TO THE FUCKING SONG.

Rania's best single to date is a high-octane thrill ride from start to finish. The arrangement and composition and instrumental and everything is really well done and channels the sound and fury of a woman kicking a deadbeat out of her life. Jooyi's vocals here really shine as she goes on her vocal runs, and I really think she's one of the top talents of KPopdom. Thank god she got the hell out of 2NE1. Sure she would probably be more famous/rich, but what if YG gave her the Bom treatment?!

Anyway, the MV is awesome too because everyone looks fucking jjangbak. You might say Jooyi's the ugliest one, but I think she's a cutie. You also need to back off Di because she is the queen and the jjangbakest one of the group.


1. Seungri - Gotta Talk to U

Honestly, I would have put both Rania's Just Go and Seungri's Gotta Talk to U at number 1 if I could. They're pretty much neck and neck, interchangeable, on the same level.

Seungri's comeback shit all over the rest of his groupmates (except for TOP for whom I have reserved a special spot in my heart away from the shitting on) solely because he's carved out a distinct niche in YG and Big Bang for himself. You look to Taeyang for the wannabe black tryhard shit (formerly RnB, which he needs to return to), to GD for weird electro shit, to Daesung for sappy ballads, and to TOP for weird stuff that makes no sense because he is fuckin' weird like that.

Seungri however is the king of suave, and he will get into your pants. The song is pretty much him in a nutshell: suave seduction that's going to get into your brain/pants and stay there til it jizzes on your face and won't give you a towel to clean up.

So that's my 2013 in review. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments and submit your own best of. IDK.

Happy New Year.


  1. Well, thank god for these songs. Sure, 2012 was the year where there were turd songs that came turd after turd, but 2013 was like a machine gun, shooting out turd songs. Anyway, I agree with your choices, and your reasons are well, reasonable. However, I would have added Davichi's "Turtle" in, mainly because that was lovely compared to the other songs they released last year. For me, my top ten would have been:
    10. Infinite- Destiny
    9. APink- NoNoNo
    8. Girl's Day- Expectation.
    7. K.Will- Love Blossom.
    6. Davichi- Turtle.
    5. Seungri- Gotta Talk To U
    4. Beast- Shadow
    3. IU- The Red Shoes
    2. Nine Muses- Wild
    1. T-ara- Number 9
    By the way, they're not ranked. I'm just listing down. Feel free to disagree/agree.

    1. i really liked performances of destiny at all the award shows because their choreo is really solid and woollim finally has the money to pay for better stage props and stuff but the song itself is very ______ i can't think of a word right now but i don't really want to listen to destiny

      it's not a good song. for me infinite have had a terrible year musically what with man in love and now this thing. their saving grace was some song that they did for samsung??? that was actually nice to listen to. they need to start working with sweetune for that btd-esque shit because wow

    2. T-ARA NO9 IS Number one !!!
      I AGREE

  2. Im a rania stan every since I heard dr feel good.

  3. I haven't listened to IU's album save for "The Red Shoes" and I thought that song was the shit, and to borrow from Kpopalypse, shit meaning bad, not shit meaning good. It was boring to me.

    1. I wasn't a fan of the title track, but I listened to the rest of the album and really enjoyed it.

    2. I didn't care that much about "The Red Shoes" but the rest of the album is great. Here is the whole thing:

      The new repackaged version's two extra songs are great, as well (Crayon Pastels and Friday):

    3. if you think it was bad you should just say "shit" then, without the "the": "I though red shoes was shit". Her album was solid, I personally liked it

    4. I personally enjoyed Modern times and the repackage, and was a fan of the title track. But if I had to pick my fav album track it'd probably be her duet with GaIn.

    5. @ AKF, incheon- I'll give it a listen, can't hurt.

      @Hul- Yes Hul, I know how the expression is used, I'm just mimicking the way it's used by Zaku in the article.

      @Ki$$-my-$A$$- There was a MV teaser with Gain that, to my knowledge, had no MV which was disappointing.

  4. So favorite idols you're looking forward to fapping to in 2014 that it was illegal to fapping to in 2013?

  5. Block B \\o//

    I can stan RaNia with you if you like, Zaku.

  6. Why do you call Jaejoong "Chuck"?

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong. Chuck is AKF. AKF looks like Jaejoong (According to them, at least)

  7. Very Good, Expectation, Number Nine and Just Go?
    Praise the K-Pop lords, you have great taste. The other songs are great but I never listened to them enough in the past.

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  9. Your taste is awesome aka completely same as mine <3

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. I thought that song was nice, But the "IYAH" is such a pain in the ass.

  11. These songs are decent, but I don't like henry's voice sometimes. It's pretty annoying.7
    Mine and Very good were probably the best ones,
    Expectation and T-ara's songs were complete shit though.

  12. I'm glad to see Block B's Very Good. I keep hearing shitty comments about that song, but I think is a good song and is very Block B style. And of course, Chuck oppar is also in my list.

  13. RaNia will never be nugus in our hearts <3

  14. Good Lord, I had almost forgotten RaNia's Just Go!
    That song was so damn nice, I really like the stuff they make although the song they did after that one was fairly crap.

    Pity Grooveshark was my main RaNia music source >,>

  15. Glad to see Very Good and Mine on the post, tho no VIXX u,u


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