Thursday, November 6, 2014

[MV] Clara ft. Yasu's Big Stinky Shit Sandwich [FEAR]

It's finally here. Who was asking for it though?
At one point in the first bun of this shit sandwich Yasu says, "Time's running out, so I'm running out". Good advice for everyone in regards to this song.

Thankfully they're really good buns.
I don't do reviews for AKF because I'm mostly just in it for the MS Paint dicks, so this is really more of just an observation of the song. That being said, I know what I likes to hear and it sure as hell isn't this dude rapping... Or Clara singing... And especially Clara rapping.

You ever had so much fear you had to eat a huge fucking bowl of french fries? Clara has.
When I say a shit sandwich, that's what I mean. The song opens with bad rapping, followed by Clara's singing, followed by Clara rapping. It's interesting to note the contrast of Clara being dressed all in white while she's singing and then how it turns dark when she's rapping. So take your pick I guess if you want Pure Clara or Dark Clara.

Thankfully, whoever directed this thing realized there's only one reason any would ever watch this and that's for Clara in various stages of undress. In that I'm happy to say it delivers. Not once is a shot of Yasu shown to interrupt your fapping.

Towards the end of the video Clara realizes she's made horrible life decisions and tries to run away from the video but seeing as that doesn't work she cries on the beach then returns to her room in her bra and jeans.

Ultimately the whole thing can be summed up like this:

I guess I should probably link it?


  1. I was curious and decided to watch the mv, lets just say the mute option is a gift from the heavens.

  2. Someone wasted their money and time for this shit. Was the producer deaf?

  3. > MS Paint dicks

    AKF in a nutshell

  4. "Who was asking for it though?"


  5. I'm just at 0:17 and I already ROFL on the floor xD

  6. Still better than The Baddest Female


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