Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Iljins' Delivery of Gifts Approved by the Fapgods (IDGAF) #3

You thought this series was dead, didn’t you? Well nope, you’re wrong. It’s just difficult to find fapworthy material that’s unkown enough to be worth posting, both for me and submitters. Talking of which, if you do happen to know of anything that fits the above criteria, send it to me via my details which you’ll find if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post.

This issue of IDGAF introduces you to the most cutting-edge faptech in the fancamming field: a standard fancam PLUS a super close-up camera rolled into one. How innovative! Now we can fap to our genitals’ hearts’ content while getting that perfect ass shot and seeing everything else at the same time. This YouTube channel (Mr.V) couldn’t possibly get better for fappers, right? ...Not exactly. This particular gift is only barely approved by the fapgods.

I noticed that the quality of the close-up cam was often pretty bad and that it looked like it was just a blown-up version of the standard fancam. Ideally you’d want an optical zoom for the close-up cam so as not to compromise the video quality, but this was not the case here. This made me wonder if this person took videos from elsewhere for their videos. Upon further research and praying to the fapgods, it turned out to be the case that these close-up cams were ripped off from other fancammers with no credit given to the original source.

The fapgods were not amused. Of course, they do encourage more creative and convenient ways of allowing people to fap. But they’re also great believers in the helping and sharing with other fappers, which includes giving credit where it’s due. They had mixed feelings about these videos, but in their infinitely deviant wisdom they ruled that it was just about acceptable as a gift due to its good idea. They shook their heads and tutted a little but that was about as bad as it got. Then they fapped.

Here are some iljins’ picks:

For Zaku

Does her cleavage have as much storage capacity as a pocket?

Minha AND Kyungri? Slightly wtf but I'm not complaining

If you have any good kpop related fap material which is unlikely to have been seen by most k-fappers around here, send them my way via twitter, ask.fm or email newworldandbeyond@gmail.com. See my about.me for a full list of criteria for IDGAF submissions.
May your fancams be crystal clear HD!


  1. I am looking forward to many more fapulicious videos of Pocket Girls, especially Soyoon.

    1. Alternate angle cam of Soyoon from the same performance:

      All four of them from a different performance:

  2. What a coincidence that all of these videos are taken down after you post them here.

    1. Happened to Happy Cock's channel with the Idol Sex Diaries too. Maybe I should just stop or I'll be ruining all these great channels.


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