Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Top 10, Top Lists of 2015

It helps to display lists graphically for even more efficiency.
If there's one thing people love, it's lists. Nothing else but lists. This year had a lot of lists, most of which came out at the end of the year. Probably so people know what things to put in their lists. As part of my community service, I've taken the initiative and compiled the best lists to come out this year, so you can quickly and efficiently figure out what things to like and what things are better than other things. This list isn't in any particular order nor is it year end lists, mind you.

1.) This person really likes making lists of dick sizes and bulges, and to be honest, I don't really think there's anything wrong with that. I mean, if that's what your audience likes, then go for it. Let it never be said that Soyeon Friend doesn't appreciate an analysis of things that some people might be grossed out by. I particularly like how this person breaks down their analysis by both bulge and dick size.

2.) Here's a list of bad k-fashion. You should bother clicking on it for the section about camel toe.

3.) This really was the year for Seolhyun's coming out as evidenced by this list that shows she was the most searched for/fapped to k-pop idol of the year. Another equally good indicator of how popular someone is, is the amount of butt-hurt surrounding an idol, and as I recall, Seolhyun had a bunch of it. On the plus side, I did really like when she got to meet the cardboard cutout of herself.

Umm ... Excuse me, but the door is open ... E ... Excuse me. OK, I'll come back later.
4.) It's painful to realize it, but the vast amount of k-pop fans are 14-year-old girls who don't really know what to like. If they were older, they would probably like better things, unless they were idiots. Unfortunately, people who don't know any better like dumb things as evidenced by this list that shows that Big Bang was like the best thing on YouTube this year as far as k-pop goes or something. I hold out hope that in a few years these girls will outgrow their Big Bang phase and move on to better things. I mean, I've never liked anything dumb.

That other girls like, "Dayum gurl get at me about dat padding."
5.) Thankfully, it's not all 14-year-old girls. Yes, kpop is big enough to have enough room for even people like CarolinaPanthers2015. I'd really like to get in touch with him again to ask him how he feels about this list of the best tits in kpop. I'd also like to ask him about the Panthers' undefeated season coming to an end, but as I found out while interviewing him, I don't think he actually likes football.

6.) I guess this list might be sort of cheating, but I still like it as it's like a barometer of the most fapped to things of the year. I'm sort of disappointed by Bambino being at the top because, well, it's just cheating, heh. If you're like me and like to peruse new fancams, you've no doubt been inundated by Bambino this and Bambino that. It's pretty much just there to be not-porn. Oh well, at least we get things like this actual porn.

7.) This is just a list of No. 1 hits of the year. Enjoy.

8.) This isn't really a list, again; however, it does raise the really important question of which k-pop has the wettest pussy. I'd really like to get some input on this, as well as which k-pops can squirt. I'm sure people would list the obvious ones like Hyuna or something, but I'm more interested in which k-pops are like secretly wet, you know the ones who if they crawled across the floor would leave a trail like a snail. I bet it's the one you least expect, not like the one pictured above.

9.) This is just funny because someone bothered to write words about iKon.

10.) ...


  1. I like the 10th list of the top 10 lists

    1. The "TOP 10 Rising Female Rappers Who Killed It In 2015" list that included 17 people and used the wrong photo for Yezi? That was my favorite one, too.

    2. I liked the one where the a person said 'x' is good but 'y' is bad.

    3. Ahahahah, thanks for pointing out the Yezi/Hyemi thing, HAHAHAHAHA.

  2. Regarding that squirting "list", with Lovelyz becoming one of my favorite groups and Kei being my favorite in the group, I like the OP's post.

    And welp, now it's time to go fap while imagining Kei squirting all over my dick.

  3. I like this list so much that I may feature it in an upcoming post listing lists about lists. We can have a listception.

  4. I forgot how to list because of this!

  5. Jihyun has to be higher than 8th place.

  6. It's probably the most innocent looking ones that can squirt. It's always the most innocent looking. For example, Kpopalypse mom.

  7. Wanted Seolhyun to make out with her cardboard sister.

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