Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kiritani Mirei Graduates From College

Now that she has a bachelor's degree, I think the next logical step is for her to get a masters degree in sucking my cock.

How Long Can You Listen To Hamasucky Ayumi's "Last Minute"

Today's challenge! How long can you listen to this piece of shit, combined with Ayu's grating voice?

Watanabe Mayu To Star In a Drama That Has Nothing To Do With Dat Ass

So I was reading this news about Watanabe Mayu's new drama...and I got mad.

Koda Kumi Has Her 10th Number One Album

Japan: a country where anything is possible, you know, except for having kids. Congrats to the orangutan for her achievement!

AKB48 Manager Forgets He Is In Japan

So I found this story and the manager forget he was in Japan. Even if any pictures were released, they'd still be censored. That would be like censoring my MS Paint pics.

AKB48 To Have Another Subunit

Just what we all wanted: another group full of girls not named Kojima Haruna! Seriously, I'd only watch about two of these girls get raped by a tentacle monster. Pass.

Momoiro Clover Z Does Burakku Feisu