Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Orange Caramel "My Copycat" Answers! Yup, I have them...


Hi Sullifag here! Well, I had a lot of time on my hands today (wasn't in the mood to fap to old Yuka Ogura videos), so I figured it was time to share with you ALL THE ANSWERS FOR THE  DIFFERENCES in IMAGES for the new Orange Caramel Song "My Copy." Why? Because I got so into this video and concept that I had to complete each task which is roughly over 40 images. I really need help for this new found OC obsession. I guess we all have to FANBOY one time or another. My balls are filled with so much "man juice" when I watch their testicle actually squirted all over my new rug.yeah, I know..i have to stop talking about balls and penis.

Just had this thought: Robin Williams never got a chance to see this video....what an asshole!

They (meaning PLEDIS) really did put a lot of effort into this video and it shows because of all the complex shooping this must've taken...took me a while to figure it all out, but I did it all and I hate myself (slightly) for it. 

So, here are all the answers in order of appearance!! (Ok, slightly lied...I did miss ONLY TWO answers from this GAME). If you know them please tell me. I'll caption the ones I missed. 


Also, if there are any mistakes, tell me! I'd like to know.

Click below to view (SPOILERSSSSSSSSSS!) U dumb shit don't fucking click unless you wanna see!

Aaron Yan - No Cut

Sharing this because Puff is in it. There's never too much Puff for this follower of Puffism. Song isn't too bad, I like the beat to it, but that rap section was completely unnecessary.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

T-ara coming back on 9/11

Boram? I don't see her...
T-ara is coming back with a new "sexy" image on September 11th. What we know so far is it will feature some club music. Cool. Also Boram is completely unrecognizable. I really can't talk about it anymore without making some kind of 9/11 joke so there you go.

EXID's Comeback is Actually Real!

This is Hani's picture for the comeback. Song is supposed to be released at the end of August.

Ice Bucket Challenge

CLICK BELOW to see the only IBC video i actually gave a shit to look at.

Enjoy a random Sojin and Yura pic before you click and think dirty thoughts

Han Ji Min for Allure

Han Ji Min did a pictorial for Allure, and as usual, I just thank God that I am alive to see Han Ji Min. I just think of how gorgeous she is and then I get depressed when I think that I have to go back to university next week and torture my eyes with hordes of extremely obese women roaming everywhere on campus. Then I realize that it doesn't matter as I'll be spending the next four months doing nothing but studying all day every day and then spending a few minutes online every day to look at hot Asian chicks.