Monday, July 21, 2014

Half A Year in Review - The SM Entertainment Edition

Inspired by this amazing gifset by Tumblr user Seuyeon, I have decided; What better way to return to writing then to write my sole opinions on the almost perfectly-monthly comebacks of SM's groups? So I decided to do just that.

Han Ye Seul's New Caffe Bene CF


Sunday, July 20, 2014

AOA is Quickly Becoming the Best Girl Group

Taeyeon GGG=666

The bible states (in Revelations) that one day an AntiChrist will rise and fool the world into thinking he is Jesus on Earth forcing many to take the Mark of the Beast to buy and sell...even at Walmart. Many feel it is a male figure but they are quite wrong because I am the person who has finally found THE DESOLATE ONE....THE MASTER OF ABORTIONS...LUCIFER'S CHILD AND IT IS...

Breaking News: Sulli Pregnant

It's no news that Sulli's been getting that good D but when she has been MIA from f(x) promotions, some suspect that it might more than a simple cold.

We at AKF have the real scoop. More after the cut.

The 7 stages of k-pop fangirl grief

I spend a lot of time debunking the bullshit surrounding k-pop and helping people to see the reality behind the curtain of fairy floss, but what I haven't ever really done is helped anyone deal with the emotional fallout from having those rose-coloured glasses taken off.  I also don't want to be blamed for a spate of fangirl suicides so I feel that it's time that I stepped up to the plate with some assistance.  Help for you deludus is here, Kpopalypse style!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Orange Caramel to Make Their 17th Comeback This Year

Fun fact: I haven't listened to an OC song since I almost committed suicide after listening to "Aing." However, I need every OC fan out there to support OC and buy their new single/mini album/whatever the fuck it will be.