Thursday, September 3, 2015

Which Male Idols Do You Guys Want To See More Of?

I know this is shocking considering my first couple of articles outside the SHINee one was female centered. But the main reason HYS_Fag hired me was to bring in more fanservice for the straight female AKF readers as well homosexual males that read the blog. Have no fear: I am your girl. I will be doing this similar to how Oreo Monster did their Ultimate Kpop Music Awards Show. You guys chose the top five, then vote for the nominations, and the top picks will be in one giant post. Simply follow the link below, and enter your top 5 favorite male idols that you think have the best visuals among k-pop. I would just post some of my own faves, but I know my biases don't align with most people's so I'm leaving the choice up to you, the readers. 

Nominate Your Faves Here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Conspiracy on Conspiracy (in) K-Pop 4: Illuminati are everywhere! Part 3

Freemasons don't sleep, and they are stronger than ever. With the latest k-pop releases, they are trying even harder to gather minions and brainwash innocent teens to fight for NWO!

Let’s see which k-pop releases you should avoid if you don’t want to become a gay, satan-worshiping, Illuminati slave!

I chose four recent MVs and examined them. Here is what I found:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer 2015 hits

Aug. 31 marks the official end of summer in Korea. While it's winter where I am, I was able to experience summer through K-pop songs. Sadly, this isn't a good thing as a lot of the summer-themed comebacks in the past three months sucked. So, I've compiled a list of my top seven songs. These are all personal views, so you will likely disagree with the list. Granted, I have not stuck specifically to summer-themed songs, because if I did, the list wouldn't go past three ... So without further ado, the top songs of K-pop summer 2015.
/Also a poll for your favourite song this season/

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly Showdown: Best Random Collaboration

Last week, I put SNSD's "Lion Heart" against "You Think" for Best Song. The results are in, and, let me just say, it was a REALLY close match. So, with a difference of only a few votes, "Lion Heart" takes the win (the results kept fluctuating, but most of the time, "Lion Heart" had more votes) barely. I guess some people just couldn't forgive that godawful rap break.

Moving on to this week's showdown, I'm gonna put Hyolin X Zico X Paloalto's "Dark Horse" against Rainstone X Brian McKnight X San E X Verbal Jint's "Rainstorm" for Best Random/Unexpected Collaboration.

"Dark Panda" was much better than I expected; however, I'm still gonna have to go with "Rainstorm" because, though very underrated (having around just 100k+ views), it's still one of the highest quality releases of all time. Or that's just my opinion, anyway. I'm really curious as to what the results of this showdown will be since both songs are pretty good in general.

[MV Review] SNSD - Lion Shart

I don't know what is worse: the song or the MV promoting the message that bestiality is okay. Everything about this piece of shit wants me to throw up, except for how good the members look.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Project Luhan part 3: The Emancipation Of Sasaeng #1064

Okay, so it took me longer than an After School comeback, but here's the third and absolutely definitely final chapter of Project Luhan!  The third part won't make any sense if you're not familiar with the first two parts, so for those new to this story or who need a refresher, click on the following links to catch up to this point in the story:

For the rest of you, read on!


Netizen's Fake Vocal-Faggotry Needs To Stop

I've had it up here *mimics Moonbyul* with this shit.

So Stellar talked about how they don't care if their image is controversial if it gets people to pay attention to them, and a lot of netizens are saying, "If you guys really wanted fame for your music, then you would just become better singers and stop stripping." This is some utter bullshit, because I could make a list miles long of groups that netizens praise with barely any good singers.