Friday, September 19, 2014

fangirls are really butthurt that slutty Americans are remaking 'Man From the Stars'

Everyone already knows 'Man From the Stars' was one of the biggest drams out there, it's already being remade by a Chinese filmmaker who nicely decided to combine it with 'The Heirs' and 'Rooftop Prince' so those who haven't seen it can kill three birds with one stone.

11 written-while-taking-a-shit click-bait k-pop articles written in the last 72 hours

One of the favourite criticisms directed at my own blog writing is that it's somehow "click-bait".  Here I am spending hours of my time each week, pouring my heart and soul into articles for your completely free entertainment and enjoyment, with no hidden catches or ruses, and of course entitled me-generation cuntfaces still have to complain that I'm swindling them somehow.  Of course, I only ever get this criticism from people who also don't happen to like my writing generally speaking, now isn't that interesting.

eunjungfacepalm copy

Seeing as how there's so much confusion over what apparently constitutes "click-bait", I thought it was time that I showed my readers some examples of what I think click-bait is.

You should check out Minx

Alright so I don't always recommend new groups whenever I like them, but only when I think they really deserve it, which is a different matter. Last night I saw Minx on M! Countdown and they did really well for a debut stage. Laboum has also done decently but still show a few weaknesses and their song blows, yet Minx is really competent from the start.

I had only heard of them from the previews on music shows last week, and in really lazy curiosity only searched for them in English on English search engines so I found absolutely nothing about them and thought they were from some no-name agency. However, after that performance, I looked up their MV and holy shit, they are from Happyface Entertainment a.k.a. Dal Shabet's agency. Dal Shabet was also pretty pro from the start, so they must have good people in charge over there.

Anyway, whether you like the song or not, I think they deserve to be checked out, and I do mean checked out because this MV is pretty hot and I know you all love eye candy. I don't know why they have to be so confrontational with the pizza guy, but it seems like he may have gotten a good tip.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oppar really didn't mean it, promises not to do it again.

The girlfriend, known as 'A' of Kim Hyun Joong has put in a request to drop the charges of assault and battery, essentially letting him off the hook aside from an apology and damaged public perception. The lawyer went on to say that 'A' was planning on dropping all charges on no condition or receipt of settlement money as soon as Joong made an apology.

While it's acknowedged bullshit that he is getting off with beating his girlfriend for literally nothing we can all at least rest assured that his domestic abuse was probably just an isolated incident. Like I said in the title I'm sure Oppa didn't mean it. Oppa was probably just under a lot of stress.

Well at least his fans probably look at him with a shit load of scrutiny...

Soyou and her abs are having a comeback

Just recently I was wondering in regards to Soyou, "Do you even Lift"? I can definitively say she does. I can also definitely say she's making a solo comeback.

Being in the middle of watching, "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" I can't help but notice some similarities except for Shin Min Ah has nine-tails and Soyou here at least only has one. Lame. Anyway, on Sistar's Twitter it was written that the comeback will be on September 26th.

Kpopalypse 2NE1 shittiness survey - find the truth!

The experts agree: with a successful career, an eye-catching aesthetic unique among k-pop idol groups and several iconic hits under their belt, there's no denying the influence of 2NE1, a YG Entertainment production who are legitimately one of the best groups in k-pop.  Oh wait... did I type "are"?  I meant "were", sorry about that.  It's not a secret to anybody with reasonably discerning musical taste that 2NE1's last couple of years' worth of output has been complete and utter crap compared to their 2009-2011 glory days.  It hasn't hurt the group commercially but 2NE1 are riding off brand recognition alone at this point anyway, they've already built up an insane fanbase that will lap up literally anything they shit out no matter how bad (meaning bad) it is.  Let's be honest here - if 2NE1 were a brand new group debuting with any of the songs that they've been peddling lately, nobody would tolerate it - they would have sunk without a trace.


We all know the "what" and the "when", but being an inquisitive sort, I'm more interested in the "how" and "why".  How could such an iconic group suddenly sink so low in terms of musical quality?  Why do all their new songs suck many hard cocks?  This post will look at a few theories, present a case for each one, and attempt to bring an elusive answer to this troubling question.