Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can Nicole Really Make It Solo?

Nicole was my favorite member in Kara, but I was relieved that she was leaving the group. Now it has officially been confirmed that she will make a solo comeback under Butt 2 Munch Entertainment. I didn't even think she would get a real opportunity to go solo, but it actually is happening.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lena Park feat. Verbal Jint - Sweet

Lena Park and Verbal Jint team up to average song. When I saw that Lena Park was featuring Verbal Jint in the title of the song, I was hyped.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Big boobs in k-pop guide part 2: the boobs that Kpopalypse forgot

Ever since I did my big boobs in k-pop guide post, I've been inundated with people complaining that my list left out their fave.  I knew this would happen, after all such an exhaustive topic is never going to be "complete".  Not only did I leave out some people, but several new performers have also emerged as possible contenders of interest, so it's time for a follow-up post to address these concerns and educate the general population in the virtues of k-pop boobs.


WARNING: before you click to read more - this post is bigger than Puer Kim's rack.  Prepare your browser appropriately for a large deluge of images of k-pop boobs.

Akiyama Rina

I don't have to write shit, but I will.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tamaki Nami Is Still Living In 2002

Tragic. I don't think the song is bad, but it sounds very similar to the Gundam Seed songs she sang 12 years ago.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jealous bitches think they own Baek Yerin

So this is probably way out of the sight of most kpop fans, but it involves my favorite idol singer so I have to chime in. Apparently Baek Yerin has been criticized for playing favorites. But I have to disagree with the perspective here. You see, Yerin is ridiculously talented and clearly just wants to sing all the time and develop her ability in it. She's constantly posting videos of her practice in the JYPE dungeon and she made her own soundcloud and youtube, so you know she is legit.

One problem: JYPE doesn't give her shit to do! I mean fuck, even Miss A isn't getting a run this year, and it's not like the 15& material really utilizes her R&B/soul style anyway. So what's a girl going to do when she's trying to develop her performance and going stir-crazy in the dungeon? She'll fucking go out and perform for people herself. But let's remember she's still only 17 years old and depends on the company for everything. So naturally she won't be able to organize shit and will just do it with the people who actually make the time and put in the effort to be with her.

So is that playing favorites? I don't see any of these fans complaining that they went to talk to her and ask about when they could see her and then she withheld the information from them. I don't see anything about them trying to go to some of these busking things and being denied. Nope, I just see a bunch of lazy fucks sitting on their ass reading about what others got to do and then getting jealous.

Well hey, guess what, doing things with all fans together requires planning and money, and those two things either depends on JYPE or the fans. I don't see JYPE doing shit, and HMMMMMMMM I also don't see a bunch of fans organizing their money and everything and trying to negotiate things with Yerin insofar as JYPE will allow her. Nope, they are just sitting around whining as if they are entitled to her whole life.

These shits don't seem to understand anything about what it is to be an idol, especially a rookie who is a minor. If this was any indie artist nobody would give a single fuck because just finding anyone who actually cares to make something happen is how it always works. It is the standard practice and artists at JYPE are aware of how the real world of music works, but with idols we see this attitude of self-entitlement and possessiveness among the fans.

Yerin doesn't seem to care much about losing those kind of "fans" so she just got bonus points from this fan for being awesome and not letting people emotionally manipulate her into feeling bad about being a human with needs and yet also limitations. I hope she continues working with music and performance at her own pace regardless of what JYPE organizes for her or not.

Dear Kwon Nara,

Dear Kwon Nara,

I would like to sincerely thank you for being hot.