Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Radwimps - Zen Zen Zen Se

Radwimps finally released a new song (c'mon UCAADs, it's been three years since your last album). This song definitely sounds something like what Bump of Chicken would have released a few years and doesn't have the Radwimps feel to it. It's still a good song, just different than what I expect from the band.

Apparently it's a theme song for some anime movie, so maybe that's why it has more of a mainstream sound. 

Hit The Stage - Vampire Momo

I'd let Vampire Momo suck blood from my penis, you know, if she wasn't a lesbian.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Given that Korean netizens have shown us that it is perfectly acceptable to hate on idols due to their home country claiming land under dispute, I take that it is perfectly acceptable to hate on Korean idols when they claim land that is under dispute belongs to Korea.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Stop fucking your sociopolitical presumptions and love someone

I have been seeing a lot of people railing on Fei's "Fantasy" because in it she is fulfilling the desires of a man. People have been using this to say it is all about objectification and even gone several steps past anything they have authority to claim and acting like Fei herself had no agency in deciding to do this or like this one action betrays who she is. To people saying these things: Have you never loved someone? Have all your relationships been about always making sure you get yours? Have you never just wanted to make someone happy by fulfilling some unrealistic picturesque fantasy if only for a time? Saying that a woman can't ever decide to fulfill a man's fantasy without giving up on herself is like saying you uphold patriarchal control just by wearing a dress instead of pants.

This song was written by JYP and he has been around the block a few times. When you get older you'll understand that sometimes loving someone means that your desire is to fulfill their desires, and that doesn't mean you never want them to do that for you, it just means that is what you're doing for them in that moment. Like a hundred boybands make songs like this every year and I don't see anyone complaining about them giving up their identity and needs to serve every desire of the girl. Placating now and then is not necessarily being a slave, and claiming that Fei is giving up on being an "Independent Woman" because of this is what is simplistic and dehumanizing of what she has already proven of herself, not the song.

Gugudan - Wonderland

Gugudan debuted at the end of June and the only reason I have only fucks to give is because Kim Sejeong is fucking cute as fucking fuck.

"Pick Me" To Get Creeped On

Produce 101's producer went ahead and admitted that his show was intended to be child porn lite.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Everyone Thinks G-Friend's SinB is a Bitch, So Now I Love Her

Waving goodbye to the haterz
Some fools on the internet think SinB is a bitch because she didn't sing during some dumb dance video. It's not important for me to even link it here, because these comments stand on their own: