Sunday, July 27, 2014

Victoria Deemed Goddess of Asia

This comes as no surprise, as Victoria was deemed Goddess of Asia in a poll. Victoria just allowed it to be a "competition" for the self-esteem of the others even though they had no chance whatsoever.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kpopalypse fashion class - horizontal black and white stripes

Never one to shy away from the important issues surrounding k-pop, it's time for Kpopalypse to cover an often-misunderstood and misrepresented topic of great importance - the effect of horizontal black and white stripes on boob perception.  Welcome to Kpopalypse fashion class!


If you're anything like me, you'll be very sick and tired of the superfluous fashion articles that appear in k-pop media.  You've all seen them - some lazily tossed-off article about "oooh, look what [insert idol here] wore today, wow, isn't she so classy!".  If these worthless articles are not just paid for by the record company to help boost the idol's profile, they're churned out by the media outlet simply because nothing interesting was happening that week and someone had an article quota to meet - but they're functionally fairly useless.  If you're into k-pop fashion (or perving at k-pop fashion), surely you want some information that you can actually use.  Don't worry, Kpopalypse has got you covered!

Seungyeon Buys An Expensive House

Hammie is ballin' and after making it rain, bought a new house.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Netizens Have Forced Sulli Into Hiatus

You can here and here for the details of the situation.

This kind of behavior from netizens is why sites like AKF will continue to exist. Sadly, Korean netizens have too much leverage in the Kpop industry and that leverage needs to completely fade away into obsolescence. 

Bianca Bai

Today we at AKF are publishing "research" so that society can advance one fap at a time.

You are now a fan of Fiestar's Jei

I'm working on a longer fap post. Expect it fondly.

In the meantime, enjoy this brief AKF-style intermission while I do my "research".

You're welcome.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book review: Kpop Now - The Korean Music Revolution

In my eternal quest to shut up those people asking me to review shit all the time, here's a review... of a book.  Unlike song reviews, I figure that a book review might actually be vaguely useful to some of you.  Sure, reviewing the latest written-while-taking-a-shit song from SM or YG might be good for web traffic and ego-stroking but what's the point of me throwing down my worthless, annoying opinion on a song when you can just go to YouTube, listen to it yourself and make up your own mind?  On the other hand, books are less of a try-before-you-buy proposition so you might actually want to know a bit about what's in these fucks before you buy them, so in my mission to get k-pop fans to occasionally put down their iMaxipads and read a fucking book (those things with the pages, you've seen them, right?) I now bring to you this review.  Please enjoy it.  Or not.