Friday, January 26, 2018

r/kpop is Sexist, Racist, and Bigoted

Teasers for Red Velvet's repackage album came out today featuring Irene and Yeri. Just for my simple admiration of Irene's beauty, r/kpop banned me for five days. "Please site on my face, Irene." I will show you how this makes the mods of r/kpop extremely bigoted.

First, it is racist to ban a Korean from a Korean related subreddit. Westerners feel as if only what they think matters and ban Koreans from their subreddit.

Second, it is sexist, as I am a male, and male fans are a minority in the Kpop fandom. Female fans using their majority to stifle the opinions of any male fans.

Third, it is also sexist because they want to deny a woman receiving pleasure from oral sex. These mods are perpetuating that blowjobs are the only acceptable form of oral sex.

Fourth, they are bigoted because they are railing against a hetero-normative sexual relation between a biological male and a biological female.

Fifth, they are vibratorphobic. I sexually identify as Nayeon's Vibrator, and with Nayeon being friends with Irene, I'm sure Nayeon would share me with Irene. These homosapien normies are being bigoted towards someone like me who doesn't identify as a mere human. They are being sexist towards Irene, because maybe she'd like to pleasure herself with the latest model of a rabbit vibrator.

Besides, who wouldn't want Irene sitting on their face?


  1. First, this is why I only go to R/Kpopfap.
    Third, I would most definitely take Irene to poundtown, she's smoking hot.


      I would move with her to poundtown.

  2. It's quite amusing when censors accuse others of bigotry.

  3. I like you, please accept my heartfelt confession.

  4. Excuse me, did you just assume Irene's gender?
    This is highly problematic.

    No place on leddit is worth posting on.
    As Renar pointed out, kpopfap is the only good place for pics/webms, but that's it.

  5. r/kpop are also the /kpg/ mods in 4chan. They ban anything fun related because they suck so much cock they are now allergic to real and unabashed admiration of women. They only care about perpetuating and propagating their circle cocksucking aka. "comfy time", and pretend to like girls and kpop to lure men into their fag den .

    1. You clearly have never been to /kpg/.

      And "/kpg/ mods", don't make me laugh.

    2. It's true.

      The ESL mod is also in denial of his heritage that's why he's a double faggot. He has a particular craving for american cocks, so you usually encounter him starting around 4 PM Korean Standard Time.

    3. /srg/ gets moderated maybe once a month.


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