Friday, October 7, 2016

BoA's Top 15 Japanese Songs - #15 - Winter Love

In celebration of BoA's 15th anniversary in Japan (and her 15th anniversary in Korea that I wasn't around to celebrate), and to have some articles up while I'm away on business, I'm counting down on my top 15 songs of BoA from Japan and Korea.

"Winter Love" was one of the first songs I heard from BoA when I became a fan back in 2008. To this day, this is still a song I like a lot, but mainly listen to it during the winter months (the only time I really listen to ballads. The depressive mood of the songs goes great with the depressing cold weather we get.)

What makes "Winter Love" stand above the majority of BoA's ballads is that the instrumental has a faster pace and is louder. So many ballads are quiet and slow-paced to draw the attention to the vocalfaggotry, but I feel like BoA's voice and the instrumental work in harmony to make the song more enjoyable.

The MV is alright, as it's a love story. Couldn't the stylists have put BoA in something where we could have seen her erect, stiff nipples?


  1. I used to listen to a lot of Jpop (and still do to some degree, though rarely some new stuff), but couldn't tell you any BoA song.
    So I'm interested in this feature.

    1. BoA had a lot of great songs during Jpop's peak, so you'll find plenty to like hopefully.


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