Saturday, April 22, 2017

IU - Palette featuring G-Dragon

IU and G-Dragon was a combination I thought I'd never see, but with IU hanging out with troublemakers such as Sulli and Jiyeon and getting the older D (younger girls, please continue to date us ahjussis), she "ruined" her reputation is now smeared with salty netizen tears along with G-Dragon's. They probably met up and smoked some weed cigarettes together and decided to make a song together.

I had feared that this song would be total dogshit, and I was pleasantly surprised. The song starts off a bit too slow for my tastes, and probably would have been much better to start off with the chorus instead of that really slow verse. Things pick up throughout the song and it became a pleasant listen to me.

G-Dragon showed up with his strongest rapping since 2009. I thought he was going to try some weird style of rapping like he has been doing the past few years, but he was normal here for lack of a better word and added a really solid verse to the song.

IU looked really good in the MV and I would cake her face with my jizz.

(I really need to get a laptop where I can use MS Paint here.)


  1. I thought it was gonna be shit. But then it was less shit than expected. I'm floored.

  2. i really love that iu is at the point in her career that she truly doesnt give a shit anymore

  3. I still want a video for jamjam.


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