Saturday, September 23, 2017

To the “I’m Quitting Kpop” People

Over the years, I’ve had friends on Twitter and One Hallyu (and its predecessors) make long tweets and posts about how they were quitting Kpop.

“Kpop isn’t a lifestyle.” That is the first thing I think whenever someone writes something like they’re stopping Kpop. It is simply their fault that they let Kpop consume them. You don’t need to be up-to-date on every news story, participating on a few forums and the comments section of the translation sites. You don’t need to watch every variety show your favorite group(s) (member(s)) appear in.

For example, I watched all of Sixteen for Twice, and that was only after five or six episodes had appeared. Enough girls caught my attention and I quickly caught up and waited for the remaining episodes to air. However, since their debut, Twice has had a few of their own variety shows and appeared in a lot of them. I may have caught one or two of the Weekly Idol episodes they were on, but that was it. I didn’t feel the need to watch every single thing they were in, just what I wanted to.

If you could tell from 2014, I didn’t have the time to run the site anymore, so HYSF took over, and after he ran out of time to do it, I took it back over, and then a bunch of authors left. When I closed the blog down last December, I left open the possibility of returning, but as you may have seen by my erratic writing schedule, I don’t feel the need to cover every single thing and write on a near daily basis any longer. I let Kpop come to me instead of chasing everything on several news sites and then writing my opinion about everything that happens. I also stopped perusing forums as much as I used to see everything that was going on in Kpop. Kpop moves quickly and it is easy to miss things. I accepted that. Kpop doesn’t have to be a full-time job like many fans try to make it out to be. Just ONE thing out of many things that one can enjoy.

Have some hobbies/obligations that take you away from electronics is my biggest suggestions. You don’t need to be connected all of the time, you know. 


  1. Truer words have never been spoken.

  2. "X doesn’t have to be a full-time job like many fans try to make it out to be. Just ONE thing out of many things that one can enjoy." - The best way to see everything.
    Honestly, even your family.

  3. I'm quitting kpop because I stopped enjoying new releases.

  4. I feel like these "I'm quitting kpop" fucks only apply to the delulu ones anyway. Yaknow, like those people that comments on Youtube MVs and say "GUYS WE NEED TO GET THIS MV TO 1M VIEWS!", instead of just watching and enjoying the content like a fucking normal human being.

    It's their fault that they make it turn into a chore, if they wanna just gtfo then just do it, not over-dramatizing shit like anyone fucking cares. The only people that could say "I'm quitting kpop" without looking like a fucking moron would be the people that work in the kpop industry themselves.

    1. Yes I just skip pass those comments like why

  5. Momo's abs don't quit.

  6. I'm into K-pop for the music and the MVs, not for the variety shows or the artists' personalities. If I don't have time to watch the latest variety show my favourite group is on, I just won't watch it. Simple as that.


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