Sunday, September 17, 2017

Twice "One More Time" Teaser

This is the Twice comeback we have all been waiting for: the first one in which every member is legal!

Mina, please rub my balls. Preferably while my dick is in your mouth. That is all.


  1. The most foul betrayal of your master will not go unoticed. that racket will be used to give you a right and proper spanking young man.

  2. It's so obvious that Mina doesn't like the cute concept, hehe.

  3. They've been on a IGAB-tier shitty record after the great debut song and I hope this is more melodic and not some hacked up crap again.

    Legal in the USA, but how about South Korea or all the other countries?
    At least where I live you can bang a 16 y'old, as long as you're not more than 10 years older.

  4. Mina is legal already? Is that why I keep imagining things everytime I watched her? Give Mina something sexy. Forget this cute shit.


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