Thursday, December 21, 2017

Nayeon's Vibrator's Top Ten Songs of 2017


It's already that time of the year, with 2017 coming to a close. Due to life's circumstances this past year, I didn't keep up with Kpop very well and probably missed some great songs here and there. This is my top 10 title tracks for the year that I got around to listening to. Just a warning, each blurb about the song is short because I hate writing MV reviews with a passion and mainly just want to share which songs I liked. With something as subjective as music, there's no point in justifying with an essay of why I like (or dislike) a song.

(Also Kpopalypse, you can suck my dick for "not waiting until December 31st"! I'll be on vacation in Washington D.C. for New Year's weekend.)

10. Jonghyun - Lonely feat. Taeyeon

The best way to remember Jonghyun is through his music and what he did for his fans for the past ten years. "Lonely" is a very melancholy song with dark lyrics given the context of the song and Jonghyun's passing.

09. Chung Ha - Why Don't You Know feat. Nucksal

I never paid attention to Produce 101 or IOI, so I really had no idea who Chung Ha was. I got addicted to the song when it was released in the spring. Then I saw quite a few posts on Chung Ha on r/kpopfap and then I became a fan.

08. Pristin - Wee Woo

I had no idea what to expect with Pristin given how bad Pledis fucked up with After School and Hello Venus. However, with a really addictive track and a group filled with a lot of attractive girls "Eunwoo is #1, y'all), I can see myself following Pristin for three years before Pledis locks them in the dungeon until their contracts expire.

07. Twice - TT (Japanese Version)

"TT" was my second favorite song of 2016, and I was beyond happy that the Japanese version didn't suck! Most Korean to Japanese translations never go well due to the language differences between the two languages (mainly, the two languages have very similar grammar, but Japanese words tend to be a lot longer, so when the songs get translated, either a lot of extra syllables are crammed in to fit the original melody, or badly written English are inserted instead.) Plus, more of Twice's "TT"s are always welcome.

06. Black Pink - As If It's Your Last

As much as I like Black Pink, "As If It's Your Last" is only the second song I like from them, with the other being "Playing With Fire". Many people complained that this sounded like an old-school 2NE1 song -- that's why I like it! This song avoids a lot of the stupid yoloswag shit that Teddy has infected in YG artists' songs the past few years, so to get a normal song from a YG group is a great gift. Plus, Rosé is very hot in the MV.

05. Red Velvet - Red Flavor

Red Velvet released the best song of the summer, awards be damned. This is one of the songs that helped push Red Velvet far away from the rest of the pack from the girl groups in their generation. It also introduced us to Rap Queen Yeri. (Also, she became legal, which is also important!)

04. Red Velvet - Rookie

This was my favorite song for most of the year. It reminded me of Kpop songs that were coming out when I first got into Kpop - incredibly catchy hook, strong verses, and a great instrumental. It was also great to see Seulgi look amazing after her horrible hair in "Russian Roulette".

03. Twice - Likey

I didn't think Twice would ever top "TT," but they did by showcasing Jihyo's TTs in this very addictive song.

02. BoA - Camo

This song, this MV, this choreography -- it's everything I love about BoA.

01. Red Velvet - Peekaboo

"Peekaboo" is a great song with a great chorus, awesome instrumental, and another rap verse by Rap Queen Yeri. I enjoyed watching the "Peekaboo" performances the most out of any song released this year ("Rookie" comes in a close second), as evidenced by the awesome gif of Irene at the beginning of the article.

Let me know what you're favorite songs were. Or just bitch about how Red Velvet dominated 2017 if that makes you feel better.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who realized Red Velvet did sooooo so well this year.

  2. Hopefully YG finally gives BlackPink an album in 2018.

  3. No Signal, no life.

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  5. Replies
    1. Gfriend has been very disappointing. Fingerbang was their last good song.

  6. You should listen to Dreamcatcher.


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