Thursday, November 12, 2015

Haeryung's Coming For Your Penis

I have been watching a few recent fancams of Haeryung and was trying to figure out why she seemed much hotter than usual.

I looked at her thighs and they are thicker than they used to be. Being a fan of Haeryung, I have read so many comments online from jealous, disgusting fat slobs bemoaning the fact that Haeryung is too skinny. I didn't really care as Haeryung has the best face in the group, but now Haeryung is hitting the gym and there will be fewer comments about her being so skinny.

This is a fancam from six months ago with Haeryung being her normal weight. She's on the Hani plan of getting thicker thighs within a year, but let's hope she doesn't lose them like Hani did when EXID became popular.

And for you heifer hunters out there...


  1. Haeryung with thick and supple thighs... the dream

  2. Haeryung used to be a cute skelly, but with Excuse Me she's cute and hot as fuck.
    Putting on some healthy weight did her good.

  3. Dude, Haeryung is hot and should stay slim. If its thighs your after then its Dahye's time to shine.


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