Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Let's appreciate hotness of loli/pedo/fox IU

For all those salty netizens out there, who are to stupid to understand those "subtle" symbols/metaphors/allegories in IU's latest album here's some IU hotness (thanks to awesome people at GQ Korea)

Look at her! F**king sly fox and loli! No wonder Eunhyuk got screwed by her!

Body of a 12 years old? That sly fox!

Look at her tempting innocent men! She's turning them into pedophiles! Not like this image was forced on her by her agency... OH, wait....

What I would do to her... The best girls are like whisky - 12 years old

BONUS: My latest fantasy


  1. So you are also an artist, awesome.

  2. This is really off topic but do you live in London? I read the post about you going to see f (x). My friend was at that concert. I was stuck in Berlin. ..

  3. Who do you think will be sent to a North Korean camp first ?
    Iljin Pedo Fox IU or Druglord Yakuza Park Bom ?

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    1. that describes my masturbation routine perfectly

    2. It took me ages before I realized it was a spambot and not actually a post about how to fap to the pics the best way >,>

  5. Much "love" for Nations Flat Whore.


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