Monday, September 19, 2016

DIA - Mr. Potter

Dear God,

Thank you for Chaeyeon and Yebin.

- Nayeon's Vibrator

"Mr. Potter" is the turning point for DIA, mainly because I say so. I say so because this is the first song from the group that doesn't put me to sleep and it looks like MBK is finally tapping into DIA's potential. Chaeyeon and Yebin are ridiculous and the rest of the girls are good looking as well, so I find it hard for MBK to fuck this group up.

As a big fan of EDM, I personally like the EDM that's layered under the main instrumental. It doesn't overpower the overall melody of the song, but it gives the song the oomph that DIA's previous songs didn't have. Even the raps help the song feel more alive.

MBK is using T-ara's Chinese money wisely as this MV looks great, almost as great as WJSN's "Secret". Or maybe that's my penis speaking because of Chaeyeon and Yebin.

At this point, I want DIA to become popular just to troll Korea. They'll hate DIA just because they're from MBK, so that'll just make me like them more.


  1. Song is pretty boring imo, and the dance looks like a shitter version of Girl's Day's' Expectation. I love 'On The Road' probably because I like alot of Gfriend's songs.

    They need to stop trying so hard to make Chaeyeon the next Suzy and plus I think almost every other member is equally or more attractive than her, I really like yebin with her red hair in the 'On the road' MV. But hey what does gay guys know about girls amirite.

  2. I like this one, I saw her in weekly iol she dances good, IDK who the fuck she is in all honesty but she's hot

    1. It's Eunjin. And she's really hot

    2. lemme guess who that thuggish girl at the back wiping her ass in front of everybody. huihyeon the tomboy who doesn't shave her armpits amirite?

    3. >"What? What is this anon talking abou--"
      Either she has lost all fucks to give, the rumor of trainees having terrible hygiene thanks to having to fight over baths (and not having time to bathe) is true, or her company forced her to do that.

    4. ^ Either that or their company is too cheap to send them to a body care center for a laser hair removal. But I think that girl is just too thug for that gay shit.

    5. Not showering is true hip-hop.

  3. Been playing the song for weeks now. I agree that the chorus is somehow loud on the ears. Like ICC but more hard hitting. My only gripe with the song is that the rap has no melody to it. In their debut song, eunjin and cathys rap were very catchy sounding . here in mr potter it sounded very off.


  4. Nothing special so far but I feel as if it might grow on me.

  5. Rock version is lit tho

    Eunjin play drum. Travis Barker shook

  6. I was kinda disappointed in the way that the transitions sounded (mainly Chaeyeon's two lines that are immediately after each other at 2:33) but I actually really like the song. It feels like a return to their image from Somehow, and thats great. I was sad that Eunjin didn't get to rap AGAIN though, I hope she really is going on that hidden talent rap show or whatever.

  7. I LOVE the chorus. But the rest of the song is a bore. Chaeyeon is hot, as always.


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