Friday, September 2, 2016

SM Fucks Over Seulgi

Don't you hate it when your bias gets fucked over in the styling department?

You make Irene look amazing as fuck and then leave Seulgi with this?!?! It looks like they scooped out pumpkin guts and then smeared it all over her head. They could have at least made the hairstyle salvageable.

Out of the whole set, she looks great in these two pics:

I hope the music video features this look more. I wonder what Seulgi did to the stylists to make them want to make her the IGAB era Sunny of Red Velvet.


  1. That's the tastiest looking "Pumpkin Spice" item, I've ever seen.

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  3. They can't make her 'IGAB Sunny', because this one lacks the necessary assets. They can make her the 'Electric Shock Sully' with great success though.

  4. I love her tight slim body. And her eyes.

  5. Well maybe she's just not as hot as you think

  6. She is not that pretty that's why she can't look gorgeous in that hair. Irene was wearing orange wig once and she looked like a goddess. It's not stylist fault that Seulgi is average.


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