Monday, May 12, 2014

Koreans Try To Act Like Hyosung Isn't Hot

Via Netizen Buzz. Yes, Hyosung and her titties distracted me while studying and working on accounting problems. I still got some work done, but not as much as I would have if Hyosung's body wasn't so jjangbak.

The first thing you'll notice is that these comments barely have any upvotes, which means that most normal Koreans were watching this MV while lubing it up. The normal ones didn't have time to even give two shits about commenting on the article, so I am assuming that most of these comments are from teenage girls who don't have funbags as big as Hyosung's.

1. [+323, -115] Seems when female singers don't have talent, they resort to stripping.
2. [+275, -105] Is it hard to sing if their clothing is thick or heavy? Why are they all singing without clothes?

The first problem I have with these comments is that they come in with expectations of being catered to as vocalfags. Well, if you want to be a vocalfag, go listen to the snoozefest released by g.o.d. (article for that is scheduled for Tuesday 12 AM). I came here for a pop song and a sexy concept and Hyosung and Duble Sidekick delivered.

5. [+20, -9] She's an ilbe, pass~

Who cares if she's an Ilbe? Does someone using a certain website make them less visually appealing? That's like saying "Alison Brie is an ugly bitch for reading reddit." Whether she reads reddit or not doesn't matter to me because I would shove my face in between her glorious tits and motorboat her until I suffocated.

7. [+10, -6] Is her job singing or showing her chest

Is your job being an asshole or a douchebag? Just finger yourself and release the hate.

8. [+8, -2] She's the one who said it was sad how female idols tried to get popular off of showing skin when her group got recognition off of showing skin for years. She ruined her group over one slip of the tongue and she thinks releasing a solo album while her team's a mess will change anything? I assure you, she'll never recover what she's lost... unless the world changes in 10 years time. She can strip all she wants now, it won't help. She'll get hate wherever she goes.

That's because Koreans are anal-retentive buttplugs who overblow the smallest of matters and can never forgive people in such situations because forgiving someone is preceded by acknowledging that you were an asshole and were too quick to condemn someone over something trivial.

Anyway, you know most Koreans secretly love the MV. Not many people commented on the Hyosung articles, which means the majority of the people were fapping and were too busy to leave ludicrous comments. The ones that did comment are just denying it and are trying to fit in. Anyone who truly doesn't like Hyosung or doesn't care about her didn't watch the MV, let alone comment on the articles. Only a group of masochists who post on a K-Pop blog watch MVs they don't like and spend more time writing about them.

Expect an MV review to come out during the weekend.


  1. I almost forgot about that "democratization" fiasco. Seems to me like a malapropism, but even if she did pick it up from Ilbe... so?

  2. "Alison Brie is an ugly bitch for reading reddit" - I'd love to hatefuck her.

  3. i like the song except the "dance break" part. seeing the video made me like it though so wth.

    1. it was the dance break that brought "Mike Jr." out of its slumber, if you know what i mean...

  4. Loving the song, it's pretty much what I was expecting from her

  5. Dunno if its just me but i don't really see the "plastic surgery" in her face. She looks a bit thinner and that's about it. Just because Hana/Zinger and Sunhwa got some job done post YooHoo people are looking to nitpick. As for her eyes, phuleezzz, i have lots of sisters... making the size "look" different with some nifty make-up tricks is a walk in the park for girls.


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