Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Puff's New Drama "Love Myself of You" Premieres Soon

If you're a huge fan of Puff (and why wouldn't you be) and need to see more of her, great news as her new drama starts airing on the 23rd!

This is great, as I usually need something to watch while relaxing every day. I can't study/work 18 hours a day yet, so I always need time to decompress and having Puff on my screen for 90 minutes an episode is great for me. And yes, since I'm still studying Mandarin, I am only watching for "listening comprehension" exercise. Yes, that's the excuse I have for watching so many Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas over the years. It's not the hot women, enjoyable stories and bizarre stories, it's just for listening comprehension. Yeah, if I repeat that lie to myself over and over, I'll eventually believe it.


  1. Puffism all the way !!! and what's this drama about- a female protagonist want to be a cook?

  2. I might watch this, I'll give it a chance.


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