Sunday, September 21, 2014

Korean Sex Goddess Han Ye Seul is Readying a Return to Dramaland

Han Ye Seul recently signed with Key East Entertainment and then a day later reports are coming out that she is courted to be the heroine of Birth of a Beauty on SBS. What's my jizz level? Here.

This is great news for several reasons. Back in 2011, Han Ye Seul was under Sidus HQ, one of the largest, most powerful agencies. After her Spy Myung Wol fiasco, she signed with Bel Actors and then SB Entertainment. Earlier this year, she also signed with a Chinese company to advance into the Chinese market. However, that contract was when she was with SB Entertainment, so no one knows for now if that contract is still valid. Maybe Ye Seul will venture into the Chinese market next year. However, neither Bel Actors nor SB Entertainment was able to get Ye Seul anything more than CFs and magazine spreads over the past three years. Signing with Key East is great, because Yonsama (Bae Yong Joon) is a powerful figure in the industry and Key East houses other big name actors such as Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Ryeo Won, Im Soo Jung and Joo Ji Hoon. This company is also great at helping actors with scandals recover. Joo Ji Hoon used drugs (ecstacy) and recovered from the scandal. Kim Soo Hyun has a "scandal" for a Chinese CF he shot. We all know Kim Hyun Joong's scandal by now, but I am fairly certain he'll "reflect" for two years in the military and all will be well for him when he returns.

We can already observe the effects of signing with Key East, as Ye Seul is already being courted for a drama. This isn't like other rumors in the past. Ye Seul has been rumored over the past two years to star in dramas that didn't either a) have a time slot or b) were not supposed to air for another 6 to 12 months. This time, Birth of a Beauty has a November time slot with at least one actor already on board (some reports say Joo Sang Wook, others say Jung Kyeo Woon), and the drama already has a network. There's a possibility that Ye Seul might not take the project, but it is rather likely at this time as the drama needs to secure its cast within a week or two before it starts filming. I haven't seen any other actresses linked to the lead role that has been offered to Ye Seul.

Now I benefit by getting to watch Ye Seul on my screen again.

Now I can finally fap to new material.

And I can also fap to angry Korean netizens! Imagining their tears as they type angry messages while watching Ye Seul's drama only makes the boner throb harder.


  1. whats with the split of second boob enlargement in the second cf there lol

  2. I'M READY.

    Btw, am I missing something? What's on her arm in that first pic?

    1. It looks like a bandage. I thought it was hair at first lol.

    2. Me too. It looked like sh missed a spot while shaving her arms.

  3. Been waiting for her return for too long! So excited!!!

  4. Relevant. Thanks to Grey, as usual.


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