Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ladies' Code - Kiss Kiss

I've been debating on whether to write this article, but I'm going ahead with it anyways. While it is terrible that EunB and RiSe are no longer with us in this world, their music will still live on. As a music listener, it is okay to continue to enjoy the music from deceased singers. I find it better to associate the girls with the energy and happiness they provided while performing than to associate EunB and RiSe with death.

(For casual AKF readers and/or people who read the site from time to time and then spread lies about AKF, yes, I knew of Ladies Code before the incident and yes, I knew that Kiss Kiss was released because I fucking translated an article on Soompi about their then-impending comeback. Usually, MV reviews on AKF are on a 2-4 week delay mainly because I'm not trying to be the first person to review a music video. Plus I'm busy as fuck and don't have the time to sit around and write about the music videos when they first come out. Kiss Kiss came out 4 weeks ago, and this would be around the time I usually review songs. So no, we're not like Koreaboo or allkpop using Ladies' Code for page views because we don't have fucking ads on here because no one on the staff wants ads or to receive any revenue from this site.)

I still have no idea what the MV is about. Is it about a guy who was a huge Ladies' Code fan that wanted a kiss from each of the members, so he pretended to go into a coma to be like the male Snow White and have the five girls kiss him in order for him to wake up from his "coma"? I'm probably wrong, but that would have been an awesome idea if that was his intent. Instead of trying to kidnap or stalk the girls, his plan is to have the girls come to him.

The MV is the standard dance-in-a-box with some individual scenes and some story shots thrown in. It's a formula that works for K-pop, and the results are good. The members look good in the MV, and I momentarily mixed up RiSe and So Jung because of their hair colors. So Jung was blond for the longest time, so when she went brown and RiSe went blond, well, I got confused. As usual, I was partial to Zuny.

The MV was standard K-pop, and the song, like the MV, was a standard Ladies' Code song. That's not to say it's a bad thing; Ladies' Code's songs usually have solid instrumentals and good hooks, but the vocals tend to drown out the instrumental. Ladies' Code was a group formed to please both vocalfags and the average K-pop fan. There really isn't a weak singer in the group, which is great because there's no designated rapper in the group. However, there is some vocal wanking in a lot of their songs (Pretty Pretty being the worst offender), but the vocalfagging was toned down for Kiss Kiss, making it more enjoyable for me to listen to.

While Ladies' Code was only able to perform as a five-woman group for a short 18 months, the group released a lot of solid songs for us to enjoy. Remember to enjoy the good times with the group.

Last November when the Saturday Shitfest series was still ongoing, there was this article revolving around Ashley.

One of the Fancam Appreciation posts was about EunB. The readers here on AKF got me to know her.

Ahjussi wrote an article about how much he liked Ladies' Code's So Wonderful.

We have no idea if Ladies' Code will continue as a three-member group, and I hope they do sometime in the future to keep their dreams, along with the dreams on EunB and RiSe, alive. For now, all we can do is enjoy what the group has released up until now.


  1. Their music will live on forever.

    In other news, T-ara's Sugar Free MV is out via Dispatch

    1. And also, I think Ladies' Code will still continue, albeit after a long hiatus.

    2. Just saw the Sugar Free MV, Jiyeon and Eunjung were flawless. The

  2. Reason 74683794598368 why Digipedi sucks Monkey Balls.
    EunB is and always has been jjangbak as fuck. I'm gonna miss fapping to her :(

  3. I've always bought all of their songs on iTunes (even the crappy ones), and I had "Kiss Kiss" on heavy rotation until the day of the accident. i know this sounds stupid, but I never listened to a single note from them ever since. This song is so good, kinda sounds like a better version of Pretty Pretty, which was one of my favorite last year.

  4. "because no one on the staff wants ads or to receive any revenue from this site" - The massive amount of sex with groupies should be enough of a reward !

  5. I thought Kiss Kiss was meh until they performed it live and then I fucking loved it.

  6. I LOVE the song. The mv is ok but the live performances are fantastic. The choreo is all kinds of perfect and dat dance break doe.

    EunB's west-side-story finger snapping bit is just <3 and Zuny's part is so freaking cute.

    That been said I can't muster listening to the song since the accident less alone watching videos/live perfs.

    Lol I was the one who nominated EunB for the fancam appreciation series. Btw is that not a thing anymore?

    1. Around the eighth or ninth one, no one was viewing the articles or commenting anymore, so it wasn't worth the effort of finding good fancams in addition to the ones sent to me.

  7. It feels like you toned down your usual 'Humor' for this review. I expected lots of
    "SEXY as fuck!!~!!!11one" from you lol.

    Still, I miss EunB and RiSe ;/

  8. If you haven't seen it, go find the "Let's Dance" for this song in the 1theK channel. The 2nd segment is EunB and Rise together. Ladies Code was one of my favourite acts of the last year and though I am very saddened by the loss, this video makes me smile every time I watch it.

  9. SM Entertainment has officially outdone themselves


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