Saturday, September 13, 2014

An hour with the Music Core livestream chat

As a kind of experiment in masochism, I decided to focus my attention on the chat section during this week's Music Core livestream.

The livestream chat on Youtube is filled with the dregs of kpop — fanwar spam, petty bickering, and all the emojis and exclamation points you could want!!!!

Between Super Junior competing against Sistar and Winner and comebacks from 2PM, Teen Top and T-ara, it was bound to be a long program. Join me as I recap an hour in kpop hell.

From the beginning, the chat consisted of almost nothing but group spam, primarily for the biggest acts of the evening: Super Junior, 2PM and T-ara. Three songs in, someone already just could not anymore.

In hindsight, that should have been me.

Then, during Nasty Nasty of all things, came a plea for some sanity.

By the time Secret came on, someone finally vocalized what it was like to be a non-crazy person in the chat.

Oh yeah, and the video quality got shittier throughout the hour, too.
That only made me enjoy it more.

Then came T-ara, which unsurprisingly caused bickering.

Although, that didn't stop one especially motivated ELF from creating this work of art, which was then was copy and pasted ad nauseam throughout the rest of the show.

I breathed a sigh of relief when T-ara finished performing, thinking that at least that drama was done, but some hater had to slip one last one in during the next act.

What did I tell you about the video quality? By this time, it was like I was staring at a pile of dung
with a bunch of flies going to town on it.

Luckily, I was not the only one. 

I screen-capped this for the top highlighted comment, and after I got it, I noticed the bottom one.
I had no clue what he was talking about at first, but Anti Kpop-Fangirl later explained it to me.

Teen Top proved to be a crowd-pleaser, with some over-the-top spamming. But then there was this guy:

Next came the sanest comment of the entire night. Sane, but futile.

You don't belong here.

Finally after 50-some minutes of near-constant ELF spam, the last act of the evening, Super Junior, took to the stage, which gave us this.

A headache-inducing time was had by all.


  1. Why did you censor all the names ?
    Chat's a public thing, so it can be read by everybody anyway.

    1. Eh, I'm here to point out what people are saying, not the people themselves.

  2. Sometimes I pay more attention to the chat than the show, when there are performances that I can't bare. But all I ever saw was spam spam SPAM spam in an exotic language spam. Why do people bother posting it is beyond me.

  3. I really wanted to watch this last night but I couldn't find the upload. Is there going to be one tonight?

  4. At least we know there are sane people in the chat

  5. lol thank you,

    I'm gonna watch teen top's performance now cause paint drying

  6. That's the main reason why I close the comment box whenever I stream Korean music shows.

  7. Tbh i was in the comments like "yay T-ara yay" like 3 times before the show started, but then it got to the point where they were still spamming group names that ALREADY performed. even after she show ended and it was showing the commercials, they were still spamming names. like, i get it, but as that one person said in the screen cap, having a real conversation wouldve been nice, and not just copy and pasting your love for the groups the entire time. most of them probably didnt even have the time to finger blast to their oppars eyelashes bc they were commenting so much.

    1. I know right? Shouldn't they be paying attention to oppa's performance or working on their shrine to oppa during the other performances?

  8. At least Twitch chat can be funny some times... KPop fans need to step their game up.


  10. My favourite ever stream spam was watching a guy complain about, "WHERE IS CRAYON POP" in a stream once. When he knew Crayon Pop wasn't on that night.

    He was awesome. He derailed the normal "MY OPPAR" spam so much they banned him. :D

    --Andrew S.

    1. I swear I saw someone ask about Crayon Pop during the stream. Hmmm ....

  11. sorry but how can you even chat there. they shoud remove it anyway. i always ahve it turned off.

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