Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tahiti, I Am Sorry For Overlooking You

Needing a break from studying, I went to Grey's blog and saw this awesome post and my reaction was similar to this.

The fancam is pretty awesome, and I thought the song was pretty catchy, so I watched the music video for the song.

All of the members are good-looking and the song is fairly catchy. Curse you K-pop gods for making Tahiti extreme nugus.


  1. I thought You're Mine and Tonight were their only good songs, though two out of four isn't bad. Aesthetically though, they're possibly the best girl group in kpop. Hopefully Jungbin will return though its unlikely.

  2. The original blog post reads:"Why Safety Shorts Are the Enemy of Humanity" - But the rest is meant only for her manager to see ! :X

    You gotta be pretty desperate if you put [k-pop] in your official MV upload's title. lol

    The red haired one looks interesting, but other than that it seems standard and unspectacular.

  3. I don't know what their management is doing wrong...they should be so much more popular by now.

  4. I like to consider TAHITI an even more nugu version of Nine Muses. Perfect singles run... More member changes and departures than you can count... And still zero recognition. Oppa You're Mine is one of the better songs released this summer.

    Their English is pretty good by k-pop standards too as evidenced by this practice video.

  5. Ah, you probably missed their comeback because you were busy with studying/school around that time, right? You took a leave of kpop or something lol.

  6. Jisoo is very pretty. She's the only one I know because she stood out to me when she was competing in the korean wrestling competition that Crayon Pop's Soyul eventually won. I looked up Tahiti because of Jisoo.

  7. this is not Jisoo...


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