Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I bought some shades to support Sica's shade

Today (Asia, not in the West) is 9/30, the one-year anniversary of Jessica getting kicked out. Blanc & Eclare is having a sale today.

You can read a bunch of crybaby Sones crying about Sica's marketing ploy.

It makes the $233.75 I spent worth it.


  1. Don't worry guys these sunglasses are extremely shady 10/10 will most likely keep your eyes from getting rekt by the sun.

    People in that thread said it was shady themselves i'll take their word on it.

  2. Still butthurt after one year, poor Sones.

  3. I didn't really like her when she was in snsd, but she's easily my favorite of them all by now. Based god sica

  4. At least we know she's an honest businesswoman.

  5. Whenever I read "Blanc and Eclare" I think of the confectionery ├ęclair.

  6. i really want a pair. new york or seoul in black... i support anyone that throws shade at SM and SNSD


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