Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm Offended That Star Empire is Offended Because 2015 is the Year of being Offended

Hey Klogg, your gifs are so popular I find them even when I use Google in Korean.
So Star Empire is offended and shit, and when you're offended, you sue and shit, because that's the cool thing to do.

I propose that we file a lawsuit against Star Empire for offending us by not showing us Kyungri's cleavage more often. I feel extremely offended on the behalf of women who don't feel free to display all of the work they put into their bodies. I feel offended that Star Empire thinks that I don't deserve to see Kyungri's hot body more often.

I don't know what the "offensive" poster is, but I feel offended that Star Empire doesn't want me to see it. I feel offended that Star Empire is denying people who photoshop idols.

I feel offended that Star Empire and Kyungri would feel offended if I edited this picture using MS Paint, because this picture gives me several options on how I could offend people.

And yes, if you are offended by this post, I'm offended by your lack of tolerance, you offensive bigot.

(And I make my return, though I probably won't start posting regularly until the first week of October. It's the middle of recruiting season, so even as a professional, I still have to be heavily involved with it on top of working and studying for the CPA exam. The bulk of recruiting is over soon, so HYSF [who is busy interviewing and everything] and I will get on the massive backlog of girl group songs/MVs to review.

I'll only be back until the end of December, the very beginning of January at the latest before I have to go on another hiatus, so enjoy!)


  1. I don't think they're actually offended like most pussy ass feminists are and I don't think it's anything but for publicity, lord knows 9muses needs it. Also welcome back daddy.

  2. Boob movement meets required standards

  3. Since when does Kyungri have tits?
    Why was I not informed?
    FFS I specifically said if there are new tits in the biz, I want to be informed ASAP!

  4. That last picture is crying out for some editing.

  5. dem tittays

  6. I always thought Euaerin was your fave.

  7. Kyungri is porntastic in a good way.


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