Monday, June 6, 2016

[Teaser] Tiffany featuring Simon D

Usually I'm not a fan of posting teasers, especially teasers from SM because they're a huge fucking lie, but I'm intrigued with this teaser.

I really like the atmosphere and tone of the song, and Simon D is a great rapper, so it would be hard to fuck it up in theory. In theory, I stress, because we don't know if the song will sound anything like the teaser.

At any rate, it fucking beats having an SNSD comeback. For the love of God, can SNSD just disband so that we only get solos?


  1. Might be going for a synthiewave tune, has potential.

    That RDR teaser is truly something special.

  2. SNSD are disbanding in slow motion, possibly as soon as next year.

  3. Disbanding???
    Can I adopt one of the old ones and have her sent to the USA so the Koreans don't eat her? I adoptedn and old racing greyhound once. it lived for 3 more years.
    How long will an older former idol last in my basement?

  4. reminds me, will SM ever release the full song from the RDR teaser? that shit is still fucking badass, and short of thirty seconds doesn't cut it.


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