Saturday, November 15, 2014

Maybe there is a god

Maybe not a god ,but there are two hot goddesses

Recently it was rumoured that Japan's supreme Goddess, Namie Amuro, would be collaborating with Taiwan's Queen of Shade, Jolin Tsai. Let's just take a moment to envision how glorious that would be.

Now, let's celebrate - as the rumour has been confirmed, and they will be releasing a song with Chinese and Engrish English lyrics. This will either be amazing or it'll be an amazing flop, but hey, it's not like you're super interested in the music anyway.

Also, that promotional photo looks the a brothel or the harem from 3D Sex and Zen, just saying...


  1. Just in case things get bad, I'm prepared to forget every single English word I know, just to watch the video with the sound on! Then it's like all the k-pop songs, say whaaaat :D

  2. Sex and Zen has a 3d sequel and I wasn't aware of that? :o

  3. This better be good. I'm sort of disappointed with Play so far, kind of a let down after Muse.


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