Monday, November 10, 2014

Everything I Learned About Pulling Off the Perfect Heist I Learned From AoA's "Like a Cat"

Ice to see you.
Another day, another Brave Brothers release. What's ironic about this one is that there isn't the signature "Brave Sound" shit thing in the beginning. (Do them and JYP record a new intro for every song or do they just have a stock recording?) I would have thought they would want to distance themselves from the Hello Venus comeback.. But whatever. I'm not here to talk about the song itself, but rather how this MV can help you pull off the biggest heist of your life.

Step 1: Steal tattoo guy's phone. It should have a video game on it that you can use to hack into the security system of the vault. (Oh, there's the Brave Sound.)

Step 2: Sneak into the security control room and start pressing buttons/turning knobs until the screens show thick lines.

Step 3: Sneak into tattoo guy's house by climbing up the wall. This is important: Make sure you wear your anti-gravity hairspray. One inside sexually look everywhere for something, taking care to bend over as much as possible. If he wakes up he'll just think it was a sexy dream, LOL!

Step 4: You should still have that phone from earlier. Go ahead and play some video games on it while you're in an air duct.

Step 5: Sexually make your way through security lasers to the vault door, again making sure to bend over as much as possible. You know you're doing it right if Choa is getting turned on by it.

Step 6: When the guards finally catch on to your masterpiece of a heist simply take them out. They'll be kind enough to wait patiently for their turn, one by one.

Step 7: Profit!


  1. Choa's watching Seolhyun do her thing like a proud mother.

  2. Was watching the music video earlier and I was like, "TOO MUCH ZACK SNYDER SLO-MOS WTF!?" Then again, I wasn't really watching the video for cinematography anyway. *discreetly hides KY Jelly*

    Anyway, nice upbeat song and one of the catchiest lalalas ever. Jimin's hair is working out for her, and OMG CHANMI EVOLVED INTO A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY

  3. This might be the first aoa MV that I actually watch, but only because I'm such a sucker for heists and love Payday 2:

    ...and then you don't link the MV.
    Here it is, but only in 360p:

  4. I loved this video, probably my favourite kpop MV so far. The only 2 things I dislike about the song are the lalalas and the Vuvuzelas in the beginning. It's not Miniskirt, of course, but it's not bad.

  5. Seolhyun is the sex. I'm surprised there's no seolhyun_fag here. There's an irene_fag already

    1. I would switch but recent events have turned my attention elsewhere

      if someone comes up with a plausible Seolhyun scandal that involves a better quote than "I'm not a virgin in the ass" then I'll change

    2. damn even dat ho jisoo is here

  6. Jimin is my bias in AOA, but her voice was kind of grating in this song.

  7. Kudos to the one that decided to put Mina's real life hilarious dorkiness into this MV.

  8. This MV was so bad... except it was saved by Seolhyun. She must be an avatar of the Holy Cyclops because her radiant sexiness is not diminished at all. It's probably even enhanced in this form.

  9. The Chorus/ lalalaa hook was the only great part of the song. And damn that intro was fucking ugly I just wanna break jimin's neck

  10. Just tell me when the eye contact version is out. I'll pass this one. It's too cringe worthy.

  11. My fav part would be the laser sex, also happens to be the part where the obnoxious 'lalala' part shut up, perfect.

    oh and one of them whipping 2 guys unconscious, love it.

  12. Jimin is a goddess, everything about her is pure hotness


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