Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kpopalypse's 30 worst k-pop songs of 2014

Welcome to Kpopalypse's worst songs of 2014!  Let's round up 2014's greatest k-pop stinkers!


I assume that because you've all actually clicked here and are reading my worst-of list, you can actually handle some criticism of your bias constructively and maturely.  However if this list has too many nasty negative vibes for you, remember that I have a favourites list as well so why not read that instead, you complete fucking pussy?  Otherwise, read on!

Eligibility criteria:
  • Feature tracks only - either an MV of some description and/or has been promoted on music shows
  • If a k-pop person is in it, it's k-pop - I don't give a fuck if the producer lives in Antarctica, half of them do now anyway
  • No Christmas shit, those songs all suck, we already know this
  • No sport songs, they all suck too (hey Wassup's fans you just dodged a bullet here, be grateful)
  • No OST songs unless they have a separate unrelated MV
Other shit:
  • These are really my opinions.
  • No I'm not trolling you.  Well okay, maybe it's honestly a little funny to see you bitch and moan - but these are STILL my opinions, just because they're different to yours doesn't mean that I don't feel the way that I do.  Different people like different shit, get over it sunshine.
  • I'm not saying that my taste is superior or whatever other bullshit message you want to read into my statements that isn't there.  Take the list as face-value entertainment only.
Let's get down to it.  Starting off with:

30. Mio ft. Baek Chan - Want To Buy A House

Let's start this list off with a lovely fairytale, because people often complain that I'm not positive enough: Somewhere in a perfect alternate universe, Korean ballads are outlawed.   Armed police roam the streets of Seoul and Busan wearing high-sensitivity hearing equipment and they raid shop fronts, houses and apartments when ballad-like waveforms are detected in close proximity, arresting the occupants and confiscating the offending material.  The MOGEF rates songs not according to sexual content but according to how closely they resemble a ballad, with 19+ reserved for mid-tempo almost-ballads and the slowest and sappiest songs simply refused classification altogether.  Imported ballads are seized by airport customs and those transporting the contraband material are thrown into prison, while strict Internet censorship regulates the digital flow of ballads into Korea.  The result is that Korea has become a musician's paradise, where only true and good music prevails... at least on the surface.  Deep in the underground scene, ballad-makers and those that assist them continue to practice their evil craft at great risk to themselves and the community.  These balladeers work their insidious and disgusting trade in secrecy, making songs and MVs in hidden basement studios.  The songs are of course dreadful rubbish which should be listened to by nobody, and the accompanying videos have to make do with ancient black and white cameras that don't leave a traceable digital signature that the anti-ballad authorities can track, plus whatever poor-quality lighting is available.  Performers engaging in this illegal black-market activity must also remain masked during MV shoots to protect their identities as anyone recognising them in public could alert the police to the musical crimes they are undertaking.  These shady individuals also make sure to use exactly the same generic and boring vocal style so nobody could possibly recognise them by voice alone when out in public.  Please now appreciate this contraband video, extracted from the aforementioned alternate universe by KT Music, to remind yourself of how good Korean society could be, if it dared to undertake the serious reforms necessary to ensure high music quality in mainstream culture.  Until such a utopia is realised, my worst-of lists will have to do as a gentle encouragement to agencies to not produce this type of shit.

29. Spica.S - Give Your Love

Poor Spica.  Poor.  Fucking.  Spica.  They just can't catch a break, can they.  Everybody seems to "want them to get popular" but that doesn't actually extend in any real way to anybody actually giving a shit about them enough to make them popular.  They keep getting lumped with crap songs like this that not only have just about zero chance of winning them any new fans, but that even half their existing fanbase can't get behind.  To their credit, the label went all-out doing all the textbook appropriate things: they dumped the not-so-hot girl for the special Spica.S sub-unit (I guess S stands for "S-line", or "Sexy" or maybe "Shafted by their company" or "Sister, pack your bags"), got all the other ones in sexy dresses and got them to dance sexy, got them to get their boobs out as much as is possible in a k-pop video... and still no pot of gold.  It seems that despite all this the agency forgot the one small detail of making Spica.S sing a song that anybody wants to listen to, maybe they didn't think that was important, and I suppose one could forgive them for thinking that way given some of the other ultra low quality trash that actually charts in Korea (foreshadowing alert!).  What a drag, what a disappointment it must be for the girls and their company.  Imagine being one of the girls in Spica.  Imagine arguing with your morally conservative disapproving parents about how you're completely on board with the new sexy concept that the label wants because at least it'll finally make some damn money like those other groups and then it flops anyway.  Imagine photocopying your own tits for nothing.  Poor Spica.

28. Ailee - Don't Touch Me

There's an incredibly hot girl that I know who I tried to get into the pants of on and off for at least five years a while back in between various other doomed-to-failure relationships that I had going on at the time.  I completely failed to get anywhere with her because while I was in and out of every other bedroom door in the city she had a steady long-term relationship for the entire time, plus an unfortunate aversion to infidelity.  Now that I've been in a steady relationship for quite some time myself, the pressure is off her, which I think she misses but then maybe that's just my arrogant male ego talking.  Anyway whoever did the styling job on Ailee performed fantastic work because there's quite a few scenes in "Don't Touch Me" where she resembles this girl extremely closely.  I always find that girls on TV and in the media are hotter to me if they bear some kind of resemblance to a woman who I personally know (especially if I tried to get into that person's pants and failed, after all it's the things you can't have that are the most tempting), so this means that Ailee has now climbed up a few rungs on my fapability list.  Superb stuff, I can only be thankful.  Pity the song is the usual bullshit Ailee does now with lots of cheesy brass stabs, annoying vocal overdubs and other unwelcome Beyonce-ish nonsense ("all my ladies clap!" *cringe* *shudder*), as if anything Beyonce ever did in her entire career should ever be considered worthy of anything else except lining rubbish bins let alone be influential to anybody, anywhere, ever.  Ailee will probably sadly never get back to the quality of "Heaven" and "I'll Show You" as she seems to have now made being the third-rate Beyonce clone nobody asked for her 'thing' but at least I got to see more of Ailee nude than the aforementioned girl that I lusted after for all those years, so at least there's a silver lining to her career trajectory.

27. JJCC - At First

"Jackie Chan to debut his new male idol group JJCC this month", the headlines screamed.  "Wow, Jackie Chan the martial arts movie star, making his own pop group, fuck yeah, this is going to be great!" I thought to myself, "the song will probably be really uptempo and cool, a deliberately kick-ass pulsating dance number specifically designed to showcase super fine crazy martial arts-inspired choreography crafted by Jackie Chan himself that will kick SM Entertainment's ass!".  Then "At First" was released, and was I let down by the result after all the hype?  Let's put it this way, the climactic highlight of both the song and the dance routine in "At First" is at 2:19 where one of the group members steps dramatically in a puddle and the water splashes a little bit around his foot.  It may not be 2014's worst song of the year, but it's certainly 2014's most disappointing, saddest moment in k-pop debuts.  Whenever someone asks me these days "are you looking forward to [comeback/album/group x]?" I always reply "I don't look forward to anything - I'll wait until it happens before I decide if I'm excited or not" and the reason for that attitude is that I've been burned one too many times by shit like this.  Fuck you, Jackie Chan for plummeting my faith in the k-pop industry's ability to capitalise on a good concept to new lows previously thought not possible.  Go 'rumble in the bronx' some more and leave k-pop alone, you fuckhead.

26. Crayon Pop - Uh-ee

Even in the ultra-commercial world of k-pop, songwriting is still an inherently creative form, and creative people typically don't respond well to performance pressure, which is understandable because it's the lack of traditional workplace pressures which is part of what makes creative industries appealing to many seeking this career path in the first place.  Of course, once a creative occupation becomes a money-making venture, cold hard realilty intervenes and those pressures will exist anyway and exert their influence as they do in any other profession, and as they definitely have here.  Not only did the songwriter of "Uh-ee" have the enormous pressure of penning a follow-up hit to Crayon Pop's massively viral "Barbarbar" but on top of that he would be conscious of Crayon Pop's long history of organised crime involvement and therefore would be acutely aware of the consequences of failure.  No wonder he flaked out at the last minute - sweating in the studio control room and shaking in his boots, he could only come up with this children's TV theme-style nonsense.  "Uh-ee" starts off sounding reasonable enough but deteriorates rapidly as it progresses and the chorus is so cheesy and cringeworthy that it'd probably get rejected for an anime ending credits tune for being too babyish.  Still, we needn't worry too much - if the author of this song isn't floating face down in a river somewhere with a few gunshot holes in his neck, he's probably been sufficiently "educated" regarding his failings to make sure that he doesn't write anything this offensively bad ever again.  You might have to wait a bit more time than usual for Crayon Pop's next comeback because it takes a little bit longer to operate a digital audio workstation when you're missing a few fingers, but don't worry, have patience and he'll get there.  Except a return to quality songs from Crayon Pop soon, folks.

25. Sonamoo - Deja Vu

Okay, all of you YG Entertainment fans who claim that I can't stand YG and are just hating for troll/clickbait/cruelty/lulz purposes, bow down to me, kiss my feet and worship me as your holy defending angel right fucking now.  Why?  Because Sonamoo's "Deja Vu" is on this list, and it sucks, that's why.  Is "Deja Vu" worse than YG's average output these days?  Well, it's certainly right down there with some of their worst efforts, horribly recalling all the most forgettable parts of 90s American dance-pop and early k-pop (cheesy keyboard stabs, tinny synthesisers, overused breakbeats) and combining it with all the things I hate about the worst of today's girl-pop (Beyonce-cloning wide-interval melodies, awful rap sections, cringeworthy swag-trociousness in general).  At least the song title is accurate because it's sure reminding me of a whole lot of awful shit, and it says a lot about this song that the only musically interesting section is the part where somebody just hits one note repeatedly on a synthesiser, over and over.  It's a shame too because I really, really wanted to like this one - as usual when girl groups debut these days, Sonamoo seem to be copping a ton of hate for no specific reason other than that they're girls (also see Red Velvet, Lovelyz) so hopefully they do something really good in the future and then I can stan them and irritate the fuck out of some people.  I guess for now they'll have to wait.  In the meantime, the real reason that YG fans should be thankful that "Deja Vu" is here is this - I had my list already prepared and good to go in advance by Christmas time, and then "Deja Vu" appeared on December 28 2014 and was horrible enough to qualify for inclusion so obviously I had to turf out another song to suddenly make room for it.  That song just happened to be WINNER's turgid awful wrist-slicer of a ballad "Color Ring", which is now shifted into position #31 and misses out on this post altogether, so that's one less time you have to read about Kpopalypse giving your favourite YG artist shit.  Don't thank me all at once, YG fans.

24. 2NE1 - Happy

Speaking of YG, they have got no idea what side their bread is buttered on with 2NE1 these days, it's as if "Fire" never happened, and they never noticed the success of that song and thought "hmmm... maybe we should try and capture what was great about that song and use it to define 2NE1's signature sound".  Nope - none of that thinking from YG these days!  The entire "Crush" album is just one gigantic compost heap of "fuck it, we don't know what 2NE1's fans want, but they keep asking us to release stuff, let's just throw these shitty songs we've got laying around out there and hopefully people will like it just because we've already got them hooked".  It's just lucky for YG that thanks to the overall high quality of 2NE1's early material there are now plenty of brainwashed Blackjacks out there who would buy CL's diarrhea-infused turds in a cup and drink it like it was molten chocolate as long as YG sold it to them with 2NE1's logo on the side.  "Happy" is a grating straight-from-a-Sesame-Street-singalong nightmare that's musically even messier and more unwelcome than the pen-scribble on the right side of Dara's head in the video.  At least they got the "happy ending" bit right, you'll be as happy when this song ends as 2NE1 appear to be.

23. Kiss&Cry - Domino Game

It's always a big risk in k-pop for an agency to try something new, it takes true courage to break the mold in such a strict and competitive genre as commercial pop, and you can count on Kiss&Cry's agency Winning Insight to do just that, after all this was the company that debuted chubby-chaser fap group Piggy Dolls (and their slimmer reconfiguration that everyone hypocritically complained about but musically sucked just as badly).  They've really taken it to the next level this time though and done something even more daring than eliminate the spaces between the ampersand in the group title; they've debuted k-pop's very first honker concept.  It warms the heart to see that agencies with guts and determination can break down the perceived barriers within the industry that girls owning a gigantic wind-breaking schnozz surely face every day.  Imagine going to audition after audition and being knocked back constantly because of your massive protruding beak, imagine the pressure to conform in such a looks-based society... it'd surely get to you after a while.  Imagine all the other bitchy girls in the auditions saying "why did they hire THAT girl?  Her face is not aerodynamic at all."  Then imagine the tears from the girl's parents when their daughter finally got to debut with this song.  "Oh my god.. my daughter's been put in umpteenth clone of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" with stupid unlistenable vocal wanking everywhere mixed with some awful Ricky Martin reggaeton bullshit and a crappy out-of-tune brass thing that sounds like it was ripped straight off a Wacklemore track, her career is doomed!  Oh well, at least I'll get to see my precious daughter again soon when this song flops and the group disbands and she comes back to live with mom and dad for a while before she goes solo.  It'll be good to see her again."  Or alternatively, don't listen to this track or watch the video at all and you won't have to think about any of this stuff.  Won't that be nice.

22. Gain - Truth Or Dare

Gain's videos are always great and never fail to entertain.  If she's not fapping, or being "classy sexy", or both, then she's usually doing any other combination of things that would be banned under the UK's new insanely draconian porn legislation, which is always a ticket to k-pop MV-watching fun times.  "Truth Or Dare" is up to usual standards, and features Gain:
  • pushing her boobs together
  • trying to get her big tits into a corset and only partially succeeding
  • encouraging "classy sexy" behaviour from her date ("why didn't you just break the door down?")
  • wearing a horizontal striped top that meets required standards
  • making everyone else in the video call her a slut
Pity the song itself is just a "Blurred Lines" clone, what a letdown and waste of potential after that great video build-up.  Sure, it's true that "Truth Or Dare" certainly is a bit more listenable than "Blurred Lines" but that's a bit like saying that cancer of the dick is more enjoyable than cancer of the dick plus arthritis in your fapping hand.  In fact, "Truth Or Dare" is even a little bit closer musically to Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up" than "Blurred Lines" is, but of course Marvin Gaye's family certainly won't be going after Gain's songwriters in the same way they've been headhunting Robin Thicke and Pharrell because why accuse someone of plagiarism when you can't make any money off of it.  However unlikely it is that Gain will get a legal spanking to match the physical spanking that she gets in most of her MVs, let's hope that the potential threat of attention from Gaye's litigation-happy relatives dissuades any further "Blurred Lines" clones and Gain's songwriters get back to ripping off Prince or whatever the fuck it is they usually do.  In the meantime thank the fapgods for 1theK's English subtitles so I can fap to Gain being "classy sexy" with full context evident while leaving the sound down.

21. Madtown - Yolo

Now I'm not one of these language snobs who complains when something like 'adorbs' winds up in the dictionary, after all any dictionary worth a damn isn't designed to be a historical document for setting language in stone - it's there so people who don't know the definition of 'amazeballs' or whatever they come across dunderheaded kids saying these days can look it up and find out what it means.  A dictionary is meant to be a practical tool for deciphering the meaning of unknown words, not a device for Internet language Nazis to suck each other off with.  So when I heard that the Oxford Dictionary was including 'Yolo' I thought to myself "hey, that's okay - I can accept that language changes and evolves over time and that the English language today is different to that in Shakespeare's day.  Then I heard that a nugu boy group called Madtown was doing a song that would also be called "Yolo", and I thought "hey, that's okay too - the company just want to position their group at the cutting edge of Western language and culture so the group can relate to a young global audience", so I was cool with that.  Then I heard the song, and I realised three very important things:
  1. This song is a fucking cancer that the world could do without.
  2. If it wasn't for the use (and by extension, the very existence) of the word Yolo, this piece of music couldn't actually exist in its current form.  The word strictly defines the song's chorus hook, rhyming scheme and lyrics, and without it, the entire song would need to be rewritten from scratch.
  3. Given that 1. above is true, rewriting the song as per 2. above would be a positive development for all of humanity.
This completely changed how I feel about the term, so here's some advice.  Next time someone says "Yolo" to you, or to anybody, just go up to them and start repeatedly punching them in the fucking head.  No conversation, no explanation - just go straight up and start hitting.  Don't worry - they'll figure out why eventually, hopefully before they're on the floor bleeding out of their skull.  Or if that's too nasty for you, just lock them in a room and make them listen to this song on repeat until they piss their pants and promise never to do it again.  If we all pitch in together and do this, we can make the world a better place.  If you can believe, you can achieve.  Come on everybody - let's live the dream.

20. Akdong Musician - Give Love

When The Rolling Stones first broke through the international marketplace in the mid 1960s, many Rolling Stones fangirls were interviewed about why they found the group preferable to their main music marketplace competition at that time, The Beatles.  The answers were varied but a lot of girls came back with statements along the lines of "The Beatles are pretty but they're so clean cut... but the Rolling Stones are so much more fascinating, because they're so ugly!".  That's kind of how I feel about Suhyun from Akdong Musician - her fascinating charms draw my eyes to the screen like a magnet, and I know what I'm looking at is not attractive by any objective standard in society yet I can't look away.  In that Hi Suhyun song which is really just a rehashed version of Lee Hi's "1,2,3,4" with a slightly better beat I wince at the MV when looking at Lee Hi who looks like some botched YG genetic lab experiment where they tried to cross Diana Ross with Gollum*, but Suhyun honestly is styled really good there for the first time - when they're both on the screen my eyes go straight to Suhyun every time.  Maybe this is what CL really meant by "bad meaning good".  I'm wondering if Suhyun might blossom into a very attractive woman when she comes of age, and we all know how YG artists are notorious for "getting prettier" over time so with the correct styling and maybe a little Gangnam fairy dust who knows.  We've all seen pre-debut school photos of k-pop idols that look ugly as fuck who then gradually transmogrify into fantasy pin-ups over time.  You are all laughing at me now but you just might find yourself fapping to Suhyun by 2019 so remember that I told you this could happen.  For now though, know that even this bizarre can't-quite-place-it ugly-but-fascinating thing that Suhyun has got going on for me doesn't even provide 1% of the required motivation to make me want to listen to this fucking awful nightmare song ever again ever.  I don't even want to watch it with the sound down simply because it evokes memories of what the music sounds like that I'm trying to blot out of my brain, like a Vietnam veteran hiding from the sound of his neighbour's leaf-blower because it sounds like a helicopter chaingun warming up.  Forget how the performers look because that's just a red herring, the true ugliness in Akdong Musician is the music.

* A while back I read some comment somewhere (can't remember where exactly) from some k-pop fan who said that she gets really hurt when people criticise Lee Hi's looks, because her friends tell her that she looks like Lee Hi.  Wherever you find yourself today, my heart goes out to you.  Don't let those haters get you down - I'm sure you look much prettier than that fugly Lee Hi woman and your friends are just being mean.  Maybe get some better friends.

19. Block B - Jackpot

Block B were a good group with some good songs, "Nalina" and "Nilili Mambo" will probably remain two of the better male k-pop songs out there from the past few years.  Then something happened to Block B to change everything - they left their label.  They're probably making a lot more than the $14 that Stardom paid them now thanks to breaking out from under their previous company's shackles, and good on them all for making that move.  However there's been an unfortunate side-effect - it seems that in the process they also severed the ties with whoever was writing all their old material as the new emancipated Block B can't turn a trick anymore, musically speaking.  I hear that Zico himself has a fair hand in the productions these days and maybe he should stop all that and leave it to the experts because their new songs are just a mess.  Nowhere is this more evident than "Jackpot", a horrible song that flits back and forth between a 6/8 swing feel in the verse and a 4/4 disco-rock chorus with all the clunky awkwardness of the gearshift in your grandmother's Volvo.  It would be tolerable if the individual sections were decent but the melodies all have that horrible boy-group cheese-grater quality and by the time you get to the point in the MV where the girl is running away from Block B's thugged-out bicycle-riding swag-lords you'll be wishing that you could also run away from ever hearing this again like a faggot bitch.

18. Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips

It's easy to fool a k-pop fan into thinking they're listening to the song of the year.  Just do the following:
  • Make sure the song in question is a piano-based ballad with not too much drum machines especially at the start.  Electronics are for kids, piano is "deep and meaningful" shit for serious music people, man.  You can sneak the trendy trap bullshit in later on in the song if you want, but only once the piano's been fully established.
  • Use mainly dark and moody photography in the MV because it's artsier so therefore anything you shoot with it is more artistic and hence musically better straight away.  Also if you have to paint abs onto the lead singer, it blends in better if you shoot it nice and dark.
  • Make sure your fog machine is in full working order.  Fog is symbolic, it represents mystery and the unknown, like the mystery of Taeyang's musical genius, or the mystery of Koreans lapping up every cookie-cutter ballad that YG puts out.
  • Fire is also good because it represents the burning passion of YG fans stanning their faves in forums and blog posts against mean haters who just want to bring them down.  If you've got a prop why not set it on fire?  Don't be afraid to light it up and let it burn like you don't care.
  • Even though we're in sensitive ballad territory, preserve some of the hip-hop vibe by having the singer wear a beanie and a gold chain. You wouldn't want someone to stumble into this video halfway through and think they're listening to 2AM or something.
  • Male chest must be exposed, this is very important, it's not about skin exposure for the pleasure of fappers, it shows the performer's willingness to be vulnerable in front of his audience and share his emotions deeply (plus his body odours, which is definitely another hip-hop vibe enhancing thing).  Remember this important fact to defend your bias with when people start complaining about double-standards.
  • Busting out a few Michael Jackson style dance moves in the climax of the song is totally appropriate because when guys get really emotional and express their deepest emotions, they dance in a carefully planned, tightly choreographed manner.
  • If you want drunk sluts to sing this at karaoke and have a good time they'll never remember complex harmonies and vocal phrases, or adventurous arrangements and harmonic patterns, so remember the KISS rule, Keep It Simple, Stupid.  Dumb the song down as far as it can go - and then a little further if you possibly can.  Basic lyrics, basic chords, basic melody... the less interesting, the better.  If you can't follow along to it when you're ripped off your tits on a combination of soju, methamphetamine and E's at 3am on a Sunday morning in a karaoke booth while simultaneously trying to grope your booth partner between their legs, maybe you need to slow it down a little more and make it just a little more basic.
Hey presto, Song Of The Year, bitches.

17. B.I.G (Boys In Groove) - Hello

There's a phenomenon in Australia which is extremely widespread and has been so since colonial days, called the "cultural cringe".  Essentially it's the opposite of patriotism - Australians mostly find their own culture to be extremely fucking corny, and we groan whenever we see homegrown portrayals of it in a positive light, because we know the truth that Australia really ain't all that (apart from the killer wildlife, which is awesome - most people in Australia who die from wildlife attacks do so because they're too busy being blown away about how they just got bit by some amazing cool deadly creature that they forgot to call an ambulance or go to hospital).  Rest assured that something like B.I.G's "Hello" could never have emerged from Australia, and listening to it with the captions on (because you need to understand the lyrics to really appreciate the thudding awfulness of this one) makes me wonder if Koreans roll their eyes at this stuff and find it as mortifyingly embarrassing as I would if I saw some Australian rappers do a similar song for export about the virtues of Chiko rolls and lamingtons.  Not that improved lyrics would have worked much better because there's no saving that horrible trap beat, but I actually feel bad for Korea and get "secondhand cultural cringe" from listening to this.  Also, fuck these guys for bragging about their fast Internet while my government dithers away wasting billions trying to squeeze more juice out of Australia's shit-tacular copper network instead of replacing the whole damn thing with fibre-optic cable at about a third of the cost like the previous government was going to do.  I'm not sure what I hate more, Tony Abbott's government or this song's lyrics... but fuck them both.

16. GP Basic - Pika-Burnjuck

Every k-pop following idiot cried pathetically like little babies when super-cute girl group Pritz dressed up in some sexy Nazi cosplay for their great Babymetal rip-off "Sorasora", as if Nazi-inspired fashion isn't already in everything from Pink Floyd: The Wall to Star Wars.  On the other hand nobody gave two shits when GP Basic dressed in nearly exactly the same type of getup for "Pika-Burnjuck".  If anything GP Basic's Nazi concept is more authentic than Pritz due to the lack of frilly dresses which I'm pretty sure were verboten for SS girls in uniform - but strangely nobody noticed that because "Pika-Burnjuck" was actually a piece of music bad enough to do the impossible in today's no-fun ultra-PC age - it made people forget that they hate Nazis.  Cruise the comments section of YouTube and all you'll see under "Pika-Burnjuck" besides the obligatory "good on them for not doing a sexy concept" stuff that we always get from pathetic fangirls nowadays is people saying that the girls are trying too hard to be gangster, which must look pretty hilarious to any actual gangsters out there, not to mention any Nazis.  The song besides being generally obviously musically awful actually has not one but two breakdowns in it, a traditional dubstep one that we all hate, and another one where they just remove all the music and leave only the drumbeat, which maybe isn't actually that bad of an idea come to think of it.  Maybe they should have ran with that idea for the entire song and left out everything else, now that would have been a marginal improvement.

15. Switch - Bikini

Many years ago I was at a party, it was getting late and I was bored because the hot girls had already left but I couldn't leave because I was relying on someone else as the transport and that person wanted to stay.  Because I wasn't drinking and was looking for something to do with my time, the party host was happy to let me "be the DJ" for a while, so I got to be in charge of selecting tunes from everyone's CDs and cassettes that they had brought along (this was back in the early 90s, when people actually did that).  As I was going through the big pile of shit, some guy who seemed reasonably off his face on some kind of chemical entertainment products came up to me and thrust a homemade cassette in my hand.

"Hey man, you've gotta play this, it's amazing!"

"What is it?" I asked warily.  I knew this wasn't a good sign.

"It's a mixtape!  Do you know what a mixtape is?"  He didn't wait for a response.  "There's all these songs on it, and then when one song ends, it just goes right into the next one and the beat all matches!  It's like it's the same song, but it's different!  It's amazing!  I did it myself, it's awesome!  You gotta hear this, it's so great, it'll blow you away!"

None of the other music they had at the party was any good so I thought fuck it, why not - how bad can it be?  I motioned for my new friend Mixtape Man to use the stereo system and he stopped whatever music was playing and put his tape on.  The first song started up and the sound was just a total wall of shit, he had mixed it so there was almost always more than one track going on at once, and you never really got to clearly hear anything because there were too many layers of competing sound.  This was before I even started DJing at a radio station but even then it was obvious that he didn't know anything about how to do a mixtape.  Every now and again a new song would cut in and he'd point at the stereo and scream "DID YOU HEAR THAT - FUCKING AMAZING TRANSITION, MAN!" and I'd just kind of smile and nod because he was pretty off his face so who knows what he might be capable of if I started getting disagreeable.  Anyway "Bikini" by Switch reminds me of the sound of his mixtape with so much sound fighting for space and not much of it getting through, and the feeling of relief when "Bikini" ended was much the same as the feeling that I had when I turned around after about the fourth "amazing transition" to see that Mixtape Man had finally passed out in the corner so I didn't have to play his stupid cassette any more.  On another note, it seems that "Bikini" is statistically a dangerous name to give a k-pop song, there were two songs called Bikini released in 2013 and they both made it onto my worst-of list for that year as well.  At least the girls of Switch look good in their bikinis, even though their underwear also seems to reflect the "too much going on" theme of the music.  Oh well, points for effort.  And boobs.

14. GD & Taeyang - Good Boy

G-Dragon made it very clear recently that Taeyang's basically just his fawning lapdog, so we can safely say that G-Dragon should take full responsibility for this.  Taeyang's input probably consisted of nodding his head and saying "yes G-Dragon this sounds good you are great" over and over, and the whole song is a good example of just how bad music can get when a creative artist is surrounded by too many yes-men.  If you get so large that nobody will ever step back and tell you that you suck, exercising quality control becomes difficult because a somewhat objective outside opinion is harder to find.  It's a good thing Kpopalypse is here to tell him how much this song blows and give G-Dragon a taste of reality he's unlikely to get elsewhere, let's hope he's reading.  Even the video looks poor with too much awkward poncing around from everybody involved, and its only notable visually interesting feature is that G-Dragon and Taeyang are wearing caps from the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.  It took me back to 1988, a time that I remember well, a time when rap music was decent, shithouse abominations like trap and dubstep hadn't been invented, G-Dragon and Taeyang were just jizzloads floating around inside daddy's ballsack and people didn't try to look gangster while wearing glow-in-the-dark dreads while someone blew bubbles in the background.  Nor did people back then sample the beat from Hitchhiker's "Eleven" and do half-assed lame raps over the top, shave their song's name crookedly into the back of their skulls, or have a chorus hook as lame as "I am a goooooood boy" which I guess was what Taeyang was saying to himself all throughout the recording session as he shambled around on his foreknuckles dutifully doing whatever G-Dragon told him.  It's like Private Pyle made a rap song, jesus fucking christ.

13. Fly To The Sky - You You You

This awful festering putrid pustulent putrescent boil on the Korean music scene was a huge hit and it begs the question: why does Korea like disgusting worthless ballads so much?   I've long pondered the elusive answer to this question and I had a theory about this a while back.  I thought that Koreans like ballads because they work so hard, pulling all those 18 hour days 7 days a week, and when they're finished their shift putting spindles in boxes or whatever the fuck it is that they do and get home, they just want nothing more than to sit and listen to something soothing and relaxing and non-stressful, the poor little dears.  Then I found out that the "hard-working Koreans" are just a myth and that Korean workers actually have the worst worker productivity of all OECD countries - bam, that sure turned my theory into dust!  What a bunch of slack assholes with no determination!  I have a new theory now: I think dull-as-fuck music like this piped through the office public address system passes away the hours with maximum calm as Koreans sit in their offices pretending to work hard pulling all that overtime while they're really getting drunk, chatting up the person who comes to change the coffee machine or perfecting their League Of Legends builds.  Some consultancy group probably did a study somewhere that showed that awful ballads like this are the least likely to result in industrial action due to gradually sapping the motivation out of employees to question or work, or think or do anything really.  Soon all of global society will be controlled this way, with ballads that numb the senses, lulling people into a near-comatose state.  Forget radiation poisoning, bath salts or medical experiments - it's going to be Korean ballads like this one that bring about the zombie apocalypse, and you you you are going to be in hell hell hell.

12. Pascol - Merry Black Day

There's a porn movie I have where a girl is blowing two guys at the same time - she's holding one dick in each hand and she swaps every few seconds between blowing guy A while stroking guy B and vice versa.  This is fairly standard porn film threesome foreplay procedure, but then all of a sudden, something different happens.  Just because it's probably been a long day of shooting porn and our female pornstar is somewhat bored, she decides to lighten the mood by getting the two guys' cocks and touching their ends together.  The guys both unanimously say "No!  Don't go there!" while the girl starts laughing like a hyena as they both instantly lose their erections, the director yells "Cut!" and they wait a few minutes for them to get hard again so they can reshoot the scene.  Then she does it a second time - it's hilarious, what a troll!  How those guys felt at that moment when their cock-heads met and started rubbing together against their will is pretty much how I felt when the bridge of "Merry Black Day" kicks in at 1:19 and the song changes from a cute and appealing rap-lite kinda thing into some kind of pathetic R&B warble-fest and falls to shit.  There's no rescuing the song from that point onward, and I know it's supposed to be a harmony but the vocals and the backings are sounding fairly out of key with each other at that point, they can't seriously be passing off a bridge and chorus this bad onto a pop audience.  In the video they're going for a happy fun hip-hop vibe but the maudlin slow beats and unlistenable vocal wanking ensures that this song misses its mark completely.  You can wear all the Crayon Pop-inspired tracksuits that you want, your song isn't going to be any fun to listen to unless it actually sounds like fun instead of some kind of fucking necrotic funeral dirge (first doom metal band to name themselves "necrotic funeral dirge" after being inspired by this post and release a song on YouTube called "Cao Ni Ma Slaughter" gets a present from me).  I get the vibe while watching this video that even Pascol themselves hate the song, as they hide their boredom behind sunglasses and sway to the beat in a non-committal half-interested fashion.  The Suicidal Tendencies jumper at the start of the video seems more appropriate to the mood of what's going down here because these girls do look somewhat on the brink (don't do it, kids), but then even Suicidal Tendencies were an upbeat thrash group and never had anything quite this boring - it just makes me wish I was listening to "Trip At The Brain" instead of this crap.

11. g.o.d ft. Megan Lee - The Story Of Our Lives

Here's how I believe the recording session for this song went down:

Megan is in the recording studio vocal booth, cutting her verse for g.o.d's latest song.  She's wearing big studio headphones and is chewing bubble gum.  "What take are we on?" she asks into the big grey vocal microphone.

"Take 36.  When you're ready.  Try and put some emotion into it" comes the instruction from the audio engineer, the voice transmitted from the talkback microphone on the other side of the soundproofed double-glazed control room wall into her headset.  The engineer watches Megan through the glass.  Next to him is the producer, who looks on silently.

Megan sighs.  "I don't even want to do this fucking shit.  I'm so bored."

"It's only four lines, come on Megan.  Get this done and you don't have to listen to this song ever again."

"Good, because I fucking won't!", Megan snaps back.  "This song fucking sucks dick!  And don't think for a goddamn second I'm going to be in that fucking stupid video!  He can get one of his slutty actresses for that!"

"We can talk about the video later.  Let's just get your vocal part down."  The engineer takes a deep breath and keeps his cool -  he's used to dealing with kids like this.  "Let's go, come on.  And take your gum out."

"I swear, if I even have to set foot in the same room as that Kim Tae Woo asshole... he fucking disgusts me..." Megan mutters as she inserts two fingers inside her mouth, removes the lump of stale chewing gum and sticks it onto the metal sheet music stand at chest height in front of her.  "Okay, I'm ready."  Megan clears her throat.

"Okay, we're rolling.  Do your best."  The engineer presses record on his digital workstation and the backing track's piano intro comes through Megan's headphones.  Megan closes her eyes and tries to focus, but when she hears the 'Love / what is true love" spoken intro, her eyes widen again and she glares angrily through the glass at the engineer.

"FUCK you.  Don't play it from the fucking START!  My bit isn't even until after three minutes in!  I don't want to listen to this trash!  Just forward it to the bit where I sing and press record from there, for fuck's sake!"

"Listening to it all might help you get into the feel for the song, for when your bit comes.", the engineer replies.

Megan is livid.  "FUCK OFF!  What 'feel'?  It has no fucking 'feel'!  This song is such fucking INSINCERE BULLSHIT!  They're trying to come off like they're all sensitive family men and shit, but it's all fucking lies!   Kim Tae Woo is such a cuntface, I swear I am so close to suing that fucking slimy lizard, don't fucking think I won't!"

"Are you finished?  Can we do this?" the engineer replies.

"No I'm NOT FUCKING FINISHED.  This whole thing is fucking trash!  'Story of our lives' my fucking ass - more like 'Story of our lies!'  My parents are gonna take him to the fucking cleaners if he fucks with me any more!"

Not fazed at all, but gradually losing patience, the audio engineer replies: "You know, if you were to put a tenth of the passion and energy into your vocal performance that you do into trying to convince yourself how horrible Kim Tae Woo is, we'd be done by now."

"FUCK YOU, YOU CUNT!"  Megan screams, rips the headphones off her head and throws them at the engineer's face.  Shielded by the thick glazing of the control booth, the headphones hit the double-glass wall between them and drop to the floor.  Megan storms off through the studio door to the outside of the building amid a tirade of obscenities.

The engineer laughs and turns to the producer.  "Well... she didn't like that suggestion."

The producer shrugs.  "Let's not worry about it.  Just assemble the best vocal part you can using the bits from what we've got.  It's not like it matters much, it's only a ballad... and it'll take less time than trying to get an acceptable performance from Ms. Special out there."

The engineer nods.  "It's still a paycheck.  Good thing I get paid by the hour.  Hey, do you think Megan knows that my wages are added to her trainee debt?"

10. J-Rabbit - There's Got To Be A Good Thing

I know I'll get a lot of shit for daring to have an opinion and putting a song from Korea's indie-darlings on this list but J-Rabbit fucking suck, flat-out.  There's no sugar-coating the low net worth of this group's musical output, no matter how much I might want to like them.  YES, the girls are obviously extremely talented, YES it's good that they've stayed independent and therefore are probably actually making decent money out of what they do unlike just about every other performer in Korea, YES they're probably really nice people who deserve their success and I sincerely wish them all the best in their future endeavours and YES this fucking song sucks fucking donkey dick all night long.  Back when I was 4 years old I used to love songs that sounded just like this when they came on the TV screen during children's television hour.  I remember those days, sitting on the carpet playing with my toys and bopping along to some housefrau with bobbed hair and an acoustic guitar or a piano singing "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" or whatever the fuck it was that week.  Then something happened - I turned 5 years old and songs for toddlers by TV mummy didn't sound all that good anymore.  Hell, even kid's music where I live doesn't sound quite this regressive nowadays, Australia's 21st century toddlers have got sophisticated nu-school rockin' soundtracks to augment their coloured-block playtime like The Wiggles and Hi-5 (who even have a Korean member).  Of course if you've still got a mental age of 4 years or under, or you enjoy occasionally curling up into a fetal position and crying about how horrid the big bad world is and you just wish a couple of girls would sing you children's songs and smile at you a bit to make you feel better about your pointless, alienating existence, then you might be able to appreciate J-Rabbit.  Personally I advocate becoming mentally healthy rather than retreating into the kind of emotionally crippled state that makes J-Rabbit's music seem appealing, but then each to their own.  Far be it for me to tell you how to run your life.

9. PSY ft. Snoop Dogg - Hangover

Ignoring the hype, and ignoring the burn that PSY applied to k-pop fans by succeeding where your bias failed by actually making Americans give a shit about him at least for a month or two before the novelty of watching a guy's crotch bounce up and down in a lift wore off, "Gangnam Style" taken on face value is an alright song.  If you're any sort of pop music fan and you hate it, the truth is that you probably did in fact like it when you first listened to it but you just got sick of it from overexposure.  There was high initial interest for Gangnam Style's follow-up single "Gentleman" too but that song ultimately was a fizzer because it self-consciously tried to replicate the viral happy accident of "Gangnam Style".  Virality never works out well when it's manufactured specifically to be viral (just ask that Kony 2012 guy) - when that song came out every PSY fan from back in the day was like "come on - you've got six albums under your belt, we know you can do better than Gangnam Style part 2".  At least with "Hangover" he's done what he should have done before and tried something different, it's just a pity that the result is a horrible rap stinker that probably wouldn't even make the cut on a 2NE1 album and which has likely now firmly cemented the perception of PSY as a one-hit joke in the global marketplace.  PSY himself is barely even in it vocally, but the fact that it's billed as "PSY featuring Snoop Dogg" means that he probably still fucking wrote most of it, so we can blame him anyway.  The end of the video teases a new song from PSY called "Daddy" but it didn't come out when promised and we should probably be grateful.  Just like a real hangover, everyone just wants it to be over as soon as possible so let's just thank PSY for his biggest cultural contribution over the last two years which is making Brown Eyed Girls do the Abracadabra dance again and try to pretend that none of this other business ever happened.

8. M.O.A - I'll Call Ya

This song is a true rarity in k-pop, and something that I'm not used to hearing from Korea's slick studios - not just a bad song but an amateurish-sounding sonic production.  Sure, in 1997 nobody could produce a k-pop record properly, not even SM (just listen to anything from H.O.T, or better yet, don't), but for a k-pop song in 2014 to have this level of production incompetence is really unusual.  The main problem with it is poorly-adjusted vocal compression (also a H.O.T trademark), if you listen to the vocals carefully you'll notice that the volume of the girls is dipping around all over the place.  The song itself is even worse, with the only good thing about it being the instrumental break that first happens at 1:26 which is actually pretty cool, but completely unsuited to all the material around it and which only serves to emphasise how horrible and unlistenable everything else is.  Also, a repetitive electronic telephone noise in the middle of a pop song is something that you simply DO NOT DO (more on that later in this list).  At least the people behind this group managed to churn out the equally-badly-produced but far better musically "Run For Your Dream" before M.O.A inevitably imploded from nobodygivesashitaboutthesenugusitis.

7. SM The Ballad Vol.2 - Breath

Anybody who knows my music taste well enough either knew that this song would be riding high on this list, or just forgot that this song existed.  I fully expected it to be complete trash and of course I was right - SM and generic ballads for fuckheads go together like barebacking and STDs, and given the option you'll wish you were getting fucked up the ass without a condom instead of fucked in the ear canal by Taeyeon and Jonghyun in this hideous aural gangbang.  This song sounds like shit and I'm not even being insulting or having a joke or making a metaphor for bad music or anything like that - I actually literally mean it when I say that this song sounds like the sound of shit.  If you listen closely at 1:29, you'll hear a plopping noise that sounds exactly like two tiny turds deattaching themselves from somebody's log-encrusted asshole and breaking the water in an echoey toilet bowl.  Another, slightly bigger and more runny turd audibly plops into the same bowl at 1:54, and from that point onward, the continual sound of fecal matter dribbling from the distended butthole of whoever in SM Entertainment needed to take a shit that day in the studio toilet gradually increases and integrates itself more fully into the mix, until the soundscape becomes one seamless mush.  I suspect that the asshole belongs to either Jonghyun or Taeyeon, as in the video the two maintain a distance of at least eight meters from each other at all times despite the fact that they're supposed to be singing a song together and it's kind of customary to stand together closely when singing duets.  Clearly, one of them smells like poo and the other one is trying to maintain some distance from the stench, but that won't save them from the real terror - neither of then can escape the pungent fecal nature of SM's ballad songwriting.

6. 2NE1 - Gotta Be You

YG, can we have a proper feature track from 2NE1 one day again, please?  Is it really that much to ask?  Apparently so because YG keeps giving them shit like this to perform.  Certainly not the only sonic high-contrast mess to appear in 2014 but certainly the worst, the hodge-podge music and hideous visual stylings of "Gotta Be You" are heavily reminiscent of Girls' Generations' "I Got A Boy".  However, "I Got A Boy" did have one thing going for it, the soundscape while largely awful was at least a little varied and unusual in places with the odd rare good bit, whereas "Gotta Be You" is just content to cycle around the same few sections over and over and they all suck.  CL's verses are some easy-listening/trap hybrid with terrifyingly grating synthesised harmonica (maybe it's there to make CL's rapping sound smooth and pleasant in comparison), Minzy's bit is just "let's hit a drum", Dara's is "let's hit the same drum a bit faster and do a typical predictable crescendo build to the chorus like in every other song ever" and then Bom and Minzy get "I guess we'd better finally put some actual song content in here, here's a disco beat and some other stuff that was lying around from the BigBang reunion that was going to happen before we decided to postpone it for another three years".  None of it sits together well and 2NE1 songs are increasingly sounding like stapled-together offcuts from other unfinished material.  Perhaps that's all 2NE1 is these days for YG, an exercise in spare backing track clearance.  No wonder some of the video's coloured rooms resemble the bars and charts my computer makes when it does a disk defragmentation, I think what we're really hearing here is the tidying up of Teddy's studio control room hard drive.  I suppose he needs to make more space for pictures of Han Ye Seul, but if he could do that without releasing any songs like this in the process that'd be thoughtful of him.

5. Honey Finger 6 - Different Positions

When you have a certain sound for a ringtone on your mobile phone, after a short while, your brain attunes itself to respond to the sound appropriately in a manner required for a phone user - the sound's purpose therefore transforms from one of aesthetics to one of functionality.  You begin to associate the ringtone sound not with the effect that the sound produces in its own right, but with the higher state of alertness that you need in order to answer your phone before the call diverts to your messaging service.  Eventually this association becomes so deeply ingrained that it transcends conscious thought - the first few notes of the ringtone become an aspect of subconscious memory that upon detection gives your brain a slight unpleasant flinch that jolts you from a relaxed state into immediate alertness.  Honey Finger 6 decided that it would be a great, absolutely wonderful and oh-so-witty idea to give you this slight unpleasant jolting sensation at the start of each verse of their song, by incorporating an annoyingly common ringtone that we've all heard on our own phones or on our friend's phones directly into the song itself.  What a bunch of cunts.  The only thing that could be higher on the subconscious irritation scale is if they did the same thing with a digital alarm clock like that fucking annoying Laurie Anderson song.  I'm including them on this list as an example in the hope that they and all other k-pop artists who might happen to chance upon this post learn their lesson and never do anything this fucked to people's brains ever again.  Fucking assholes.

4. Switch - 39°c

It's said that sexy k-pop girl concepts sell, and there's no denying that they at least have given some otherwise destined-to-be-ignored groups a solid leg up this year.  However the girls from 2014 nugus Switch could have participated in a hardcore porn video concept and blurted out the syllables to "39°c" in between slobbering on dicks and taking cumshots to the face and it probably still wouldn't have helped this song make a dent on the charts.  I'm not entirely convinced that shooting a porno MV to this wasn't the initial plan anyway - pornographic videos always seem to lack decent audio quality, and so does this song.  You always have to turn up the volume really loud on a porno to hear the mumbling, badly-recorded scene-setting dialogue (often the most entertaining part of the film), but once the girls start accepting thick veiny cocks inside their buttholes you're swinging that volume control right back down to the lowest setting so you don't have to hear the tediously overacted "ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh!" from the female performers at eardrum-perforating, neighbour-alerting levels.  The chorus to this song has a very similar "ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh!" refrain which is about as pleasant to experience as herpes simplex but nowhere near as catchy, and the rest of the song is a mess of keyboard notes more random and less pleasant than this hedgehog running across a piano, combined with out-of-sync mumbling and tuneless warbles.  Also, when a "sexy concept" song actually starts off with the word "sexy" mouthed in awkward "sexy" fashion, you know that it's just not working out the way that it should because if you're actually being sexy it should be self-evident and you shouldn't need to ponce around going "look how sexy I'm being!" which is self-conscious behaviour that's in fact the very opposite of sexiness.  At least the girls look good, so in another similarity with adult video this MV is best enjoyed with the sound down.

3. Zan Zan - Chicken Feet

This video from Chrome Entertainment, home of Crayon Pop, kicks off with one of the guys in Zan Zan crying.  Then it cuts to a girl, and she's also crying.  Then later on in the song it cuts back to the guy and he's crying some more.  Then the other guy in the group starts crying.  Then I started crying, because I realised that I was wasting precious seconds of my life listening to one of the worst k-pop songs of all time.  Then I thought to myself that maybe these people were crying for the same reason that I was crying, and maybe they didn't want to listen to this trash either.  I can't really blame the group for this sleepy-time caterwauling R&B shitbird, and here's why: the guys from Zan Zan are both dressed up like 80s rappers yet the music sounds like Barry Manilow at half speed, which is such an incongruous combination mismatch that it makes me think that it's not their fault and that somebody at the label has pulled the rug out from under them.  Here's how it probably went down, from what I can tell by looking at this video:

"Yeah, bring your rap swag gear, we're gonna shoot a hardcore hip-hop video, there'll be great old-school beats, pretty girls in bikinis and free barbeque", the manager at Chrome Entertainment said over the phone to the Zan Zan boys.

"Sure, we'll be there with our cool RUN-DMC chains and black hats!  Let's debut with something special!  Hip hop forever!", they replied enthusiastically.

Then they drove to the shoot and were met by Choa with an apron and a sad look on her face.  "Sorry, guys - the company changed their mind, you have to sing this soppy ballad full of suck, is that okay?  The bikini girls all went home too because the weather got all overcast and cold.  Hey, at least I saved you some barbequed chicken!"

The Zan Zan boys immediately start crying.  Choa sees their reaction and starts feeling glum.  "Hey, don't be like that... why are you crying?  My cooking's not that bad, is it?"

One of the Zan Zans puts her arm around Choa to console her.  "Sorry... it's not you... we were just expecting to debut with a good song that people actually wanted to listen to, and instead we get this trash.  Our company just crushed our dreams, nobody is going to like this."

"Hey, Chrome are alright!  Don't be so mean!", Choa scorns.

"That's easy for you to say, Choa.  You got to debut with 'Bing Bing'.  If only we had a song that good..." ...his voice trails off into tears.

"Oh, don't worry", Choa replied sympathetically, perking up a bit.  "Korea's taste in music is complete dogshit - remember how hard Bing Bing flopped when it came out?  We couldn't even get on music shows for months!  Knowing Korea, your crappy ballad will probably be a surprise hit!  Here, have a barbequed chicken foot, it'll cheer you up.  Crunchy."

2. Skrillex, Diplo, G-Dragon & CL - Dirty Vibe

It's official - in 2014 dubstep was out, and trap was in - so much so that even dubcrap architect Skrillex couldn't be bothered making his dubshit anymore.  Trap is rap music's unwelcome smelly friend that nobody invited to the party, pissing in the punchbowl, and nobody invited Skrillex to start making trap and especially not collaborate with anyone at YG.  This song is so terrible that I couldn't even be bothered talking about it that much, and its worthlessness should be self-evident anyway, so instead I'll hand it over to some random YouTube comments:
What I find funny is that I was expecting to see a lot of Skrillex fans or western music fans bashing this song, MV, GD and CL but after reading the comments....it's the opposite. Skrillex fans and western music fans seem to really enjoy this song and MV but many kpoppers are bashing it.
That's because Skrillex fans are used to listening to complete fucking random computer asslick masquerading as an actual song because that's what Skrillex has been doing for years.  K-pop fans on the other hand know that pop music can sometimes be listenable and therefore they occasionally expect some vague form of quality.
This is NOT Kpop. Therefore if you were coming here expecting GD and CL's usual. I'm sorry to let you know, but this is not it. So stop getting butt-hurt.
Translation: I'm a YG fangirl and even I admit that this is garbage.
You kpoppers get so fucking butthurt when people go on your oppar's or unnir's videos and talk shit, but here you are, doing the exact same thing. GROW A PAIR AND LEAVE NEVERLAND. And if you don't understand what that means, GROW UP. If you don't like the song, you should leave without INSULTING anyone. This is not a kpop song, THIS IS SKRILLEX. You can't expect this to be your usual kpop song.
Sometimes, I don't want to admit I'm a kpopper with all the likes of you immature little ones.
Translation: I'm a YG and a Skrillex fangirl and even I admit that this is garbage.

I'm laughing at the line of argument YG fans are taking with defending their artists' inclusion in "Dirty Vibe", saying that it's not really k-pop and that their faves didn't have any say in it.  I didn't see anybody trotting out the "it's not k-pop because a foreigner wrote it" argument when SM used Swedish songwriters to craft hits for SNSD, f(x) and EXO.  Also never mind that whether they wrote bits of the song or not, both G-D and CL were obviously quite on board with the idea of being in a Skrillex song in the first place, obviously knowing full well in advance how bad Skrillex sounds, and thus showing total lack of musical taste and discernment, so they're still partly to blame for this shit.  Anything for those American bucks I guess... but it's interesting to me to see the fan reaction, because usually YG fans are championing their faves' artistic abilities and creative input as much as possible e.g "I know Teddy writes 95% of the songs for 2NE1 but CL wrote some raps and some music on the Crush album, wow she's so talented!" "YG give their artists so much freedom to create!" etc etc - but now this piece of shit has come out the tables have definitely turned.  Now it's all "nope, my Queen CL had nothing to do with this, she just rapped what Skrillex said, nope this isn't G-D's fault, he's got nothing to do with this at all in any way shape or form whatsoever, nope YG had no hand in this it's 100% Skrillex, nope nope nope don't blame my bias oh please for the love of god don't blame my bias" - if this isn't the sign of a true stinker of a song I don't know what is.   I know you probably all think I'm just a YG hater, but think about it: Skrillex won't even list this song publicly on this YouTube channel... when Kpopalypse, YG fans, Skrillex fans and even Skrillex himself are all united in their opinion that nobody should ever hear this trash, maybe they're onto something, and maybe you should take heed.  Just a thought.


It was a tough competition but the #1 spot for the worst k-pop song of 2014 according to Kpopalypse goes to:

1. g.o.d - Wind

The music industry, like all creative industries, attracts a lot of people from all walks of life and many different cultures and sexual persuasions.  For anybody who doesn't feel like they fit into mainstream society for whatever reason, creative industries offer them an opportunity for expression and not having to work a regular 9-5 job so you meet a lot of folks who don't play by society's rules.  A long time ago I was over at the house of just such an individual, a drummer who was struggling to perfect his craft so he could one day "make it" in the industry.  He has what I call "perfectionist procrastinator syndrome", a mild form of musical autism where someone is perfectly capable at their craft of choice but they're afraid of success and getting out there so they retreat into this idea that they just need more practice first.  They'll practice their instrument to death and get super-good but if you try and say "hey let's start a band!" they'll reply "no way... I'm not good enough yet" even if they're already twice as good as anybody you've ever heard.  Anyway, one day I was over at his house in his practice room.  It was a really impressive room, with a big drumkit and cymbals and drumsticks lining the walls.  Every time he broke a cymbal,a drum skin or a drumstick he'd add it to the wall display, and since he practiced constantly he was always breaking them so he had quite an impressive collection of wall-mounted broken shit.  We were having a chat about music and then suddenly he got all deep and meaningful on me.

"Hey I've got something that I've been meaning to tell you, it's important." he said, with an earnest look in his eye.

"What, you've finally started drumming in a fucking band?  Congratulations, about time!"

"No, no..." he replied quickly "It's not that.  Wow, I'm not ready for that yet.  It's something else."

"Oh, so you're gay then.  Okay, whatever."  I replied.

His eyes widened in astonishment.  "How did you know?"

I probably couldn't help an eye-roll at this point.  "Dude, do you know how many gay people I know?  People come out me every other week."

"I was worried that you'd hate me or something."

"As far as I'm concerned it's a good thing - it means less competition for the girls that I like.  Every guy should be gay except for me, that'd make my life very easy.  I should introduce you to some of my straight male friends and you should try to convert them, because they keep hitting onto the girls that I like, it's annoying."  He laughed, he was relieved at my reaction... but I was curious about something.  "So how did you find out you were gay, anyway?"

"Years ago, I started shoving drumsticks up my ass."

"How did that come about?"

"Well, you know... when you're masturbating, you experiment.  I was worried about pain but heard that it felt good so I started off just putting it in an inch, and that felt alright, so then I tried putting it in a little further and that felt really good, and then I thought that maybe I'd prefer a dick up there instead, so..."

"Okay, that's probably enough information." I said, quickly cutting him off.  I looked around the room at the drumsticks on the walls.  "Am I looking at your sex toy collection?  How many of these sticks have been up your ass?"

"Oh, none, don't worry.  I have special sticks stashed away for those."

"Special sticks?"

"Yeah.  What I found out was that it feels a bit better if the drumstick has a bit of an uneven surface.  If I practice rimtaps on the snare drum, after a while the stick develops little ridges along the flat surface and once a stick is sufficiently 'notched' I stop drumming with it and add it to the special collection instead."

For those of you unfamiliar with drumming jargon, a "rimtap" isn't anal sex jargon, but is when instead of hitting the snare drum on the skin, you bring the side of the stick down onto the edge of the drum (demonstrated at 3:00 here).  It makes a wooden ticking noise, and this is often used in slow ballads and quiet sections when an actual snare drum noise would be considered too powerful and dominating in the mix.

There was just one more thing that I was curious about.  "How long does a stick take to get sufficiently dented before it qualifies for the special collection?", I asked.

"Oh, when I rimtap I tend to do it pretty hard, so just a few runs through one song is usually enough especially if you've got a slow song with the powerful glam-rock style rimtaps, I like to slam those down with a lot of force.  You definitely don't want to get the stick too dented though because it can splinter, and wood splinters in your anus are really painful, I found that one out the hard way."

I'm not in touch with this person anymore, but if I was, I would have directed him to g.o.d's awful, sentimental ballad from the pits of hell "Wind", for sure.  Not only do the group utilise the aforementioned glam-rock style rimtaps heavily through the entire song, but in a neat coincidental touch they even wear the same style of cutoff leather jackets that he used to wear.  He could have used it as the perfect song to prepare his sticks for 'later use'.  The only question is - would listening to this trash for long enough to tap along and get a drumstick into the desired condition be more painful than having a wooden splinter lodged in your colon from shoving a drumstick up your ass that had been 'tapped' too much?  As I can no longer reach this individual, I need your help.  Anybody who has experienced the pain of such an incident, please answer this important question in the comments below, because I don't want any of you getting curious and experimenting with anal splinters deliberately because that would be potentially very dangerous and non-OH&S compliant.  Also please don't listen to g.o.d because it could be potentially just as painful for all we know, the embedded YouTube video above is only so you know for sure that this song really exists, you're not supposed to actually click on it and watch any of it.  It's a dreadful travesty of a song from an old k-pop group that should have stayed in the past, so please be careful.  Kpopalypse wishes that all readers both fap and listen to music safely and do not do any of the things described in the story above.  This has been a Kpopalypse Community Service Announcement.

So that's it!  I hope you enjoyed this list!  And if not, Seunghee can help:


Leave a comment below extrapolating on your incredible butthurt and she'll make sure to document your concerns thoroughly... your whining may then appear later in a future Kpopalypse blog, and ultra-E-stardom will be yours!  Your comment could potentially change everything!  Or maybe it'll be ignored completely - you won't know until you try!  See you in 2015, folks!


  1. I'm too scared to click majority of these videos...

  2. I'm glad you included those abominations released by YG, especially Eyes nose lips

  3. the paragraph about pika burnjuk was on point. i listened to the song about 2.5 times just because i was so amazed at how terrible it was.
    somehow i've come to not mind eyes, nose, lips, despite finding it crazy boring at first, probably because i quite enjoyed several cover versions of it far more than the original song.

  4. I get what you mean about Suhyun i see her blossoming beautifully in the future. Also i loved Ailees sing and Spica.S.

  5. Man, Uh-ee, what a disappointment... I really hated that Vengaboys imitating shit, because I that kind of music was fine in the 90s and should stay there. But I do have to say it did grew on me from having heard it as background noise in C.P. videos over the year.

    The worst thing about 2NE1 in 2014 were not even the bland and boring songs, but THAT THEY ACTUALLY SOLD WELL. Godfuckingdammit, Korea.

    Pika-Burnjuck's flailing move in the refrain is probably the stupidest move of the K-pop year.

    Taeyeon is my waifu and Breath is pure boredom indeed.
    Probably the only asshole in K-pop that I'd lick.

    #1 is deserved, I haven't heard such an utterly generic and boring "song" in a long time.

    This all leads us to one question:
    What's better, the Goodfellas "Just the violence" or Scarface's "The fucking short version"?

  6. "Honey Finger 6 - Different Positions" ... That would make a nice porn movie title.

  7. I agree with most of your opinions here and there were some truly terrible songs, especially that SM Ballad trash. I don't understand how that label have such an immense fanbase herd of blind sheep who buy all of their manufactured crap music sung by untalented vocalists. Taeyeon is so overrated, I can't understand why anyone thinks she's so good, she's at best a little above average. I guess they're just shallow and love all those 'good-looking' plastic idols. But there are some choices on this list that just made me think "is this guy serious?"

    Ailee was the first big surprise. She's such a good singer and Don't Touch Me really shows off her vocal abilities very well. She looks so gorgeous here too. It's funny how when IU did a jazzy song she got tons of praise for it but everyone seems to be hating on Ailee when she does the same for some reason. It's probably because IU is much skinnier than Ailee who is a bit of a plus size singer. IU is a good singer but it's sad that people will choose her over the better vocalist just because she doesn't fit their perceived notions of beauty. Kpop fans can be such misogynists sometimes.

    I can't believe you would be so mean to AKMU, they're only 15 so leave them alone! How would you feel if your son or daughter was hated on like that? They're actually very talented and they're so adorable. :3 Their songs are actually very good and their raps are nice and pacey. Who knows, maybe Suhyun will be the next CL one day. She's a bit too innocent for that sort of image right now though, lol. And why does everyone keep accusing YG artists of having plastic surgery? Don't you know that YG are firmly against plastic surgery? It's even in AKMU's contract that they're not allowed to have it:

    You shit on so many 2NE1 and Taeyang songs too. What do you have against Taeyang? Because you seem determined to put his songs into your worst list. Eyes, Nose, Lips was the most heartfelt ballad of the year. You make fun of Taeyang in that video for being topless but tell me, did you feel the same way about those T-ara bullies in your top 30 list when they showed so much skin in their Little Apple MV? I didn't see you complaining about their gratuitous ass and cleavage close-ups (I'll ignore the fact that it's in Chinese, you probably didn't know that so you put it in a kpop songs list). Taeyang might have shown some skin too, but he did it in a way that told a story and didn't just zoom into his abs just for the sake of turning pervs on. 2NE1 and Big Bang are so much more talented than all the other kpop idols out there put together. They write their own songs and they're very creative too. Who else can say that about their bias?

    But your biggest fuck-up was putting Dirty Vibe in your list. This isn't even a matter of opinion, it's a fact that Dirty Vibe isn't even a kpop song. Really, it was written by Skrillex, who is an American artist. Argument over.

    I hope T-ara bend over in front of you and make you die of blood loss from your nose, you old bald pervy sexist Nazi-fetish-condoning 'kpop guru' with -60% music taste.

    Did this meet the required hate-comment standards needed to get on a future blog post?

  8. Well Switch wins the SDN48 Award for remind why bikini concepts are barely done in Korea.

  9. Nice to see Gain on the list, due to those who think everything she does is awesome.

    And Happy really was as bad as I remember it...

  10. Yeah Give Your Love isn't THAT bad...

  11. Most of these were just really boring. I was afraid to click on them, but for some reason I tortured myself and clicked on each of the songs I hadn't previously heard. I couldn't get halfway through any of them, so this is a good list. Hopefully music doesn't get too much worse. The Madtown, J Rabbit, and BIG songs are so bad that G Dragon seems like a musical genius in comparison. I realize now that I was extremely lucky to think YG was as bad as it got.

  12. I never even listened to 90% of the songs on your list oppar.
    I did listen to Spica S once and once was more than enough without mute button. But don't worry Jiwon, I'd still jizz all over you.
    I also listened to Taeyang's song once even though I don't listen to boyband because I read about how everyone loved that song in SK. Worst decision ever.

  13. I love(d) M.O.A.
    I made a blog postt about them saving KPOP then they disbanded into obscurity.

    1. And a couple of them went to whore themselves out as members of 4L.


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