Wednesday, December 31, 2014

아저씨's "Get Fucked" award of 2014

The nominees are:

SNSD: You are old and played out. You haven't done anything good in music since Genie. Now you got rid of Jessica. WTF is wrong with you?

Brave Brothers: Am I ready for Alone remix #748? No I am not.

YG Entertainment: The biggest cult from Korea. Even bigger than the SONE religion since becoming a fan of one group seems to infect you for all YG artists.

And the award goes to...


What can I say? Soshi at least has some hot ass left to shake and are okay in variety, and Brave Bros has been enabling AOA to shake their hot asses, which is the Lord's work. YG is full of unattractive people who are completely full of their own shit. I mean, to be fair, despite them being toolboxes, I can dig some of the things Big Bang guys do, but nobody wants to eat a cheeseburger that has been rolled in a pile of shit. YG has a company policy of being pretentious as fuck. They try to presume themselves above other kpop artists, overstating their status and influence and importance, while rarely having any real interaction with or showing any respect to the rest of the industry because they are too busy trying to legitimize themselves through the American industry.

Yet despite their continual effort, they haven't earned one bit of it, having little originality, continually dropping in quality as the years go on, and having no comprehension of what they are even trying to step into or their place in the world and role in music history. Being YG, for what it actually offers, actually isn't that bad, but they don't know what YG is to the world and presume it is everything. Despite all this, they have the most obsessive and aggressive fandom (I would say irrational, but once you're past the event horizon it's done, so many fandoms fit equally) that are every bit as aloof to the rest of the industry as YG themselves, but jumping at every chance to claim YG's superiority over music they haven't even heard. So you know what? You think you're so cool? You want to be set apart from the rest? Go ahead. We won't need you in 2015. GET FUCKED!


  1. needs a better introduction and more pics, still enjoyable, 7/10

  2. Why did I anticipate a picture of Tubgirl when I clicked on that Bobby link.

  3. Going to school without showering is hip-hop? And all this time I was using the word "smelly"...Silly me.

    1. I had to look it up to make sure those were his real words, but now that I think about it, Bobby seems to understand YG's interpretation of hip-hop pretty well.

  4. the worst part is that yg made even a decent group (overall talent-wise) like winner absolutely suck because they let that bunch of fucking kids produce their whole damn album. guess teddy was too busy fucking hys :|

  5. YG deserves the award. The music is very subpar compared to other companies. The idols, who are marketed sometimes as "artists" are ugly for the most part. They do not do any singing, dancing, or rapping that is noteworthy. Kpop fandoms in general are pretty delusional, but YG fans take stupidity to a disgusting new level. If someone says something about a YG idol or even anything remotely relating to them that isn't glorifying or worshipful the fans completely lose their shit. They have an attitude towards critics of their deities that can only be described as vile.

  6. I couldn't remember when was the last time an award given to the most deserving winner.

  7. Does anybody have a link to an article or interview or anything where he actually said that about hip-hop?? I can't find anything


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