Friday, March 13, 2015

[MV Review] Stellar - Fool

Another Sweetune release by the controversial butt-scratching milk-bathing nugu-turned-nutbuster girl group Stellar. But does it live up to their last three solid feature tracks?

The song is boring.

Gayoung's fugly yellow and blue sweater aside, the girls look good. They've put a fair amount of (mainly Minhee centered) sexy shots in there, too, despite what they said about dropping the sexy concept this time around. But somehow, this is not up to the fappability standards we've come to expect from a Stellar MV. It's because the intention here isn't to arouse — it's to annoy.

A good way to burn your hands. Don't try this at home, or you won't be able to fap.

... And that's really all there is to Stellar - Fool. No good song or fap material to be found here, just a thinly disguised gentle "fuck you" to haters and a general trolling of many different groups. And it does a brilliant job at upsetting people, from prudes to fans of the group who are missing the entire point to horny motherfucking bitch ass idiots.
commenter 1: What the fk is this bulllshit, i love sexy slutty concept and NOW they fking GAVE into virgins that have no sexuality biitching and moaning. and now look. ITS MEH AS FK; commenter 2: Stfu. You're an idiot. A horny motherfucking bitch ass idiot.
Is this just another way of calling someone a fool?

It's unusual to see open criticism of the public at all in kpop, let alone a parody of comments by haters. Yet here are some that made their way into an MV.

Even the dislike bar has been exaggerated so much.

I'm doing a perfectly good job of trying to Stella court
WTF! how did i not know about such good porn?
Also exposed ass?!? Moldy ...
Ex Ana inki take off with?

Queue comments about the name ASStellar not working because they don't have any ass to show off anyway. The typical AKF response would be a picture of a "real" ass, but I'm not enough of an ass to embed it and ruin things for everyone, so if you want to see it here you go.

If only Jisoo had turned her accusations into candy jelly love, too.

I don't know whether this strategy will pay off for them, but I don't care because I found the video and the reactions to it funny. Just a shame about all the other aspects.

Song: 3/10
Styling/concept: 7/10
Fappability: 4/10
Trolliness: 9/10
Minhee fanservice: 9/10
Hyoeun murderousness: 2/10
Overall: 4/10
Not even mute and fap — just mute and watch.

Bonus: shitty quality gifs for fap purposes (OK, I lied, maybe there was some good fap material here and there, just not the MV as a whole)


  1. There's a triangle with an eye on that shot of Minhee in the thumbnail. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

    1. Holy shit! Do you think their beta programming is wearing off? That would explain the reduced fapability. I hope they don't start shaving their heads and shit. Their handlers need to get back on the ball.

  2. Too bad the song is crap because, I agree with you, the video is genius, it trolled everybody. #justiceforhyoeun

  3. One Sweetune song that I don't like for once.

  4. What's that? A Stellar MV with an actual BUDGET? Holy santa ape, Batman!

    That's one of the most genuinly entertaining and interesting to watch K-Pop MVs I've seen in years.

  5. Going back to the cute concept is fine.. but the song is weak, and is not as good as Study. And there are still some obvious sexy shots for the haters to criticize.

    It's a shame, because Marionette was a solid mini-album but it looks like they won't be escaping nugudom.

  6. I loved the song but it could have been a bit faster. Wont put it on my iPod but will occasionally play on YT when Im into that mood where I just want to listen to soothing music

  7. Just wear your sexy wardrobe and shake your ass, Jeonyul. That's all this oppar want.


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