Wednesday, April 22, 2015

EXID - Ah Yeah

EXID comes back with "Ah Yeah" to follow up on the success of "Up & Down". Does it exclusively focus on Hani to capitalize on her fapability capital? Does Junghwa ruin the song? Does LE give herself too many lines? Are Solji and Hyelin shafted again?

What surprised me the most about "Ah Yeah" is that it isn't a clone for "Up & Down". There are some similarities of the two songs, but it's not like how Secret or Super Junior released the same song three times in a row. I was expecting "Ah Yeah" to be more similar to "Up & Down" and the fact that it isn't makes the song better for me.

For similarities, the chorus is structured the same way, with Hyelin taking the first half and Solji taking the second half. Then there's Junghwa trying to ruin the song. That's to be expected, because she has been trying to ruin every EXID song since "Who'z That Girl." The girl has more determination than Hwayoung, that's for sure.

What I really like about the song is the fact that Hani and LE's verses work off of each other and seamlessly transition. Too many songs feature long rap breaks, and for someone who really isn't into rap, having it spread out over the course of a song instead of having a long 30-second rap break is more palatable.

Anyway, the girls are hot and I would do things to Hani.

I would let her sit on my face. While I would be licking her asshole, I'd let her piss all over my face. 

As hot as Junghwa is, she needs a dick in her mouth so that she can't sing ever again. She should just be a dancer for the group.

This song would easily be a 10/10 if it wasn't for Junghwa.


  1. The song is ruined by the constant rap-breaks (not sure what else to call them) for me.

  2. This never really gets going. Solji has just seven lines, and the heavy echo/distortion doesn't help either.

    Junghwa only appears inside windows, which is a waste. They should have put her in more normal shots, like Hani and LE.

  3. They must be doing something right since Ah Yeah just won its first music show.

  4. I love Junghwa's voice and all of her parts in all Exid songs.

  5. tbh junghwa part was the best lol

  6. This would be a perfect song, if it weren't for the raps. I seem to be the only one here who found LE raps to be quite nauseating after some time. Other than that it's fine, I don't even mind Junghwa at all

    1. "I seem to be the only one here".
      Girl, read the very first comment.

  7. I calmly accept the creepy whispering at the beginning. Junghwa's Dumbo ears are perfect for holding with each hand and… ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah…

  8. I can't get past Hani's nose area. She got that butta face!

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  10. this song is the best of the year so far tbh also better than up & down


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