Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 75

This week's photo comes from Wednesday Woe:

Thank you for your submission!


I do not see how teenaged girls can find Lee Soo-man attractive.

 South Korea's Great Leader

But, I mean, if they are into 62-year old men, who am I to judge?

Their crushes probably have nothing to do with him being insanely rich due to creating SM Entertainment. Girls do not go for men with money. It is all about personality, amiright ladies!?!

Those Tweets though (which I would absolutely love to edit so that they have proper spelling and become grammatically correct):

"Sorry i only ship lay and myself with sooman oppa~"
I like how she (presumably a girl) thinks that she and Lay are an actual thing together already. In addition, she is fantasizing about some freaky threesome with this man old enough to potentially be their grandfather. Gross.

"Sooman oppa listen to my thoughts and read my tweets....... I have an awesome idea to make you lots of moula"
Because he doesn't have enough money already. He needs whatever dumb idea you have to make his first dollar. Brilliant.

"gonna marry sooman oppa and buy 100.000.000 cucumbers for baekhyun bday"
Wow - going to marry a rich man, and then use his money for your side bitch. Ice cold motherfucker.

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  1. Imagine her disapointment when she discovers that Sooman hasn't been involved with SM for five years

  2. It's great, bitches will do anything if they think they'll meet their oppas

  3. I laughed so hard. This was aweseom.


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