Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nogizaka46 - Life is Beautiful

Link from this inferior site not named YouTube. Geaux Japan for still being archaic!

This is one of Nogizaka46's better A sides...which isn't saying much. Most of their listenable music is their B-sides. The problem I have with many of their songs is that 1) they're too fucking long 2) they're too fucking slow 3) the instrumentals, while nice, are really outdated (some of their songs sound like early 2000 anime songs) and that's about it.

If you've ever visited Kanzaki Nao and a few friends, you will notice that Nogizaka46 actually has some good looking members. It's a shame that you need to drown yourself in sake to listen to their music.

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  1. Random request: Have you ever done a post about how fangirls act on the Youtube comments of kpop videos?


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