Friday, May 15, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 78

This week's submission comes from Abi:

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Okay so. That happened. An EXOtic was fucked up enough to put a poster all up inside herself, giving herself a paper cut inside her vagina. Okay.

Yahoo Answers is such a goldmine for questions. There was a bunch of responses essentially telling her to sit her crazy friend down and tell her to stop obsessing over Kpop. Because that always works on fangirls.

That poor OP. She even considered skipping school to just avoid her 'friend'. 

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  1. Exo fans, as their name ever so subtly implies, are fans of Exo members. And last time I checked up on Kris...

  2. They're not gonna be friends much longer if she keeps spelling Kris wrong :))

    1. what confused me about this story if that the friend was writing "chris" all over her binders and shit the op wouldve know it was spelled with K so this shit is fake a f


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