Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[MV Review] Dal Shabet - Someone Like U

Dal Shabet made a comeback one day after their fifth anniversary, and more importantly, just in time for me to have time to listen to it. Since it came out, I've listened to the song any time I have had a chance to...which isn't much.

What if I told you that a group that is five-years old has had some good songs written by E-Tribe, Kim Do Hoon, Shinsadong Tiger and Brave Brothers? You would probably be pretty impressed. What if I told you that same group has been struggling to gain popularity for five years? You might be shocked if you didn't realize I was talking about Dal Shabet. 

I don't know what happened to Brave Brothers. For the past couple of years, his music has returned to its former greatness. Maybe with Duble Sidekick taking half of his client base (and neglecting Brave Girls and letting them rot in his cum-filled dungeon), Brave Brothers has had time to compose good song after good song, and Dal Shabet's "Someone Like U" is just what the group needed after a bad 2015. Dal Shabet released "Joker" and the song was pretty unmemorable for me, as I can't even remember what it sounds like. On top of that, the group just lost two members, Gaeun and Jiyul. There's no word yet if those two will be joining Viki and doing softcore porn movies.

"Someone Like U" continues the retro greatness that Dal Shabet is known for. The song has a funky instrumental, with a good chorus, and really strong bridges. Serri's verse at 1:23 is the highlight of the song. No, it's not a rap, K-pop fans. It reminds me of Gaeun's verses in BBB or Jimin's parts in the Brave Brothers-produced AOA songs. What works is that it is a nice tempo change that K-pop songs love using, but this song does it without the God-awful idol rapping that has canally raped us for years.

I would not be surprised if Dal Shabet did not get more recognition from this song. What will end up most likely being one of the best songs of 2016 will go ignored in Korea, just like the rest of Dal Shabet's music.


  1. Well, Joker is pretty much what its name suggested, a "Joke" last year. I usually have more confidence in the none-4M Brave Brothers' title tracks, and given that the member drop-out feels more like an "addition by subtraction" to me visually, this comeback is simply awesome.

  2. Dal Shabet had some really good and some boring singles over the years, and yeah I also think they're never going to REALLY make it.
    But as long as they're making money and survive, I guess it's ok.

  3. This song is not as great as some make it to be. It is fine not impresses

  4. This song is not as great as some make it to be. It is fine not impresses

  5. I adore this song. The first listen I was already in love, and it happened to be a grower too.

  6. Great to see a continuation of their 80s theme after the stellar BBB.... as for joker... let's just forget it ever existed....

  7. The song is okay

    That being said I think Joker is catchy as hell, dunno what yall complaining about

    1. But actually! Joker wasn't THAT bad. And SLY is a good comeback track, exceeded my expectations for Dal Shabet4 but it's not anything too special.

  8. Joker sucked so much ass. Someone Like U redeems them in my eyes.


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