Monday, January 25, 2016

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 95

This comment comes from the Reddit Kpop forum's End of 2015 thread.

There was nothing epic about Big Bang's comeback. Even someone like me, who hates everything that Big Bang releases, was blown away by how awful their songs in 2015 were. There are bad things in the world, like women in Africa and the Middle East getting their clits cut off, and listening to Big Bang's music in 2015 is like getting my metaphorical clit tore off. Well, I guess that would be the same if someone cut the head of my dick off. Aside from that being painful, just think how hard it would be to take a piss. You would always need a urinal as you probably couldn't piss straight anymore. Then you have to get up close to the urinal and then you get all of that splashback. That actually sounds like a better alternative than Big Bang ever releasing another song again.

Amber's "Beautiful" is among the worst songs I have ever heard and I hope she doesn't quit her day job of fucking Luna, Krystal and Victoria.

SNSD certainly proved that they didn't have it in 2015. Every single title track was awful, and every time you Sones watched the MV, some kid in Africa got AIDS. Sure, correlation doesn't result in causation, but it fits with how bad SNSD's music is. Boycott SNSD and AIDS goes away!

If you have any submissions for STFU, send them to or to @antikpopfangirl on Twitter.


  1. 2015 wasn't as utterly unbearable as 2014, but it certainly wasn't a "fantastic (baby?) year for K-pop".

    Guess we're all just too jaded here.
    Or, more likely, the shitheads over at leddit are all just that, shitheads.

  2. Bigbang is all right, but their comeback was complete and utter bullshit crap for songs.

  3. "Some hot debuts like CLC..."

    Pretty sure Gfriend shat on them last year in terms of popularity

    1. Yet they're both pure boredom and utterly generic.

    2. IMO Gfriend shits over everyone, I really don't get the hype over twice, the song is okay at best and I got bored over it pretty quickly. What really makes them popular? The pretty girls? The controversy?

  4. The kpop subreddit has a lot of people with questionable opinions

  5. I wouldn't really consider this stupid just someone with extremely bland, basic, and utterly conformist music taste.

  6. The only thing that Soshi proved is that having a large fan base means that you don't need to put out good music.

    And how did the rise of EXID help make 2015 a fantastic year? It's hardly unique for a group to get the breakthrough long after debut (eg. Girl's Day and AOA).

  7. That subreddit has become pretty noticeably overrun with fangirls(and boys) over the last 1-2 years. Its just a giant circlejerk where everyone likes all the music that comes out, no matter how shit some of it is.

  8. Soshit SNSD haven't had it since 2011.

  9. Wow.

    The moment when the actual whining about fangirl comment is more idiotic than the actual, original fangirl comment.


  10. But but I love Amber's song "Beautiful", it's....beautiful? Touching. Gives me warm fuzzy cummies.

  11. LMFAO stop that, people are not gonna like you. LMFAO but it's funny.

  12. 3. Really? every song after piano man is shit imo
    6. It is a well known fact that the top girl/boy bands have devastatingly shit releases, like come on
    7. Where the fuck is gfriend? sure clc is good but theyre nowhere as good as my baes (lol). And yeah Twice, I still don't get the hype.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. How is this a stupid things fangirls utter? Literally the only thing "wrong" about it is that it doesn't conform to the taste culture here. That person has probably heard all the same songs we have and had a different opinion, and there's no rational argument you (or) she could make to change that.

    The point of STFUs was to laugh at actual stupidity, or fandom circlejerkery, not circlejerk about our own shitty taste here. These are becoming really dumb.

    1. If you have better, you could submit them to HYSF.

    2. Amen! Finally someone said it!

  14. "Soshi proving they still got it" If by "it" this person means a large and delusional fanbase who will vote for absolutely anything they release even if it was literal shit (which "You Think" was close to being) then yes, I agree. Soshi has still got that.

  15. I didn't find 2015 worse than previous years, tbh. We tend to overvalue older crap and dismiss the new crap more than we realise.

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  17. Ever since this HanYeSeulFag guy took over, he hasn't posted a legitimately stupid fangirl comment. All he does is keyboard warrior rage attack random opinions that he disagrees with. Sorry but you're not funny. You're just obnoxious and self-righteous.

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