Wednesday, April 20, 2016

EXID to cum back in June

EXID is rumored to make us jizz again in June, and I hope for the love of God the new song either (1) doesn't sound similar to "Up and Down" and/or (2) is way better than "Hot Pink".

Anyway, I'm crunched for time, so here's hoping Hani gains some of her weights back so that it's easier for our hands and penises to follow the "Up and Down" choreography.


  1. Hani better be good because Bambino has her in their sites after completely putting sister group Laysha out cold on the canvas w/100 million YouTube hits. Hadam and Eunsol unstoppable. Bambino will be the inevitable big news soon and go right to the top and fast. Amazing what these chicks have done! Exid and Hani will, like Som and GoEun. also hit the deck against mighty Hadam.

  2. Those pink-black latex outfits they had for (some?) Hot pink lives were fucking hot, though.


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