Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Victoria is Hot



  1. Why do these all look like cardboard cut outs

  2. Thought that was Jeshitca and nearly gagged.

  3. I have just learned that our darling Vic is getting quite a hate for being "unpatriotic bitch" and "disgusting betrayer" from netizens and antis and China. Also Yang Yang's fan girls are bashing her a lot. All these made me so sad (:

    Fans told me that basically it started when she first opened her IG account in late 2014. She already had a weibo where she posts in chinese, so she opened her IG to interact with her korean and international fans. That was a time when KrisLuhan thing happened, almost everyone in China was hating on everything Korea-related, so a lot of nationalistic-minded netizens and antis attacked her for posting in non-chinese on her IG.


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