Monday, May 2, 2016

Momo Fat Shames Women

How dare she?! She's the only one on stage flaunting her abs, which means she is fat shaming the rest of the Twice members and all females. 

Look at this bitch winking at us. She's showing us that she's superior while 35 million women in America at the moment are eating a Big Mac.

But look at this fine American specimen! She has REAL CURVES, UCAAD! Not that toned look Momo has. Men want love handles to grab on to while the rest of the fat jiggles everywhere, ejecting the grease between the fat rolls.


Okay, yeah, I couldn't write that shit without wanting to vomit.

tl;dr: I'd pee in Momo's butt. She has a great body.


  1. i wonder if she'd bang my fat american ass

  2. No love for Mina abs?

  3. She can fat-shame me any day.

  4. I don't think it even matters who or what you're attracted to, everyone would let momo peg them


    Mina and Momo have been tag-teaming for the abs flaunting this comeback. She's not quite as defined as Momo but her waistline is even thinner and has that beautiful hourglass shape.

    Now only if Tzuyu gets to wear outfits similar to her Like Ooh Ahh one and show off her abs too...

    1. The sexy ad in an elevator Tzuyu did some time ago really made me look forward to her wearing something tighter.

  6. This hair color is rather nice on her.

  7. I'd wee in her bum too but I have one too many penises for her

    will just have to settle for letting Nayeon fart on me

  8. I want to fuck her so badly.... fat girls are so ugly

  9. Sweet but I'd like to bring Hadam of Bambino up on that stage to mop her up, outdance her until she's exhausted and then (with her abs showing) knock her out cold with the businesses' best steel body. No comparison.


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