Sunday, May 22, 2016

The real reason Mina is the best Twice member

I have previously been a strong advocate for Sana or Jihyo but Mina has just definitively proven herself.

Fangirl: "Mina, do some aegyo!"
Mina: "Aegyo? Here's your fuckin aegyo."

Iljin-dol Mina has stolen my heart.


  1. Mina and Sana always change positions between #2 and #3 for me almost on a weekly basis.

    It really is hard to pick a favorite among the J Trinity.

    1. It's because they have different types of charm. Sana is hyper pretty mixed with cute/innocent charms and Mina is lowkey ice-dol with mystique and subtle sexiness.

      Sana is like:
      Mina is like:

      With Sana it's like:
      With Mina it's like:

  2. I'm a strong asvocate for all three. However I find Sana, Momo, Dahyun and Jihyo the most entertaining.

  3. Mina has this resting bitch face that makes her stand out in TWICE and she likes to do sexy stuff, that's always a HUGE plus

    She's really close of taking Momos #1 spot in TWICE as my fav

  4. Mina is the lewdest TWICE, she just oozes sexiness but at the same time she can be soul-crushingly moe when she wants to be.

    If Sana is Cutie-Sexy with a 70-30 ratio then Mina is Sexy-Cutie with the same split

    Mina's been my solid #2 since SIXTEEN, only beaten by Queen Tzuyu, Protector of the Realm of Taiwan.

  5. Honestly I'm surprised there's never been a post about this video from Sixteen:
    I don't think I have a favorite. The first time I watched OOH-AHH it was Sana (because of the double helix ponytails she was rocking) but now I don't know. Momo is up there for me though, she's just too fucking cool. But Mina... I think I can relate to her undercover ho-ness.

    1. Mina looks so satisfied at the end, and appropriately so, cause she killed it.

    2. she knows her place as empress of japan


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