Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Bias-List Wreckers

While a lot of Kpop fans tend to be very loyal to their favorites, I'm not like that. I don't fondly remember the past if my favorite idol is sucking it up. While there are some constants that I have liked since I have gotten into Kpop (Soyeon, Victoria, Nicole, Hyosung), others rise and fall in my bias rankings, making it hard for me to even make a yearly list of who are my favorite idols because some idols just let themselves go like that hot girl you started dating five years ago who has given up on taking care of her body and now has become a beach whale. Other idols who are a great change of pace show up and you dump the beach whale for greener pastures....and I suppose the beach whale would want to go to that pasture to graze on the grass like her new kind on the farm.

Anyway, this is just my list of who ruined my bias list, either by ruining my overall bias list or ruining group-specific bias lists. Feel free to agree/disagree and post your own lists.

10. Yoona (Girls Generation) 

I have always found Yoona to be pretty, but overrated by Koreans. I still think she is overrated, but now I can actually say that I am a fan of Yoona and have come around to understanding, but not being on, the massive hype train that surrounds her.

Why did Yoona make this list? I have found her charming in KBS's Prime Minister and I. It's a role that works for her, as opposed to the melodrama roles she has tried taking in the past that put me off of her. Seeing her in a new light has shot her up my bias list in SNSD, going from "meh, don't care about her but would still bang her if given the opportunity" to my third favorite member in SNSD. It doesn't hurt any that she shat all over everyone in the My Oh My music video.

9. Yooyoung (Hello Venus)

No lie, when I first saw Hello Venus perform live when they debuted, I thought Hello Venus was a five member group and that Yooyoung was just filling in for Yoonjo since Yoonjo couldn't dance because of her leg. Stylists trolled the shit out of Yooyoung and I really had no fucks to give to her.

Why did she make the list? Well, she cut off her hair, making her look much better, and she turned 18, which helps a lot when it comes to morality. Plus, there's this gif from comekpop.

8. Euaerin/Erin (Nine Muses)

I had no idea who she was before Gun, but I thought she looked amazing in that music video.

Why did she make the list? Well, she became my favorite member after Gun, and she's really the only other female idol rapper aside from Eunjung that doesn't make me want to blow my brains out, so there's that.

7. Sunmi (Ex-Wonder Girls)

Sunmi was always my favorite member since So Hot, so it's not as if she suddenly became a favorite of mine. She simply just shot way up in my overall bias rankings. I have always found her cute and likable, and when she left Wonder Girls, I almost gave up on the group, and when JYP added Lim to replace Sunmi, I completely gave up on the group. Luckily Sunmi got out of WG when she did.

Why did she make the list? A great image change and for being the artist in one of my favorite songs of the year.

6. Sulli (f(x))

I used to find Sulli unattractive in f(x)'s early years, but after Rum Pum Pum, Sulli has moved up in my bias rankings. The new image change was great for Sulli, making her stand out a lot more. While she didn't move up in my f(x) bias rankings, (it was always Victoria>Krystal>>>>>wall you can't jump over>Sulli>Luna>>>>>>>>>>>Manber), Sulli managed to jump like a black man over that wall.

Why did she make the list? She looked way better in Rum Pum Pum. Also because of "cao ni ma".

5. Seolhyun (AOA)

Yeah, thank fiddle.se for spamming gifs about her. That's why she made this list. I still don't really care for AOA that much (they need a few more good songs before I start paying more attention to them), but Seolhyun will always have my attention.

4. Haeryung (BESTie)

Haeryung is just too fucking adorable for words.

Why did she make the list? She's my favorite member in BESTie and now one of my favorite idols overall. Plus, did I mention that she's adorable?

3. Hani (EXID/Dasoni)

By now, any AKF reader should know how awesome Hani is, seeing as there have been numerous articles just posting Hani fancams and gifs.

Why did she make the list? Hani absolutely destroyed by bias list, threatening to become my favorite idol overall. She has amazing legs and I love watching her fancams. Watching her on variety shows with her ahjumma laugh is always entertaining.

2. Jiyeon (T-ara)

Holy fucking shit. I was one of the people who started the whole "Jiyeon=Cyclops" memes, and now here I am worshiping the Cyclops Overlord.

Why did she make the list?

Or I could have used any other gif from 2013. Just wow.

Well, if the Cyclops Overlord didn't take the number one position, who the fuck did? 

*drum roll*

1. Jessica (SNSD)

Jessica obliterated my SNSD bias rankings (going from sixth to first) and my overall rankings, making the top three (Soyeon and Victoria have the top two spot on lockdown).

Why did she make the list? More like "Why the fuck did I ignore Jessica/Sexica for all of these years?" Aside from that, I have watched some variety shows with Jessica in them and find her to be charming, not matching her Ice Princess title at all.


  1. Honestly you can just make this list the whole member of nine muses and I think everyone would be ok with it

    1. I agree so goddamn hard. I can never choose between Hyemi or Sera, but given the chance I'd fuck the shit out of both.

      Hyemi also takes the title of only human being on earth I'd consider marrying, she epitomizes "wife-material".

    2. Since nobody ever gives a shit about Seunagah and Hyuna I'll sacrifice myself and marry both.

    3. If you look at my bias list down below Sungah is actually my 3rd favourite in Nine Muses. You can have Hyuna though IDGAF about her really, not saying I don't like her... I'm semi-neutral.

  2. I'm glad you like the same girl I do from Nine Muses' "Gun" MV because I was also wondering who the fuck she was and now I know.

    My bias list right now: Raina > Eunjung > Sulli > Seunghee > Sunny > Way > Qri > Hyeri > Lizzy > Minkyung.... F-ve Dolls Seunghee is the only true bias-wrecker this year, she wasn't in it at all until "Can You Love Me", other than this things have been fairly static for me.

    1. Nine Muses' "Gun" MV was everything Erin ever needed when it comes to image change, but she is still tiers below Hyemi, Sera, Kyungri, and even sexy Fiji-girl Sungah. Her face is a little too asymmetrical for me, but her personality makes up for it, check her out on YT she's actually funny as fuck.

    2. Erin is definately the darkhorse of the group, and probably the most entertaining/funny (she can't keep up the standard K-pop "Pretty, polite, pure, and untainted Mother Mary act for long) but she can't hold a damn candle to the almighty Hyemi/Sera. Sexy Fiji-girl is still third for me, her spot at the top is pretty much cemented for me (although I can see most people liking Kyungri more).

      Hyemi > Sera > Sungah > Kyungri > Euaerin > Hyuna > Eunji > Minha > Lee Sem

    3. Lee Sem? You mean her? http://i.minus.com/ioOSpqREkbdpi.gif


    4. Too bad those are fake... she looked like a 13 year-old boy and then suddenly she had the most bust in the group. If you compare before and after its incredibly obvious.



      Not like I don't like her though... plain face and out-of-place tits ruin it for me though...

    5. Sera>Kyungri>Eunji>Sungah>LeeSem>Hyuna>Euaerin>Hyemi>Minha

  3. +1 Yooyoung she obliterated Nara and Blonde Alice hell she even destroyed Brunette Alice.

    Number 1 has to be Chorong tho. Have you seen her lately girl looks like an angel! <3

    Also shoutout to Hyomin and Gummi(god, her laugh).

    My bias list: Bomi, Chorong, Eunjung, idc about the rest lol.

    1. Yooyoung is the shit, adorable as fuck but will get sexier with age. Lime or Yoonjo are still at the top of that group in terms of popularity though.

      Chorong almost made my top ten but I can't decide between her and Naeun so fuck them both lol. When Chorong gets fat again I'm going back to ol' faithful Naeun but if she gets any more work done I'm shipping her back to Mexico.

      Bomi needs to get rid of the stink-face and learn from Soyeon/Jessica on how to put on the bitch-face

    2. I think Yooyoung is destroying everyone bias list as of lately. She's cute as hell and very charming. Nothing not to like about her.

  4. As long as you don't frighten off the more innocent members of the Jessica thread on OH, I'm cool with her being your bias.

  5. I like you're bias list, you're right about Jessica though. Her Ice Princess title only really shows every once in a while, but it's never permanent. Mine is bias list is:

    Onew>>>>>>>>>Taeyeon>Taemin>Kai>Xiumin+Suho>Zelo>Jiyeon>Jieun>Joon>Fei>Donghae>Luna. Pretty sure there's more though. The only person that slammed into my bias list was Donghae :D (Yeah… I'm a girl XD)

  6. Jessica always being my overall rankings.. and i agree with Jiyeon also.. started to get interested.. so hot .. LOL. .Sulli yeah for sure.. she change so much.. Seolhyun have become my target since her debut.. HAHAHA! .. Yoona finally got the role that suit with her.. i watch the drama also.. it's fun ..

  7. Can't say I'm not surprise to see Jessica a.k.a Sexica to be on the list, nevermind the fact that she's no.1, because I'm. Ever since I discover this site way back in 2011, the only nickname associated with Jessica that I'm aware of is HorseSica. I always thought this whole "Jessica=Sexica" just to troll those over-righteous sone that slut-shaming her, guess you really do stan Jessica then.

    My top 5:
    1) Sunny
    2) Way/Choa(can't really choose which one's the best, not to mention they're identical twin)
    3) Sojin
    4) Yura
    5) Jessica

  8. SISTAR's Dasom came barreling through my bias list this year... I dunno, she's really quirky on talk shows and, as a person who appreciates hips/waists/legs, she has a very nice set. Her legs are close to rivaling Bora's, honestly.

    1. Case and Point:





      Me likey.

    2. sistar all have fantastic bodies

  9. Qri destroyed my bias list as well.

    idk somethin about that red weave lookin like she got all the other members of T-ara on their cycle and just asked them to use that as their tampon, it just looks so good. Qrieen of Kpop officially, it's now tied for Hyomin/Qri as my ultimate idol of forever.

  10. If Haeryung gained some weight and some mass to her stick legs she would be your No.1 for sure. have you heard her speak? so delicate...so fragile....you jst wanna protect her and look after her for the rest of your life....

    1. I wish Dahye got a bit more attention, her body is a bit more filled out and I prefer her face over Haeryung's (sometimes... when her stylist gets her hair right... and the planets align) and she sings and dances better.

      Dahye > Haeryung in 2014 I'm calling it now. Anyone else on Team Dahye?

    2. I also love Dahye and Hyeyeon in BESTie, it's just that I find Haeryung to be so effing adorable. I would rather bang Dahye though, no doubt about that.

    3. Hyeyeon is pretty fucking hot too, but sometimes when she smiles and you catch her from a bad angle she looks like a fucking ogre.

      I also feel as if Haeryung would split in two if I even attempted intercourse with her, so yeah, fap material to infinity and beyond in her case.

  11. Bom gets no love here, yeah her face is a mess and it seems Minzy is going to follow her path. But I still think she sings with 10X more passion than any of these K-Pop tarts even if maybe technically she's not so good (but wtf do I know about that). And those legs, I would hit it like a screen door in a windstorm.

  12. I agreed so much with this list when you mentioned Yooyoung, Seolhyun, and Euaerin (anyone Nine Muses would have floated the fuck out of my boat). Everything came crashing down when you mentioned Jessica. I just can't get back into SNSD after what IGAB did to me. D':

    Top 10:
    9Muses Hyemi
    9Muses Sera
    After School Nana
    Girl's Day Yura (or Sojin/Minah same shit to me)
    Rainbow Hyunyoung
    Secret Hyosung
    AOA Seolhyun
    9Muses Sungah
    Dal Shabet Gaeun (sometimes)
    After School Raina

    1. Bottom 5 can pretty much be re-arranged any which way. Makes no real difference to me, Raina and Hyosung could switch, and Sungah could be a bit higher up.

  13. My biggest bias this year is definitely E-young. She's beautiful (especially with blonde hair), but the main reason why I like her so much is because she's such a talented musician. The girl can play SEVEN instruments: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, cello, piano, drums, and flute.

    1. E-young also has a great voice. It baffles me why UEE gets more lines than she does.

  14. Yura, Soyeon, And Ahyoung became my bias wreckers this year, I was a Hyeri fan until Expect when I finally noticed Yura and suddenly Girl's Day became like Yura and the girls. I like Soyeon's new nose too, And in no.9 She became my favorite. Ahyoung is charming, But at first I thought she looked like an ugly guinea pig, But she grew on me.. lol

    1. I felt the same exact way about Ah Young until Mr. Bang Bang came out last year.

    2. Ahyoung has her moments, sometimes a semi-bias wrecker, sometimes barely stomach-able. Gaeun and Woohee are where it's at in that group tho.

  15. i'd like to see Seolhyun get more attention on here, bloody gorgeous and has the body to back it up. apparently AOA are bringing out an album in january so hopefully they can gain some relevancy. Hyejeong and Yuna are nice too.

    i had to give up on Ahreum after she went slightly mental. Nayeon's my new favourite now, it was worth putting up with Dani's "love you long time, five dollar, love you, sucky sucky" part of that song she's in. shame that group is also completely irrelevant. doesn't help that F-ve Dolls is such a stupid name, they should recognise the fact they have six members and re-name to S-x Dolls.

    there are no drawbacks whatsoever with this plan.

    1. Dude after the name change I'd buy everything related to S-x Dolls!

  16. My top 5

    1) hyoyeon

  17. Taeyeon and Tiffany a.k.a. TaeNy. These two have taken over my holy 3 EunMinYeon and After School's visual Jooyeon in my biast list. I never thought anyone could ever surpass T-ara's holy 3 in my list, but I guess that's the power of SNSD's biggest pairing.

  18. Praying at their altar in my house shrine at least three times a day tier:
    ChoA (CP)
    Hyunyoung (Rainbow)

    Would marry and impregnate tier:
    Tiffany (SNSD)
    Way (CP)
    Soyul (CP)
    Suzy (MissA)

    Would milk on a daily basis tier:
    Yura (GC)
    Jessica (SNSD)
    Soyu (Sistar)

    Pretty hot tier:
    Nari (Wassup)
    So-sorryformynosejob-yeon (T-ara)
    Sojin (Wassup)

    Would play some video games with tier:
    Ellin (CP)

    Seems kinda insane, but would still gladly cuddle back into sanity tier:
    Ahreum (the artist formerly part of T-ara)

    Tier 1 is in specific order, the others aren't.

    1. Oh and Tia from Chocolat under the "Is she legit already ? Ah fuck it ! tier".

    2. Heh. I don't care that she's 23, wanting to impregnate Soyul still seems wrong to me because she still doesn't look like she's hit puberty. Imma call Chris Hanson. I pretty much agree with you on all of your other choices though.

    3. Soyul has something very lewd about her. It's in her laugh.

    4. I think it should be legal and not legit, haha.

    5. What you say is totally legit !

  19. Gaeun is sort of ew in my opinion, Ahyoung and Subin are my favorite but then again I always had a fetish for cute girls.

    1. Subin is cool with me, and yeah Gaeun is sometimes hot (as opposed to Ahyoung's rarely hot) but when she looks good she looks pretty damn good.

      Go to Fiddle and search for Woohee gifs and you'll realize what Dal Shabet is all about. ;)

  20. Not going to lie, I was not a Fei stan until this year.


  21. 1. Nine Muses' Hyemi
    2. Nine Muses' Seungah
    3. Jiyeon
    4. Jessica
    5. Hyomin

    1. Dat top 2 tho. Needs some more Eunjung in there

    2. That's my bias-list wrecker. Eunjung is not one. She's my original bias and will always be top 5.

  22. 1. Song Jieun: poisonous.
    2. Jessica: I find her very editable and gifable
    3. Tiffany: same reason as Jessica
    4. Hana (AKA Zinger): Do not question me. I don't find her ugly at all, and she seems pretty funny and awesome.
    5. Yura: SO. FREAKING. PRETTY.

    As for males
    1. Jongup.
    2. Jongup.
    3. Jongup.
    4. Jongup.
    5. Hoya.

    1. i fucking loved zinger time that girl is amazing. i will say that she looked horrible this comeback cycle, but secret as a whole has just had too much work done now for my taste. WAAHT THEY DID TO SUNHWA SHE WAS THE MOST GORGEOUS GIRL ON THE PLANET

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. LMAO why haven't you watched sica on variety before? didn't you used to be a sone or something

    my favourite snsd members on variety are always yuri and hyoyeon, but none of them are bad at it

    also jesus christ you guys released a lot of shit on new years day. how were you all not too hung over to get out of bed the whole day

  25. Bias list this year: Nothing. AKA, I couldn't give a fuck about the dudes or chicks of kpop anymore.

  26. Welp since we're all dropping our bias lists here, I'll have a go too.
    1) SICA SICA HOLY SEXICA. Seriously she isn't even a ruiner, she's just really hot. I've been riding this train since forever get on my level.
    2) T.O.P. no surprises here. Doom Dada was a flaming pile of dog crap but would still bang.
    3) Hanbyul. Ruiner. I didn't even know what LEDApple was until Let The Wind Blow came out and didn't discover his perfection until they started doing music notes. He's cute, tall, AUSTRALIAN ACCENT SHOVE ME OFF A CLIFF and that singing voice. Unf.
    4) Krystal. She would've probably been above Hanbyul a while ago, but it was a major case of me liking her for how her hair looked during RPP promotions. She's still cute and I loved her in Heirs but meh.
    5) Hyomin. Ruiner. I didn't even notice how attractive girl was until What Do I Do came out and. Oh god. /dead. She reminds me of Jessica in the best way and her styling lately has been perfection. Kill me.
    6) Melanie Lee (of chocolat) actually scared af they kicked her for Lori, but she's cute and her vocals are that group's saving grace. If she does get kicked out I am so done.
    7) Tia. No these ain't suprises or anything I have liked Chocolat since freaking debut era.
    8) Risae (ladies code) ruiner. Mega cute, even though she's one of the more useless members of the group damn girl.
    9)Key. Only in 9 because Everybody was a bad song and he looked like shit then. Otherwise would be around Hyomin level.
    10) Hyosung. I just really want her boobs;;.
    11) Hani because she is a goddess. Also been riding that train longer than AKF oppar.

    *fails to think of anyone else* well that's it, really. Probably going to remember people right after I post this but meh.

    1. These aren't bias lists, but idols who ruined your bias list. Most of the idols I wrote about here wouldn't crack my top 10 overall; they're just the top 10 that ruined my bias list overall or group-specific bias list.

    2. hanbyul is such a sweetheart

  27. omg. my first time watching that Yooyoung (Hello Venus) gif. She just ruined by bias list. As for Sulli...I don't think she could ever be near my bias list. She just doesn't do anything for me.

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