Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chansung and Fei Do a Pictorial for Singles

Because Fei is ridiculously hot and all.

Yes, Fei. Eat my jizz out of your hand.


  1. Fei looks hot. Chansung looks like a creepy vampire.

  2. I don't know why Fei never get recognition she is so beautiful but she never stands out just for a few ppl
    I hope she blooms soon cos she an unnie so...

    1. She can't speak Korean that well, which is why she is barely on any TV shows in Korea. However, a lot of Korean and international fans think Fei is 8======D~~~~~

    2. She was on Celebrity Masterchef and Dancing with the Stars, she jjangbak as fuck

  3. Fei is actually on this Chinese WGM spinoff called "If You Love". wooli Chansung is on there as well, but he's paired with this foxy Chinese older lady with big boobies


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