Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 58

This week's photo comes from Zerg:

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The author is so deep. Makes me rethink why I like K-pop ;___; Thank you for enlightening me, tumblr user. I had no idea what they go through because I never read news nor think about what it takes to become successful. I can't believe that my ignorance stemmed merely from the fact that I could not empathize with the struggle of doing hard work because I am a lazy, unappreciative, closed-minded, uneducated, cold-hearted bitch who solely hates on Kpop.


But in all seriousness, this looks like the ultimate staged conversation just for tumblr notes. S/he probably doesn't even have any friends to discuss this with. If s/he does, they are probably just as delusional as no normal person probably wants to deal with this constantly.

I like the line: "Don't start that again.." because it clearly means that this has happened before - and probably often.

Another gold quote is:
Author: "Can you bear living away from your family and friends, not being able to communicate with them for a long time because of your work?"
Imaginary Friend: "Well when we grow up that's what we'll do anyway so-"
Author: "At the age of fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, or maybe even eighteen?"
Friend: *alleged silence*

Alright. There are multiple issues to want to bring up here:

1) Your "friend" has a valid point - when people grow up, they generally move away from their family and have to make new friends in their new location. That's life. For example, if you go to university/college, sometimes you have to move to an institution more in line with your interests/career trajectory. If you considered your future more seriously instead of wasting your time solely on your oppas/unnies, you might think about these things.

2) The ages you listed are not unreasonable at all. In fact, don't most people graduate from high school around the age of 18? You are a legal adult by then. Personal talk here: I started university at 15. I had to move to another province because I wanted a higher education than the one offered in my home city. And yes - I lived by myself (that means without my parents and highschool peers if you can believe that, tumblr user). I also went to private school in Japan for a bit when I was a teenager, away from my family in Canada. Sometimes we have to do 'big kid stuff' at some point if we want to succeed - so believing that it is impossible to be independent between the ages of 15-18 is deplorably naive.

3) I have to address your strange listing method. When one ends a list with, "or maybe even ___", that final bullet is usually the the game-changing point. I understand that logically, one should list numbers in increasing amounts. But in this case, the final number should have been "15" because it is the youngest age and therefore would be considered the most shocking to be already starting an entertainment (and highly criticized) career. But maybe being logical is only something non-crazy people do.     

Gawd - even your imaginary friend argues with you regarding your wild obsessions.

S/he also speaks as though s/he has experienced the idol training life as well. A little hypocritical, aren't we?

Enjoy raking in your tumblr notes from other overly defensive K-pop fans. 

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  1. She could have just told her imaginary friend what she liked about the music, but instead she went on a completely irrelevant rant about idols' lives. Apparently, it's only acceptable to speak of things which you have not experienced in a positive manner.

  2. None of their arguments have anything to do with liking the music... 'Oh my these people suffered so much to get where they are I better like their music for that reason' ok.

  3. "she probably doesn't have any friends to discuss this with"

    seriously though when i was asked to defend kpop to my friends all i said was "yeah it's pretty gay but i like gay stuff i guess"

  4. Oh man, that picture quality... was this saved in gif three times and then arbitrarily converted to jpg via some shitty freeware auto-converter program ?

    1. "Sometimes we have to do 'big kid stuff' at some point if we want to succeed " - so you worked at a brothel ? haha

  5. Was there actually a hater who put glue in an idol's drink? If so, who was the idol? And PLEASE tell me that the hater got charged.

    1. yunho got glue put in something once by an anti, he didn't press charges "because she was the same age as his sister" although all that statement did for me was make me sure there was something even more insidious going on

  6. "But in all seriousness, this looks like the ultimate staged conversation just for tumblr notes. S/he probably doesn't even have any friends to discuss this with. If s/he does, they are probably just as delusional as no normal person probably wants to deal with this constantly."
    lol? of course is not a real convo, they're just trying to make a point (as stupid as it is). Are you knew to tumblr?

  7. Its like saying the only reason she likes kpop is because she feels sorry for the artist and groups lol Also it doesnt even make sense what she said- just say you fucking like it. So Simple.

  8. Totally fake conversation. Or at the very least, she edited her friend's answers out . Anyway, it's hilarious how after all this rambling she still failed to answer the question.

  9. What a fuck useless rant that didn't even answer the question. Am glad we're all in agreement that this conversation never took place and it's sad that s/he had to invent a friend. What's wrong with liking something just because you like it? you don't need to justify yourself.

  10. I dislike "arguments" like this because it can be said about everything~
    I can make the same one sided argument against a strawman in favour of dealing drugs.

    "Have you even slept with one eye open because you were afraid coked out addicts will steal your stash.
    Have you ever been assaulted with no one to tell because the police would arrest you instead."

  11. True arguement:
    Friend: why u listen to kpop
    Me: idek man some songs catchy and some of them hot

  12. Why do people make K-Pop more complicated than it is?
    The music is there for listening
    The idols are there for fapping
    That's really all anyone needs to worry about

  13. The poster fails to answer his/her imaginary friend's answer, or is just that delusional.

    No one looks at how much hardwork someone does if the final output is still shit, she just put that in purpose because she cant find anything else to make it look good (probably the real reason is that she faps to them)

    No wonder your imaginary friend thinks youre retarded, he/she/it is just asking you why you like kpop, most likely referring to the songs and the guys, not the fucking jibberish fuck you are delusional about.

  14. I think you should get a read/look at this:

    It seems a cover group has made a business to be a fake-EXO and fans are irritated by it XD more than just your usual cover-tribute group?

    1. What's the big deal? If SME wants to do something about it, they can. It's not like Exo are artists and something they created is being copied. I don't care if they stick around or go away. Out of all the Exo and Millenium Boy members, Kai is the only one who's remotely fappable.

  15. The main point is, the (imaginary) friend was asking why he/she liked listening to Kpop, under the circumstances where the fan does not understand the lyrics or the autotuned voices. Instead of getting a simple "Because I just like them", they (the friend) is treated to a defensive sob story on the lives of potential idols. Like bitch, I asked you why you like listening to music in a language you don't even understand, not the goddamn story of your idols and the sacrifices they have to make to get to where they are.

  16. I did not know where to put this since it is not from a girl.However it is pretty stupid and delusional.I was on youtube and I saw a video about Kris breaking his silence.Anyways in the comment section there is a person named Baek Kwang who says that Kris is a traitor, how he himself is going to be a kpop star,how he has been in different companies, how he knows how hard it is to work as hard as Kris, and he calls other people foolish, unrealistic, and full of shit fans.Anyways I will provide links and some of the future kpop star's dancing and singing can be seen at his youtube page


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