Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 59

This week's photo comes from Jaira:

Thank you for your submission!


That's right, girls! The only way to get your oppa is to look pretty and lose weight. Honestly, as soon as you do that, you can get ANY oppa - famous or not. No matter what your weight is, just lose it. Anorexia and bulimia are totes worth it.

The moment your oppa sees that you are skinny (because he will, regardless of where you are), he is immediate yours. Personality? Pfft. What is that? It is ALL about the weight, ladies.

Gawd - I should professionally give relationship and health / life advise to young girls.

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  1. The stupid part about this is thinking her oppar would notice her specifically out of millions of people just because she lost weight.

    Other than that, having a motivation to lose weight and stay fit is a GOOD thing, even if it's a pretty ridiculous reason. She never said anything about starving herself or having an eating disorder to maintain a low weight so I don't know why you even brought that up. So many overweight/obese/unhealthy people in today's world, it's sickening and they're a burden on society. Almost no one finds them attractive and at least people in Asian countries can be honest about this fact without some social justice warrior(read: lazy fat ass keyboard warrior with no real skills to offer anyone) screaming bloody murder at them over it.

  2. Well at least she's got something to motivate her.

  3. Funny how when Sehun said the same thing everyone shat on him calling him a shallow cunt.

  4. Well, at least she notes that it's a dream that oppa will fall for her, regardless of whether she's slim or not. Either that, or she thinks that her losing weight is a dream.

  5. Maybe she's fat and she needs to loose those extra pounds... That's a good thing
    Well done Tao

  6. not saying its not bad but honestly if she feels the need to lose weight than she should so it- at least she's not saying she needs bigger breast or get her nose done for her oppar. Just wish she was doing it for herself.

    1. But does any female ever wants to lose weight for herself? Guess not...

  7. Unless you can also turn into a guy I highly doubt Tao would be into you

  8. If that's her impetus to lose weight, so be it, but she is very deluded to think that a k-pop star will notice her because she's lost some pounds.

  9. Come to think if it, I've never come across ANY guy who says their ideal type is someone fat and ugly. Ah well, so it's not Tao's fault for stating the same thing most guys would say anyway.


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